In the year 2018, Influencer Marketing has seen a tremendous growth in the marketing industry. Inculcating bloggers, Instagrammers, vloggers and other influential people on the internet, Influencer Marketing trends are changing time to time.

With new launches of different products and great consumer demand, every other company is looking for opportunities to increase their sales.

Every company looks for new ways to fervently meet the demand of the people. But, even if you’re able to make the both ends meet, you must also know ways to market your products via social media influencer, social media strategy or YouTube marketing.

But now, the question is what the influencer marketing trends are for 2018?


1) Influencer Marketing trends change

It is yet another form of marketing curated for brands which are looking for more powerful ways to generate leads. In the early days of social media marketing, various influencer marketing methods were not aptly discovered.

Influencer Marketing Trends

New companies were trying on new different social media strategies to be one step ahead of others.


2) Avoid legal troubles

Many influencers in the past have been served with many legal notices for illegally promoting bad quality products. As a Spiderman movie saying, “With more power comes more responsibility.” It is also the duty of an influencer to guide its audience to lead a healthy and safe path.


There might come a time when a brand comes up with a proposal to share 2 to 3 videos per month. But when they are posting such content, it is their responsibility to let their followers be aware that they are doing it for a marketing campaign or collaboration.

To serve this agenda, many influencers have started using #ad in their captions. Now a days, Instagram has also rolled out a new feature where you can write Paid Partnership atop your pictures, this lets their followers understand that a certain post is being made under a campaign or collaboration.


3) Use different platforms to share

Instagram has been a very important and highly used platform for implementing campaigns. Although, there are more than 1 Billion Instagram users, but still we recommend you to start exploring other platforms as well. Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat are other platforms where social media influencer based marketing is used.

Influencer Marketing Trends

You must know that when you are spending your hard money on different influencer marketing campaigns, you don’t want to compromise anywhere.


4) The more you show, the better they know

Let’s agree on one thing first, everyone likes to show off, no matter how less or more they have. With Instagram and WhatsApp rolling out story feature on their apps, people have started updating their status more often.

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Posted by Reebok India on Thursday, 16 August 2018


Looking at this, brands have also started doing the same. The one major difference we have noticed in 2018 from 2017’s influencer marketing trends was the change in the way their creative were made.


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It is very evident that many brands and social media influencers are using bold and large fonts in their creatives. They make sure the content length is small but the font size is large. It ensures high visibility and understandability of the viewers.


5) Video marketing can get you viral

Yes, times have changed now. People are no longer into reading. Most of the active netizens like to scroll through their feeds. They hardly read anything having more than hundred words, unless it something they really want to read.

So, what can you do as a brand or a social media influencer?

Influencer Marketing Trends

You can make trendy videos and expect the videos to get shared, with some basic social media strategy. Almost three quarters of internet data is consumed by videos only. The most influential part of videos is that videos look more authentic and the moment you add cats in a video, people definitely share the videos.


6) Content is important

Over the period of time, Influencers started gaining a hype on social media because of the credibility they have created for themselves. So, the reason people are still stuck with a person online, can be taken as “rationality.”

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So, from an influencer’s point of view, it is highly important that their content delivers genuine and true knowledge. This procedure not only ensures long term relationships/loyalty with their followers, but also makes a credible image in others’ mind.


7) Measure ROI on every small marketing campaign

The main reason why you see big companies grow constantly is because they not only implement social media strategy, but also keep a check on their ROI.

Influencer Marketing Trends

Brands and companies keep a track on their leads, social media handles, coupons claimed on certain products.

Speaking of huge companies like Reebok, Nike etc. they keep an eye on their ROI. If they find something worth doing, they keep the cycle running. But the moment they find something unworthy, they don’t just stop it, they find new ways to modify their social media strategy.


8) Give freedom to the influencers

Well, many companies when they first heard about influencer marketing, they started giving strict instructions to the influencers. This in turn, not only proved to be a very bad decision for the brand, but also for the influencer, as when their followers tried and tested the products and services, they got disappointed. Let the influencers have some freedom to find a way to showcase your product in their own style.

Hence, influencer marketing must never look like a sales service. An influencer marketing campaign must not be done just because you are paying a certain influencer, but also because their followers need to know about such a service or a product.


Now that you have known the top 8 Influencer marketing trends for 2018, you have now known how this newly developing and growing market works.