Being a blogger is not an easy task, especially for food bloggers. It takes their investment, time and hard work to stand out from the crowd. They have to work day and night with the best of their research so that they can give best of their knowledge and reviews about the food they have researched for their followers. And in this article, we will introduce you to top 10 Food bloggers whom you must follow right now. Here, have a look!

Food Bloggers You Should Follow right now

1) Dilsefoodie

Food Bloggers

The guy behind the blog and YouTube channel, DilseFoodie is a true foodie who is exploring the streets of Delhi and making us aware of all the food spots where we can go. He started his youtube channel in the year 2017 and in just one year he crossed 240K+ subscribers. He even has a blog( where he and his team write about food and the places he has explored. But the main attraction he has got from YouTube is huge in such a short time period.

He is also very popular on Instagram and has an average following of 230K+ followers. And his bio says

“We(me and my team) as a group not only click what we eat & post, we do photoshoots for promotion. travel, arrange food walks, food bloggers meet up, content writers meet up, review and post, we share & suggests valuable feedback from the stakeholders.”

2) goodfoodindia

Food Bloggers

GoodFoodIndia, an Instagram page handled by a girl named Preetika has an average 150K+ followers. The pictures of food and descriptive captions help people know about the food joints around them. If you are a foodie, you should definitely visit this Instagram handle and it will surely tempt your taste buds.

3) ZingyZest

Food Bloggers

Sarah Hussain, a girl behind zingyzest success, she handles an Instagram account full of food pictures that has an average following of 170K+ followers. She also has a WordPress blog account, where she writes about the food she has tried and gives her honest reviews. She is associated with many reputed food brands and delivers reviews that helps her followers.

4) foodiesince96 

Food Bloggers

Mehak Dhawan, a girl who is a true foodie and is one of the youngest food bloggers. She manages an Instagram account named “foodiesince96” where you can see food pictures, professionally clicked by her. She also loves travelling and loves to try a variety of food from different places.

On Instagram, Mehak has an average following of 160K+ followers. And she even runs a WordPress blog and writes about the food she has tried and tells her recommendations for her followers.

5) teekhi_mircheee 

Food Bloggers

The girl behind the name Teekhe Mirchi is Dr. Radhika. She is a doctor by profession, but being a food blogger is her passion and she is successfully doing both of her work. She is one of the most famous food bloggers and has even been featured in The Hindu.  Also, she even has a great following of 160K+ followers on Instagram.

One interesting thing about Radhika is that she is a vegetarian and there is a very less chance for a food blogger to be a vegetarian. But, as she is against animal cruelty, she does not eat non-vegetarian dishes.

6) myfoodproject

Food Bloggers

Shagun Raizada, the girl who manages her Instagram account (myfoodproject). By profession, she is a data analyst, but in the meantime, she is a food blogger and reviewer. She is even a food reviewer on Zomato and her followers consider her reviews very useful to them. On Instagram, she has an average following of 130K+ followers and even runs her own website, where she posts blogs about food.

7) bigtimefoodie – 101K followers

Food Bloggers

Bigtimefoodie, an Instagram account run by a girl named Bhawna Pathak. She is from Delhi and is a food and travel blogger. She is even a registered food reviewer on Zomato and is working really well in her profession. Her Instagram feed looks amazing and can make anyone hungry. She has an average following of 100K+ followers, who takes her reviews seriously.

8) iamdatingfood – 111K followers

Food Bloggers

Nikita Varma is one of the top food bloggers, she is a true foodie and loves to explore places to eat new dishes and always put through her honest reviews. She has got an average following of 110K+ followers on Instagram. One can even check her food blog website on which she is working really well.

9) agirlwithfork – 92.2K followers 

Food Bloggers

Nikita Agarwal, a very talented girl running a blog and a YouTube channel as well. Her website is all about food and gives a really good guide to be healthy and what to eat…what not to eat and other interesting topics that are eye-catching. Nowadays, Nikita has started working on her YouTube channel, which she started recently. On Instagram, Nikita has an average following of 90K+ followers with good engagement.

10) Karan Sehgal – 51.6K followers

Food Bloggers

Karan Sehgal, a very talented food blogger who is also influencing travel and fashion industry. He runs a YouTube channel which is mostly based on food, where he posts videos of himself travelling to various places to have a variety of food and give his honest live reaction and reviews.

Karan is associated with many reputed brands and endorse their food products. He has an average following of 50K+ followers on Instagram, who trust his honest reviews.

So, these were the top 10 food bloggers whom you should follow right now.