From past couple of years, India has seen a tremendous growth in the industry of people looking after their health. From fitness freak Virat Kohli to our beloved Prime Minister Narendra Modi, everyone has been focusing on sharing the benefits of staying healthy. The health sector from then onwards has set ablaze. Even if you don’t want to go to the gym for any of your reason, you can still remain motivated throughout the year, if you follow these fitness blogs. In this blog, we will tell you top 10 fitness bloggers you should follow rn!

1) Guru Mann (704k followers)

Guru Mann, the fitness aficionado, nutrition expert hailing from California, USA is generally known as the king of Indian Fitness Industry. He is a Muscle building and fat loss expert. Mann has recently launched his health and supplement series in the name of GM Nutrition. He’s also running a nationwide campaign known as Mission India Fit where he aims to educate the youth about health and fitness and spread the message. You can follow his Instagram account @gurumann. Guru Mann is also a fitness blogger, and you can check his blog website here.

?YES LIFE IS TOUGH? _____________ Its hard when u work hard and get very little!! Its hard when ur effort is high and reward is low!! Its hard when u do everything right but everything turned out wrong!! ?So what are u going to do!! Are u going to give up….u have every right to give up….u can and u should do it. This is not for u? This successful thing people talk about, the amazing story about how they fought back, how they made it despite the odd were not with them!…yes its not for u..Give up!!…….? But LISTEN, if u give up, you will never make it, you will never know how great you can be…however if u fight back, if u suffer through and do what ever it takes then u will come out on TOP⛳️? ?So just think about urself..what is important for u:- Giving up?? or Moving forward?? -Guru Mann ________________ #gurumann #gurumannfitness #missionindiafit

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Guru Mann has done various efforts at making India a fitter country. In a recently done meeting with FICCI, he proposed two ways to stay fit. First was to introduce a subject in schools in which there was an introduction of health and fitness, diseases and where those diseases were coming from. Second was to take a careful look at the diet of the sportsmen of Under- 15 category. You can stay connected with Mann on his YouTube channel.

2) Jeet Selal (101k followers)

Coming from Melbourne, Australia, Jeet Selal is a fitness blogger who runs a YouTube account as well where he provides his set of knowledge based on health and fitness. Selal has also been providing online coaching and various seminars at different places in India. Recently, he organized India’s first drug free India program. You can follow his Instagram account @jeet_selal.

Jeet is a 28-year-old, 5 feet 9 inches tall fitness enthusiast who often does live sessions to help people, giving them free consultations, motivation and health tips.

You can check Jeet Selal’s fitness blog here.

3) Beer Biceps (257k followers)

Ranveer Allahabadia, who runs this really cool YouTube account, is having more than 1.4M subscribers on it. After getting diagnosed with kidney stones, Ranveer decided that he would follow a healthy lifestyle and promised himself that he would not go back to eating unhealthy stuff. Whether it comes to motivation, inspiration or lifestyle tips, Ranveer tops it all. You can follow his Instagram account @beerbiceps.

BIG THANK YOU to all of you for 200k YouTube subscribers on our Hindi channel "Ranveer Allahbadia" 3 months back I remember having conversations with my loved ones about starting a Hindi channel. I used to tell them that I'd never do it, because I wasn't capable of it! English has been my thinking language all my life. Through school and college, I always spoke to my friends in Hindi. BUT conversing in Hindi and creating unscripted Hindi video content are two very different games. And here we are. 3 months into it and 200k subs already. That's the magic of sticking to processes. I'm not "proud" of ANYTHING that we've accomplished on this BeerBiceps journey. But this is the one thing that I can say I take pride in. Languages are a HUGE weakness of mine. And if my purpose on this planet is to inspire people to get out of their comfort zones, I should be able to walk the talk. This took a LOT of practice and a lot of failed attempts. You can't imagine how many videos we've recorded and deleted because it wasn't up to the mark! But over time, the process polished up my skill set. Now we're at a point where I enjoy every aspect of creating hindi videos. Thank you for all your support and bearing with my poor language skills to help me get to this point. Your support is our biggest blessing at BeerBiceps ?♥️? #KeepHustling ?

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BeerBiceps started gaining more attention because of his quirky name which says beer on one part and biceps on the other. Ranveer had been asked this question many times on what this means, to which he says, “your life should be a balance of fitness and fun.”

4) Amit Panghal (122k followers)

Amit Panghal, who is also known as Panghal Fitness on Youtube. He is a one-stop Desi gymming guru for the youngsters. Panghal provides Indian style of gymming health tips. Panghal has been active on YouTube from last one year. To know more about his lifestyle, real-life diet and backstage scenes, you can follow his Instagram account @amit_panghal_.

Last month Panghal Fitness crossed 500K subscribers on YouTube and a strong base of more than 120K followers on his super active Instagram account makes him a good to go fitness blogger.

5) Tarun Gill (163k followers)

Tarun is India’s one of the most celebrated fitness YouTubers. He has worked with various companies and then left a well-paying job to enter YouTube to guide the misguided youth to a track of health and wellness.

Now, Tarun is working hard to run his first ever fitness show – Indian Fitness League – to be aired on DSport. You can follow his Instagram account @iamtarungill.

You can stay updated about his various series on fat loss, muscle building and other prominent series on his YouTube channel here. Tarun Gill also runs a fitness blogging Website and you check his website here.

6) Gaurav Taneja (161k followers)

Gaurav, also known as the flying beast runs his YouTube channel by the name of FitMuscleTV. He is one of the most watched Indian fitness Youtuber. A captain of an aviation company in disguise of a fitness enthusiast, Gaurav did his studies from IIT Kharagpur.

He has profound knowledge in Sports and Nutrition. Gaurav also provides online coaching for gymming beasts and those who have just started. You can follow his Instagram account @taneja.gaurav.

Gaurav has been actively making myth-busting videos on his YouTube channel where he proves various accepted gymming practices wrong and corrects them by giving the right form for exercises and nutritional advice.

7) Sahil Khan (2.2m followers)

Sahil is an actor turned bodybuilder who was last seen in a movie named, Shringaar (2013). Recently, Sahil got felicitated with India’s Official Fitness Icon by Rajeev Gandhi Foundation. Sahil shares a lot of fitness tips and tricks for both starters and professionals. Just like he always says, “I train your trainer.” Sahil trains and coaches a lot of fitness enthusiasts online. He recently launched his own nutrition supplements company by the name of, “BigMuscles.”

You can check Sahil’s Instagram here and his YouTube account here.

8) Abhinav Mahajan (157k followers)

A famous fashion model and bodybuilder, Abhinav Mahajan started his journey of bodybuilding in his school days. He used to be a skinny kid for whom getting harassed every other day was a normal thing. In order to look and feel bulkier, Abhinav started gymming. From then onwards, he never looked back.

?How to Prevent Indigestion and Bloating? . Many people these days are suffering from Indigestion, Bloating and Gas Issues. Being a survivor of severe IBS issues I can definitely help you guys to get rid of this dicomfort with the following basic tips . 1. Eat Small Meals – If younare already suffering from indigestion and bloating, I would highly recommend breaking down your meals in small proportions. Eating too many calories with weakndigestive system can only cause havoc so solit your meals in smaller proportions . 2. Food Combination – This is a very effective strategy when it comes to dealong with Indigestion. Notmally most of us tend to eat different kinds of foods without being mindful of their digestion rates. With a weak digestive system I highly siggest to eat foods which have similar digestion rates. Avoid eating Fruits with Grains, or Nuts with Fruits, or Fruits with Dairy. You can easily find the Food Combination Chart on Google. Go now and see what to eat with what for a better digestion . 3. Use Digestive Enzymes – This by far is most effective tip . Start supplementing with Digestive Enzymes after every meal. You can use "Now Foods Figestive Enzymes". Works like wonders. If not available then there's an Indian Syrup called "Bestozyme" which is easily available in Pharmacy store . 4. Cut back on Fibre – Most people with Indigestion and Bloating are recommended to increase their fibre intake. I feel this is completely counter productive. After working with 100s of clients with poor digestion, I have seen a Diet in Low fibre works best for people with slow digestion and bloating issues. So cut back on fiber . 5. Allergens – Last but not the least would be getting yourself checked for Food Allergens. Majority of us tend to ignore this but certain foods like Wheat(Gluten), Soy, Dairy(Lactose), Peanuts etc might cause inflammation in the gut. If you feel certain foods cause your discomfort, I highly suggest to take your ass to a Lab and get checked for food allergens . #abhinavmahajan #teamnofucksgiven #kingoftransformations #kingoftransformation #physiquefreak #fridaymorning #strengthupgrade #digestion #thegrindisthelife #healthandwellness

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Mahajan also gives online training consultancy to Instagrammers. And he provides some interesting motivational and inspirational videos on his YouTube channel. He believes in getting natural transformations and appreciates those who achieve their goals. You can follow his Instagram account @abhinavfitness.

9) Fit Tuber (757k subscribers)

FitTuber is an Indian Youtube channel that is poles apart from other fitness blogs and channels. Unlike others, he focuses on overall health and wellness. The videos shared on the channel, come under various categories like differentiating between companies and products. The channel aims to enlighten the netizens on the hazards of using some of the most used products of today.

Fitness Bloggers

You can check out FitTuber’s Youtube channel here.

10) Sohit Kathuria (176k followers)

Sohit is one of the most talked Fitness Instagrammer because of his stealing looks and his dazzling pictures. The fitness motivator not only motivates you to do hard work, but also restores faith that hot men can be loyal as well. You can check his Instagram profile: @sohitkathuria.

Fitness Bloggers Sohit Kathuria

Sohit is the brother of Mohit Kathuria and both are very similar in looks. He is also one of the most handsome fitness bloggers on Instagram. With his chocolatey looks and a beefed-up body, Sohit is one such credible fitness bloggers on Instagram.

So, these were the Top 10 fitness bloggers you should follow RN.