The Consumer Electronics and Appliances Industry scenario has changed drastically in the last couple of years. Entry of E-Commerce players such as Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal changed the consumer buying journey forever – and penetration of Internet acted as a catalyst. Earlier the purchase was mostly limited to local retailers, but now the customer can purchase from any seller Pan India. This has challenged the growth potential of the traditional retailers (offline). As depicted in the figure below, the growth in the last couple of years in online electronics and appliances retail has been phenomenal and the forecast is quite promising, even as offline retail has been struggling to take the growth to next level. Though the base in online retailing is small, but the future looks promising. The sellers, thus, need to use online channels and we have created Small Appliance Marketing Plan.

 small appliance Marketing plan

New Consumer Journey – Small Appliance Marketing Plan

The most important aspect is the ‘Change in Consumer Buying Journey’ and what it means for Small Appliances Retail in particular. The figure below depicts how the Consumer Journey for Small Appliances purchase has changed.

 small appliance Marketing plan

Indians have been quite active digitally for quite some time now, but the figure above depicts that they are active throughout the sales funnel. Every brand has been trying to reach out to customers digitally, but targeting them at the right time with the right message at different stages of sales funnel is the key to better ROI and Digital Marketing has made it quite easy and manageable.

Small Appliance Marketing Plan

Let’s have a look at the steps to create a small appliance Marketing plan that can be devised for a retailer who wants to sell Small Appliances.

Step 1: Create an online presence on all social media channels.

Step 2: Create a Targeting plan – identify the digital channels that you would use to reach out to your prospect.

Step3: Create a specific plan for ‘Your Consumer Journey’ designing the communication and messaging strategy keeping it in perfect sync with the stage of the funnel of the prospect and his (her) mind space.

Step 4: Design Campaigns based on ‘Use Cases.’ Our experience with Use Case based campaigning has been quite encouraging. Basically in Use Case Campaigning, the brand identifies different consumer use cases of their product/service and design the messaging and communication in sync with that. Also, identify the sub-segments and funnel that you would target through each campaign.

Step 5: Reach out to the target segment through multiple campaigns designed to trigger different responses, each with its own call to action, but the culmination would be the call to action of purchase.

Step 6: Optimization and Scaling are the most important steps in  small appliance Marketing plan. Usually as you scale the campaign, the cost goes up. But if you know the art of optimizing at the right stages of the campaign, the cost may actually come down.

Just try out this small appliance Marketing plan and you would see that it will take you far. In case, you need any support from our experts; do give us a shout out through the form given below.

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