In the initial half of 2018, brands from around the world have created $659,882,860 of earned media value (EMV). A major chunk of this amount came through the application of brilliant influencer marketing strategy by some of the brands. The primary names in the list are of Fashion Nova and Zara. Influencers are now becoming a premiere medium for big brands to connect and appeal the consumers. According to the data provided by InfluencerDB (an influencer marketing platform), about 11,000 paid influencer have been generating content and promoting these brands. Their reach is reportedly equivalent to that of traditional marketing and advertising methods. Fashion Nova and Zara have led the way standing along with the brands like Puma, Calvin Klein and giants like Maybelline and Tiffany & Co.

Here we will be discussing the influencer marketing strategy from Fashion Nova and Zara.

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Influencer Marketing Strategy Considering Industry as a Pyramid

A relevant influencer marketing strategy is to consider the influencer industry as a pyramid. It is not necessary that the influencers with the largest follower base will be most effective for a brand’s promotion. Sometimes micro-influencers can give brands a better promotional boost, as compared to the big names. Multiple numbers of strategically placed micro-influencers can provide a decent amount of organic brand and media value, upon consolidation. Fashion Nova and Zara have been among the best performing brands in 2018. Both the brands have been brilliant with their marketing strategies.  Zara stood third on the list with an earned media value (EMV) of $59 million. Zara’s paid collaborations constitute only about one percent of the total EMV. With an Instagram follower base of more than 27.6 million, Zara proved that organic mentions can be more effective than paid collaborations.

Influencer Marketing Strategy Collaborating with Celebs

Another effective influencer marketing strategy adopted by big brands is to collaborate with celebs. Fashion Nova has led the way for all the other brands in this strategy. Although Fashion Nova is a relatively new brand, but it’s collaborations with strategically placed influencers has made it the topper. Fashion Nova joined hands with the American Rapper Cardi B evenbefore she became a signed artist. Today Cardi B is considered as one of the driving forces for Fashion Nova’s paid as well as organic mentions. It is estimated that each of her posts deliver around $128,198 earned media value. Eventually taking Fashion Nova’s total EMV of over $125 million from both paid and organic mentions. InfluencerDB has reported that more users have engaged with Fashion Nova on social media compared to the other brands.

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Influencer Marketing Strategy Replicating Celeb Influencer’s Outfits

In one of its kind influencer marketing strategy Fashion Nova went on to replicate the outfits worn by celeb influencers. In a recent incident, Fashion Nova replicated Kylie Jenner’s birthday outfit. Kylie wore a pink mini-dress for her birthday. Fashion Nova launched an entire new range of look named as ‘Birthday Behaviour’. Fashion Nova’s attempted to cater and impress their Instagram follower base by this strategy. Apart from Kylie Jenner Fashion Nova has also re-created some of Kim Kardashian’s dresses. The new fashion crazy Insta generation has received this move from Fashion Nova with open arms. This kind of strategy also depicts the dedication of brands like Fashion Nova to provide their customers with the latest and best of the best trends.

Influencer Marketing Strategy Social Media Campaigns

Zara came up with a tried and tested influencer marketing strategy. It started campaigns like #IamDenim and #Timeless. These campaigns turned out to be a huge success, as the constituted the major part of ZARA’s organic mentions. Both these campaign were started with keeping in mind the reliability quotient with their follower base. #IamDenim was focused on retrieving the denim fashion and giving denim enthusiasts a chance to flaunt their fashion sense. On the other hand #Timeless concentrated upon the ageing beauties, which can still look stunning when dressed up. All the models featuring in the #timeless campaign were over forty years of age. As offbeat this campaign was, it proved to be that successful and popular. Apart from this ZARA has also launched a new campaign named as #ZARAkids. This latest campaign is focused on kids wears by ZARA.

As more and more brands understand the importance of organic mentions and promotions, the need for Influencer marketing strategies is constantly on a rise. Influencer marketing is not too far from becoming a new mainstream medium for product promotion. The results produced by the big brands through influencer marketing this year are remarkable.

So, these were some of the main influencer marketing strategies by Fashion Nova and Zara. Please do tell us if you have any suggestions for improvement in this article. Also don’t forget to share this with your friends.