The Influence of social media has surged making it more pervasive than ever before. The metamorphosis of our daily feeds indicates towards the massive influence of social media on “buying decisions”. In India, there are over 462 Million internet users and 200 Million are active social media users which estimates that social media will play a vital role in decoding consumer behaviour in upcoming years. Social media can deliver brands the much needed organic traffic which can further help in having a direct consumer interaction. Brands Can Use Social Media to increase build a reputated name in the industry.

In a world in which pictures, Gifs, videos and Gifs which are getting shared within a fraction of second a brand and its presence on social media is a MUST.

Working on leveraging the benefits of social media for brands we analysed some much worthy benefits that Social media could provide to make a brand out of scratch.

1. Target The Desired Audience

The buying decision and strategy largely depends on the target audience which you wish to cater for. The age group and the interest section on social media will let you define your basic target audience which could give you the desired fruitful result at a much lower risk of failure. Most of the organic engagement and revenue can be generated by targeting the right audience alone. 

2. Content Speaks Louder

Your content in the form of engaging storytelling concept and captivating visuals (either by content, videos or Gifs) gathers more attraction on social media rather than any other source.

There are millions of feeds getting uploaded on social media within a fraction of the time and your task is to compete with several others by attracting the target audience. Innovative and creative thinking comes into the frame here, where you have to conceptualise everything around a well-driven idea and presentation.

3. Build A Strategy

Having a set frame of mind and concept makes the task easier. Facebook and Twitter are the most popular social media platforms at present followed by Youtube. Compelling stories drives more traffic through various cross linking platforms other than advertising. Advertising is yet one efficient part of the game which has its own significance.

The basic proposition on which most of the brand works is gaining mass targeted audience and later turning it to revenues yet retaining trustworthy customers.

4. Create Loyal Customers

Once you make your powerful presence on social media which engaging stories, innovative ideas, advertising and running campaigns a brand must focus on retaining the faith and demand of the sustained users or consumers. This is where an interactive conversation and emotional connection makes up its space.

You have to get as personal so as to make a strong bond. Sustaining is a crucial factor failing on which might deteriorate your brand value resulting in fewer interactions or engagement further.

5. Focus On Facebook, That Is Where The World Is

Brands Can Use Social Media

India has world’s largest number of Facebook Users with over 195 million users. India is in the 5 topmost countries where Facebook is accessed the most and where each user revisits Facebook atleast thrice a day making a wide space for brands and feeds to show up in one go. Over the years, Facebook has emerged as a strong platform for brands where they can easily boost, promote or engage their brand. Competing with various feeds on a user screen always comes with a great challenge to promote compelling stories.

These engagements can easily be turned into business if you’re a player in the game. Brands can use social media as a tool to boost their industrial presence.

Innovate, Create And Initiate must count as three pillars for brands to empower social media.