In today’s digital age, when almost everyone has an online presence, the digital marketing industry is on a boom. Nowadays, digital marketing is mostly influencer driven or you can say that digital marketing has been widely converted into influencer marketing. The growing impact and the application of influencer marketing is a result of the increasing usage of mobile internet over the recent times. Today we will be talking about four ways to maximize your influencer marketing efforts; but before that, here are some basic questions that you may want us to answer.

Who are Influencers?

An influencer in simple language, is someone who has a significant number of followers on any of the social media platforms. Here the person has some influence over the spending or purchase decisions and habits of his/her followers. These influencers are often hired or paid by marketers or marketing firms, in return of their product or service’s promotion. This pad promotion by influencers is known as influencer marketing.

What is Influencer Marketing?

Basically, in Influencer Marketing the small target group comprises of influential people i.e. the Influencers, rather than a large group of people. These influencers already have their own follower base, with whom they interact frequently. The influencers understand their followers better than the marketer or the marketing firm that hires them. These influencers promote the product or service among their followers, eventually increasing the reach of the product with ease. The marketing firm takes advantage of these influencers’ followers base and do not have to go for an all-out big scale promotional campaigns.


Now that we know what Influencers and Influencer Marketing is, let us look into what are the four ways to maximize your influencer marketing efforts.


Ensuring the authenticity of content

Good content is the backbone of any marketing campaign but at the same time, the originality and authenticity of the content is also very important. By authentic and original content, we not only mean that the content should be self-developed but also it shouldn’t be repetitive. We often notice that many ads and promotional campaigns for similar kind of products and services have a similar kind of tone. In such cases, either the new content for a campaign is influenced by an existing campaign or it contains some monotonous elements used in most of the previous campaigns. This should be strictly avoided during influencer marketing. In this way influencers can make their campaign story sound and feel more real and fresh.

For instance one of India’s top youtuber Bhuwan Bam makes vines for his channel ‘BB ki Vines’. Videos made by Bhuwan Bam are generally low budget and are shot by him, but still he has more than 9.3M subscribers and most of his videos get record number of views. Other than his brilliant performance, the reason behind BB’s success is simply his tightly written, authentic and original content.


Live videos, bloopers are more impactful and interactive

Videos are always better than simple text or graphic posts. A perfectly shot and edited video always does well. But we also need to understand that almost every marketing strategist is doing that. The audience is slowly getting bored of this official and professional outlook. If your video for influencer marketing campaign looks similar to a TV ad, chances are the audience will ignore it, as it may not have anything new to offer. Whereas, when the audience gets a real-time interaction over a live video or a video showcasing the bloopers and behind the scenes, they tend to be more indulged and responsive.

One of India’s biggest name on Youtube, the ‘AIB’ made a video named ‘Dank Irrfan’, this video showcased actor Irrfan Khan shooting memes for ‘AIB’ and a large part of the video contained the behind the scenes of the shoot. This was maybe the first time when an official video had some behind the scenes clips, and the video has received 97K likes and more than 2 million views. This proves that when the audience gets an informal experience during the course of influencer marketing, the connection between them and the influencers reaches to the next level.

Keep in mind the use of smartphones

The number of smartphone users has almost doubled over the last decade. These smartphones have eased and increased the access to internet for the common man. It’s important to understand that most of the online traffic on a website or on a social media profile comes via smartphones. So, when you create some content, always keep in mind that it has to be smartphone friendly. Most of your viewership or target audience is smartphone users. It’s important to pay attention towards their comfort while they access your content. The influencers can use their own smartphone for an influencer marketing campaign. Smartphones have cut down upon the usage of proper studio setups. For being an effective influencer all you need is some decent content along with your smartphone.

The hit Indian youtuber ‘BB ki Vines’ published his first video named as ‘Bhai-Zoned..Attyachaar’, in January 2015.  Shot on a smartphone, the video has received more than 3 million views and 87K likes. BB is still using smartphone to shoot his videos and is still one of the favorite and most popular youtuber in India.

Choose your influencers carefully and give them creative freedom

The easy access to internet has facilitated the growth of influencers and influencer marketing. The increased access has also flooded the internet with new and budding influencers. Now, it is the duty of the marketer or the marketing firm to choose their influencers wisely. Certain factors, like content quality, genre and follower base should be kept in mind while choosing the influencers. Most important is to analyse the followers’ review about an influencer’s content. On top of that, marketers or marketing firm are often very particular about what they want from the influencer. Marketers provide strict guidelines about what they want the influencer to deliver their campaign. Though it’s true that the influencers are paid by the marketers and it’s the influencers’ responsibility to satisfy them, but it is also true that the influencers know their follower base better than anyone else. Giving the influencers some creative freedom can be surprisingly beneficial for the campaign.

The sports brand ‘PUMA’ made an exceptional example for giving creative freedom to the influencers. Last year, Puma India made India’s biggest street collaboration music video named ‘PUMA INDIA | SUEDE GULLY’. They bought in many underground rappers and dance crews in a single video. The video today has over 5 million views and it contains some brilliant performances by the artists involved.

Take care of the geeky stuff

Apart from all this, paying special attention towards data analytics, finding and embedding keywords in the written content and search engine optimization (SEO) is also very important. Influencers often rely completely upon their content and follower base ignoring the implementation of SEO process. If you are an influencer and not paying attention to this geeky stuff, we advise you to start doing it. Or you may get someone on your team who can do it for you. Any post containing relevant keywords and with proper SEO will always do better, even with a little weaker content quality.


So, now you know what influencers are and what influencer marketing is. Also we have told you about four ways to maximize your influencer marketing efforts. Please do tell us if you know any other ways of maximizing influencer marketing efforts. And also, don’t forget to tell us what do you think of this article.