With the growing popularity of Instagram in India, we are seeing a tremendous growth in the number of people who are opting for blogging on Instagram – a photo sharing blogging app. Instagram is an app which has more than 1 Billion active users. If you’re also one of those 1 billion users, then this blog is highly useful for you. Today, we tell you top 5 kickass examples of Influencer marketing on Instagram. But, this is not all. We will also tell you how to use Influencer marketing if you’re running a business.

Influencer marketing on Instagram can be very easy for a business if you have been using this app for some time now.

This blog guides business houses on how they can efficiently take part in Influencer marketing on Instagram with 5 kickass examples


1) Health businesses

For health business owners like spas, wellness centres, lifestyle centres etc. they can easily get more audience and customers for their businesses if they manage to get the best influencers on Instagram.

Finding the best health and wellness influencer on Instagram isn’t much of a hectic task as it looks like. There many health and wellness influencers on Instagram. Now, left are those who are covering fields also do health and wellness coverage on their page.

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People like @sruthijayadevan can help you reach your desired audience.


2) Cosmetics

Cosmetics are one of the largest and fastest growing businesses in this world. The way new cosmetics have taken over the world after the post-independence era, it is loud and clear that this business isn’t going to scrap anytime soon.

For guiding the youth and female audience to cater to, many Instagrammers are taking it to blogging and influencer marketing on Instagram. Mira Patel is also one of those who do influencer marketing on Instagram.


3) Motor specialists

One of the most loved moto vloggers, Mumbiker Nikhil on YouTube is also available on Instagram for his behind the scenes activities. Although this was one of the most overlooked field in Instagram marketing, but very soon many auto companies and accessories companies started reaching out to people like him for various promotions and other activities.

With a huge fan following on YouTube and Instagram combined together, Mumbiker Nikhil is one person you may contact for Influencer marketing on Instagram.


4) Food specialists

Food specialists on Instagram are gaining a lot of limelight. Many pages have been posting delicious looking photographs and videos on their social media handles. Such content on their social media handles not only look exuberating, but also makes the viewers want to eat that food item as soon as possible. So far, after the cosmetics industry, food industry was the second most influential thing we found on the Influencer Marketing on Instagram list.

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5) Fitness

Fitness is one of the most influential areas in influencer marketing on Instagram. Many people have joined hands with each other on Instagram in order to provide knowledge on health and wellness related sector. Majority of the influencers on Instagram are also using YouTube for detailed and in-depth video sessions, for their behind the scenes footage, they post on Instagram.



Day by day many people are realizing the marketing and sales capacity of Instagram as its database is touching new heights every other day.

Whether the audience is looking for new products or not, these people are doing influencer marketing on Instagram at such a level at which they can easily manipulate people into buying things they don’t necessarily need. All and all, influencers on Instagram are helping out companies achieve more sales.