The Difference between Inbound and outbound marketing describes two different approaches to the audience. Inbound marketing focuses on pulling the audience instead of going out to get prospects’ attention of the audience. Both inbound and outbound marketing is used to bring in the customers. If you don’t use these marketing techniques, you don’t get any customers in your business.

Inbound marketing is done through the publication of educational materials such as blogs, content, podcasts, videos and other form of contact with the social media and the internet.

The outbound marketing is done basically through the broadcasting of sales offer in the form of print advertising, TV commercials, radio commercials, Email marketing. Which is designed to promote business, services, corporations and products which the business organization wants to offer to the consumers.

Difference between inbound and outbound marketing
Both inbound and outbound marketing attracts the customers

What is inbound Marketing? Why there is a difference between inbound and outbound marketing?

Inbound marketing is more affordable marketing strategy than outbound marketing, that’s the main difference between inbound and outbound marketing. Small business owners use inbound marketing a lot. As a result Inbound marketing targets a core audience by providing content to people of their products and services.

This is an effective strategy because of following reasons:

  • You’ll target only that audience who is looking for the product and services that you provide
  • Helps in building good relationship with the customers
  • Cost effective way of marketing
  • Builds credibility

Difference between inbound and outbound marketing

Inbound Marketing strategies: Difference between inbound and outbound marketing strategies

There is a huge difference between inbound and outbound marketing strategies. Inbound marketing focus on a target audience who are actually interested in your product/services. That has been provided by the company. While outbound strategies consist of cold calling and persuading an unknown audience with a sales pitch. The main focus of inbound marketing is providing users with value and knowledge about the product and services. Which the company is offering.

difference between inbound and outbound marketing

Therefore, Inbound strategies that you can adapt for the growth of your business or can help you in growing your business are as follows:

Content marketing

Content writing can be a very useful tool in inbound marketing. It can be useful in many number of ways. It not only drives new people to your page. But also indulges the existing readers onto your brand. The idea central to content marketing is that a brand must give something valuable to get something valuable in return. Content marketing is being used by 86% of the businesses. Content marketing relies on anticipating and meeting an existing customer need for information. As opposed to creating demand for a new need. The main focus of content marketing should be the needs of prospects or customers. This relatively new form of marketing usually does not involve direct sales. Instead, it builds trust and rapport with the customers.

Content marketing also provides fuel to the social media, Email campaigns and boosts your search rankings.

difference between inbound and outbound marketing


Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is the most effective strategy for generating new visibility. Probably through social media you can connect to anyone in the world. Social media can generate a heavy stream of traffic to your website. You can upload your content through social media, which you have written on your blog. Most social media marketing has built in data analytics tool. Which enable the company to track the progress, success and engagement of the ad campaigns. Social media marketing helps to get direct feedback from the customers through comments and messages. Before you begin creating social media campaigns, consider your business goals.

difference between inbound and outbound marketing

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What is outbound Marketing? Why there is a difference between inbound and outbound marketing?

Outbound marketing is traditional marketing which pushes products to the customers by advertising through TV, Radio commercials, Email spam, Magazine ads, Newspaper ads etc. It involves getting your message to a large number of audience through advertising. It is quite an expensive source of advertising. It is the main difference between inbound and outbound marketing. Outbound helps you to target specific prospects more accurately. An outbound marketing model, that requires probably a lot of marketing messages to be pushed out through various channels. In the hope that right message get to the right person.

Difference between inbound and outbound marketing
Difference between inbound and outbound marketing

Outbound Marketing strategies? Difference between inbound and outbound marketing strategies

Outbound marketing casts a wide net, with the hoping to catch the people’s attention with some catchy advertisement and engaging the people into the product. Broadcasts, print advertising Billboards, telemarketing and direct mails are the example of outbound marketing. Therefore outbound marketing strategies which you can use to grow your business are as follows:

difference between inbound and outbound marketing

Offer something for free

Use outbound strategies because it engages your customer and clients. By offering some free offers to their clients and customers, organizing contests and give away prices can be a very good strategy. For boosting up the sales as everyone loves the things which is free.

difference between inbound and outbound marketing


The main thing in outbound strategy is to keep on innovating the advertisements. Using clever things to engage the people by using different ideas. Which hasn’t been used by anyone before. Therefore, it will make more interested in their brand and make it more trending.

Creating a landing page

Make it easy for everyone who is directed towards the product. People who are directed towards your online presence, to get quick information about your company. You can create a Facebook page. From which anyone gets the information they want, by clicking on that page only or you can make a website for your business to start up with.

Track results

You have to invest in customer Relationship management (CRM) platform. To track the results of your both outbound and inbound marketing efforts. Keeping the track of your results can help you get to know which advertisement has reached for them. How much is it affecting the sales of your business.

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