Influencer marketing benefits in India

10 Benefits of Influencer Marketing that are making it popular with Brands

Gone are the days when companies used to hire celebrities or superstars for branding and promotions. Companies used to spend in millions and billions in order to keep their brand name alive. Fast forward to 2019 and the times have changed! Companies and influencer marketing agencies are now looking for influential people on the Internet across various social media platforms to market their products.  So, what is this influencer marketing and what the benefits of influencer marketing are, let’s find them out.

Influencer Marketing Agency in Delhi

No hardline efforts needed

This is one of the best benefits of influencer marketing that you don’t have to apply push marketing in this. The influencers have their own set of audience ready. Their audience trusts them. So, when they come up with a brand, their audience definitely sees their content. They want to know why their influencer came up with a product or brand. When no hardline efforts are needed, so another key point of pressure gets reduced on the influencer marketing agency.

No celeb management issues

We all know how celebs want to be treated. We’ve seen how when Justin Bieber came to India, how he demanded of various things like water on a certain temperature or a luxury car. But, this is not the case with influencers. A good social media influencer would make amazing content at their home or anywhere else. The reason why people follow social media influencers is because of the quality of content and their connection with the audience. Thus, it is another benefits of influencer marketing.

Builds Trust

The thing with social media influencers is that they’re not made in a day or two. Their presence has been there in the social media space for a long time. And then it crept some credibility amongst its audience.

Benefits of influencer marketing

Influencers do have some amazing trust built on themselves in the eyes of their followers. So, if an influencer is promoting an app or a product, then the chances are that its followers might actually try it. Hence, marketing experts suggest influencer marketing for most of the cases. So, this is one other benefit of Influencer marketing.

Allow Niche Targeting

Earlier when marketing was done by celebs on newspapers, posters, televisions and radios, the companies had to spend a lot of money to market their products.  But now, the market has completely changed. If the companies have launched some specific product catering to a specific audience of a fixed demography or age gap, then they can do it as well. This is one of the main highlights of influencer marketing platform.

socila media influencer marketing benefits

Social media influencer marketing helps the right kind of audience to be connected with the right kind of brands. When these two factors meet, an amazing combination is formed. Social media Influencer marketing has an amazing reach if the right kind of social media influencers are pitched for the right kind of products.

SEO trouble solved

According to survey by Moz, they said that if a social media influencer who has just featured you on their website, social media etc. and if their website has a good DA on their website, then you might rank higher on Google. So, just in case your social media influencer gives you a backlink, then you might get more searches and clicks. Thus, it helps in reducing your burden of SEO.

Here's a prime example of how this social media influencer used her blog to write down an article linking out to all these websites, hence solving their SEO problems.

Benefits of influencer marketing

So, we recommend you to start investing in a good Influencer marketing agency which helps you in boosting your sales and SEO part!

Amazing ROIs

There’s no doubt that investment on influencer marketing is
lower as compared to the conventional marketing. You can target a specific
audience of specific gender, age, or demography etc. And when you get all these
target areas fixed and assured, then you can also expect good outcomes out of
that campaign.

socila media influencer marketing benefits

Instagram is a platform which alone is the main marketing area for many influencer marketing agencies. This app has around 1 Billion active users per month and it makes it one of the most important platforms for social media influencer marketing.

Social Media influencers are professionals

By calling social media influencers as professionals, we mean
that every influencer has a tight hold of a particular field. Be it technology,
memes, fashion or any other field. There are various examples of these
professional social media influencers. Just like Marques Brownlee, who is a
technology based social media influencer who makes technology videos on

Whenever a new brand comes in to the market or a new tech
product is launched, they might call him at its launch event. The reason why
Marques will be called is because he’s a professional and secondly, he has an
audience who can rely upon him.

Now, these professionals thus help a brand by their knowledge and audience base. This is why we say social media influencer benefits a brand in a very profound way!

Make Awareness and create decision taking power

Social media influencers are someone on whom people have
trust and faith. The reason why some influencers are having millions of
followers is because of the trust factor they’ve built. People look up to these
influencers because they actually “influence” what they should buy.

Benefits of influencer marketing

The difference between celebrities and influencers is that: Influencers have proper knowledge of their field but celebs don’t. Celebs only turn out to be the brand face. But, influencers actually tell their audience whether they should buy that product or if it is beneficial for them or not. In other words, social media influencer benefits a brand by creating awareness. Thus, social media influencer marketing benefits brands at a much cheaper price than what it takes to get it done by celebs.

Reliability on Social Media Influencers

In a survey on the Internet, it was found that around 70% of
the teenagers related more to YouTube influencers rather than celebrities.
People have now come to terms that the celebrities don’t use the product which
they’re endorsing. But, the social media influencers such as Instagram
influencers or YouTube Influencers, they’re the ones who actually use the
product before making a video on it.

socila media influencer marketing benefits

Hence, people have more trust built up on social media influencers. Thus, social media influencer agencies are also on a boom, which manage influencers on a daily basis.

Hence, we can conclude this point in the benefits of influencer marketing!

More Eye Balls Attracted

In a survey it was found that most of the youngsters today
are no more interested in watching television. Most of the younger generation
loves to spend their time on the internet.

Benefits of influencer marketing

Now, when they’re on the internet, they’re more likely to
follow one or the other influencer. So, as they’re scrolling on the internet,
they’ll be most likely to see advertisements and campaigns run by some social
media influencers.

Hence, they’ll be more likely to be convinced to buying a
certain product.

Moreover, influencers love to create content. So, this is why we concluede it in the list of benefits of influencer marketing.

Now that you’ve known all the benefits of Influencer
marketing, do let us know if you’ve got more pointers to add to the list. Do
comment your views below.

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North Indian YouTubers

10 North Indian Youtubers You Should Follow Right Now

Youtube is one of the most internet consuming app/website which is gaining a lot more popularity every day. From being one of the most popular apps amongst Europeans and Americans, this app has also taken India by a storm. The reason why YouTube is gaining so much attention is also because of the YouTubers who are making money out of it. With so many YouTubers joining this website, Youtube viewers are enjoying it more than ever before. In today’s blog, we will share with you the list of 10 North Indian YouTubers you should follow right now!

Top 10 North Indian YouTubers:

Carry Minati

If you’re into watching diss-videos and can manage a little bit of vulgar language, then you can subscribe to him. Carry Minati is a channel run by a kid who’s grown up enough to have a beard. His real name is Ajey Nagar. Ajey lives in New Delhi. Carry Minati is one of the best North Indian YouTubers you should follow.

North Indian YouTubers

Carry has also made another YouTube channel by the name of CarryisLive on which he makes gaming videos and gives live commenting.

Sejal Kumar

If you’ve ever searched anything on YouTube regarding fashion and lifestyle, you must have stumbled upon Sejal Kumar’s videos. Sejal Kumar is one of those North Indian YouTubers who make videos related to fashion sense, dressing styles, make up tutorials, and other lifestyle and funny videos.

North Indian YouTubers

We’re sure that if you start seeing her videos, you won’t regret seeing more and more videos of her.

Harsh Beniwal

Hailing from Delhi, Harsh Beniwal calls himself an entertainer, Viner and an actor. Harsh Beniwal has been making videos since 2015. He is one of those North Indian YouTubers who has been working specifically in the field of comedy. Harsh has taken a lot of time on Instagram before entering YouTube.

North Indian YouTubers

Guru Mann

Currently living in California, Guru Mann is also on the list of North Indian YouTubers hailing from Punjab. Guru Mann runs two channels: First being his personal channel and the other one being run with T-Series. Guru Mann is a certified fitness trainer and nutrition expert. He has been working out for more than 10+ years. Guru Mann gives fitness tips and nutritional hacks on his YouTube channels.

North Indian YouTubers

Mann is not only a fitness YouTuber for the youth, but also has a YouTube channel made in the name of his daughter Zia Mann. He gives fitness and wellness health tips and information for kids as well.

Beer Biceps

Run by Ranveer Allahabadia, Beer Biceps is a YouTube channel which focuses on everything from fashion sense to lifestyle coaching to motivational videos to gymming advice. Ranveer Allahabadia is one stop solution to your top North Indian Youtubers.

North Indian YouTubers

He started his fitness journey when he was a fat boy in his teenage. That was the time he decided to make it a habit to stay fit and have an aesthetically good looking body.

Men Ki Baat

Shwetabh Gangwar, the guy behind Men Ki Baat and his famous channel Mensutra. He makes positive videos and shares inspirational lines among his fans on both of his YouTube channels. Shwetabh has been making YouTube videos for quite a long time now. He has been making videos on many genres. Be it self-help category or educational tips and tricks. Men Ki Baat has been doing a lot to serve their audience. Recently, he caught up more attention when he started posting videos related to breakups and relationship advice.

North Indian YouTubers

Basically, Shwetabh hails from Lucknow who’s currently living in New Delhi. He’s one such North Indian YouTuber you must follow.

Amit Bhadana

A comedian, an actor and a wild entertainer is what you can call this really talented North Indian YouTuber Amit Bhadana. Amit Bhadana has been making videos for the last 1.5 years. Recently, Amit Bhadana has crossed 10 Million subscribers mark on YouTube. He’s the second Indian YouTuber to cross the 10 Million mark, the first one being BB Ki Vines.

North Indian YouTubers

Sandeep Maheshwari

A motivational speaker, a great orator and an inspiration to many, Sandeep Maheshwari has been ruling the Indian YouTubers’ search list for many years now. Sandeep Maheshwari started off with making positive and motivational messages for people and shared them on his social media handles. People saw the videos and very soon they got attached with him.

North Indian YouTubers

The message that this North Indian YouTuber passes in his videos is worth noting. Sandeep Maheshwari is very popular amongst the younger generation people. Kids always look forward to him and ask for advice and tips.

Make Joke Of

This YouTube channel is by far India’s one of the only comic video makers which focus on presenting raw and desi videos. Make Joke Of is a North Indian YouTuber’s channel which runs from Uttar Pradesh. The videos show a highly funny and sarcastic content in which the characters are comic. The videos are found to be in a 3D format which makes the videos much more appealing.

North Indian YouTubers

Recently, this channel crossed over 4.45 Million subscribers on YouTube. The average time in which this channel delivers its videos is between 5 days to a week. Average views on this channel are in millions. No wonder this channel is growing at a higher pace.

Nisha Madhulika

Good food is good life! Nisha Madhulika is a North Indian YouTuber hailing from Uttar Pradesh. She is an Indian chef who has contributed to many news sites like Amar Ujala, The Indian Express and many others.

North Indian YouTubers

She’s been making recipe videos of many dishes which you only get to see in costly restaurants. The main reason why she’s so popular in India is because of her target audience. We all love to eat food, but what would happen if we get to make our favorite dishes at home at a much lesser price.

Now that you have known all the North Indian YouTubers of our pick, you must surely check them out.

South Indian Youtubers

10 South Indian Youtubers You Should Follow Right Now

One of the most wonderful social media platforms that have evolved in recent years is YouTube. YouTube lets its user get access to the video content of various genres across the world. In India, where the majority of the audience is from the Hindi speaking belt of North Indian population of our country, people often tend to forget the other regions. Even on YouTube, we tend to ignore many brilliant South Indian Youtubers.

This happens in the case of online entertainment channels also. When we talk about big names and quality content on YouTube, the first names we remember are AIB, TVF etc. Basically all the major Hindi or North Indian content creators. But as we all know there are other parts of India from where talented individuals are not only emerging but are proving their worth in the long run. As we have seen South Indian movie starts even beating the Bollywood stars in terms of popularity. Today we’ll be talking about 10 South Indian Youtubers whom you should follow right now.

South Indian Youtubers: Put Chutney

This South Indian Youtubers group started their channel on February 19 in the year 2015. Since then Put Chutney has earned 782,197 subscribers and are still counting. Put Chutney claims their channel to be the home to original, humorous and thought provoking stories for Tamil audiences worldwide. And for the matter of fact, many of their videos prove their claims to be right. There recent video ‘How to become a politician in Tamil Nadu?’ has already crossed 1.2 million views in just about a week.

South Indian Youtubers: Mahathalli

One among the major South Indian Youtubers is Mahathalli. This YouTube channel was created on March 11 in the year 2016. Since then Mahathalli has earned 799,180 subscribers and is still adding new subscribers. Mahathalli is a channel which in most of their videos features a quirky Telugu girl. This girl is often seen presenting you funny situations which we all can connect and relate to in a video format of 4-6 minutes. Most of the videos on this channel are inspired by people around the society who could be someone’s parents, friends or even someone’s bae. Their recent video to cross 1 million views is ‘First Benchers VS Last Benchers’. This video has got 1.5 million views so far and still counting.

South Indian Youtubers: VIVA

Viva is one of the most famous among South Indian Youtubers. They joined YouTube on April 7, 2010, VIVA flaunts a massive subscriber base of 931,248 subscribers. And has made their YouTube debut almost 5 years ago with a massive hit video. The video was named as ‘The Viva’ and has gained more than 14 million views so far. Viva is one South Indian channel with up to the mark satire and smart comedy. Viva’s recent video ‘The Series-The Principal’ has also crossed 3 million views.

South Indian Youtubers: Hyderabad Diaries

Hyderabad Diaries is one of the most popular YouTube channels among the South Indian Youtubers. Hailing from the city of Hyderabad this group of youtubers launched their YouTube channel on March 24, 2014. They have done exceptionally well over the years by maintaining a subscriber base of 386,814 subscribers. Hyderabad Diaries have received 60,021,915 views until now on all of their videos. Their video ‘Girls Will Be Girls’ has already crossed 200K views in just 2 days.

South Indian Youtubers: The Baigan Vines Official

One amongst the most popular South Indian Youtubers is Baigan Vines, which is known for their clean and slick content. With a subscriber’s base of 531,782 subscribers, Baigan Vines joined the YouTube on September 29, 2014. It is an online digital entertainment channel which brings you short films, social experiments and much more.

South Indian Youtubers: Warangal Diaries

Another popular channel on YouTube among the South Indian YouTubers is Warangal Diaries. This group joined YouTube on November 26, 2015, and has got 442,549 subscribers on their channel until now. Warangal Diaries make people laugh and win their hearts with their funny short comedy skits, public videos, prank videos, social experiments, inspirational & motivational videos and much more!!

South Indian Youtubers: Kiraak Hyderabadiz

Joined YouTube on October 11, 2016, Kiraak Hyderabadiz is a very popular channel when we talk about South Indian Youtubers. They have 483,609 subscribers and have received 51,339,398 views in total by now. The creators of this channel claim to make people laugh and get people inspired by their inspirational clips, motivation dramas and a social message in every video. Their recent video ‘Sharabi Part 2’ has already crossed 100K views in just one day.

South Indian Youtubers: Kantri Guyz

Kantri Guyz has emerged as a popular name among the South Indian Youtubers. Kantri Guyz joined YouTube on January 6, 2013. Hailing from Hyderabad this YouTube channel has 144,365 subscribers and has received 20,356,391 views in total. From spoofs and pranks to comedy sketches, Kantri Guyz does it all to present the best watchable family comedy on YouTube. Their video ‘When A Hyderabadi Biwi Calls Her Miyan’ received more than 4.2 million views.

South Indian Youtubers: Mic Set

One of the fastest growing YouTube channels among the South Indian Youtubers is Mic Set. This channel has received 1,092,492 subscribers since joining YouTube on July 5, 2017. With 49,472,026 views in total until now, Mic Set has put up a phenomenal performance in terms of gaining popularity. As per their YouTube bio-Micset is a full-service content creation company that believes in the power of storytelling with a humour element to it. Their recent video ‘Before Marriage VS After Marriage’ has already crossed 2.4 million views.

South Indian Youtubers: Parithabangal

Parithabangal is an eminent name among the South Indian Youtubers community. This channel made its YouTube debut on February 8, 2018. It has earned 928,021 subscribers in just about a year and a half’s time receiving 40,760,510 views until now. Parithabangal brings you videos to entertain, laugh and more! Their recent video ‘Avatharangal - Gopi | Red Alert’ has already crossed 600K views in just 2 days.

So, this was the list of 10 South Indian YouTubers you should follow right now. Tell us in the comments sections if we missed out on any prominent name. Also, don’t forget to share this article with your friends.

Influencer Marketing Strategy

Influencer Marketing Strategy from Fashion Nova and Zara!!

In the initial half of 2018, brands from around the world have created $659,882,860 of earned media value (EMV). A major chunk of this amount came through the application of brilliant influencer marketing strategy by some of the brands. The primary names in the list are of Fashion Nova and Zara. Influencers are now becoming a premiere medium for big brands to connect and appeal the consumers. According to the data provided by InfluencerDB (an influencer marketing platform), about 11,000 paid influencer have been generating content and promoting these brands. Their reach is reportedly equivalent to that of traditional marketing and advertising methods. Fashion Nova and Zara have led the way standing along with the brands like Puma, Calvin Klein and giants like Maybelline and Tiffany & Co.

Here we will be discussing the influencer marketing strategy from Fashion Nova and Zara.

Influencer Marketing Strategy Considering Industry as a Pyramid

A relevant influencer marketing strategy is to consider the influencer industry as a pyramid. It is not necessary that the influencers with the largest follower base will be most effective for a brand’s promotion. Sometimes micro-influencers can give brands a better promotional boost, as compared to the big names. Multiple numbers of strategically placed micro-influencers can provide a decent amount of organic brand and media value, upon consolidation. Fashion Nova and Zara have been among the best performing brands in 2018. Both the brands have been brilliant with their marketing strategies.  Zara stood third on the list with an earned media value (EMV) of $59 million. Zara’s paid collaborations constitute only about one percent of the total EMV. With an Instagram follower base of more than 27.6 million, Zara proved that organic mentions can be more effective than paid collaborations.

Influencer Marketing Strategy Collaborating with Celebs

Another effective influencer marketing strategy adopted by big brands is to collaborate with celebs. Fashion Nova has led the way for all the other brands in this strategy. Although Fashion Nova is a relatively new brand, but it’s collaborations with strategically placed influencers has made it the topper. Fashion Nova joined hands with the American Rapper Cardi B evenbefore she became a signed artist. Today Cardi B is considered as one of the driving forces for Fashion Nova’s paid as well as organic mentions. It is estimated that each of her posts deliver around $128,198 earned media value. Eventually taking Fashion Nova’s total EMV of over $125 million from both paid and organic mentions. InfluencerDB has reported that more users have engaged with Fashion Nova on social media compared to the other brands.

Influencer Marketing Strategy Replicating Celeb Influencer’s Outfits

In one of its kind influencer marketing strategy Fashion Nova went on to replicate the outfits worn by celeb influencers. In a recent incident, Fashion Nova replicated Kylie Jenner’s birthday outfit. Kylie wore a pink mini-dress for her birthday. Fashion Nova launched an entire new range of look named as ‘Birthday Behaviour’. Fashion Nova’s attempted to cater and impress their Instagram follower base by this strategy. Apart from Kylie Jenner Fashion Nova has also re-created some of Kim Kardashian’s dresses. The new fashion crazy Insta generation has received this move from Fashion Nova with open arms. This kind of strategy also depicts the dedication of brands like Fashion Nova to provide their customers with the latest and best of the best trends.

Influencer Marketing Strategy Social Media Campaigns

Zara came up with a tried and tested influencer marketing strategy. It started campaigns like #IamDenim and #Timeless. These campaigns turned out to be a huge success, as the constituted the major part of ZARA’s organic mentions. Both these campaign were started with keeping in mind the reliability quotient with their follower base. #IamDenim was focused on retrieving the denim fashion and giving denim enthusiasts a chance to flaunt their fashion sense. On the other hand #Timeless concentrated upon the ageing beauties, which can still look stunning when dressed up. All the models featuring in the #timeless campaign were over forty years of age. As offbeat this campaign was, it proved to be that successful and popular. Apart from this ZARA has also launched a new campaign named as #ZARAkids. This latest campaign is focused on kids wears by ZARA.

As more and more brands understand the importance of organic mentions and promotions, the need for Influencer marketing strategies is constantly on a rise. Influencer marketing is not too far from becoming a new mainstream medium for product promotion. The results produced by the big brands through influencer marketing this year are remarkable.

So, these were some of the main influencer marketing strategies by Fashion Nova and Zara. Please do tell us if you have any suggestions for improvement in this article. Also don’t forget to share this with your friends.

5 Perfect Influencer Marketing Examples Acquired By Top Brands!!

Influencer marketing is undoubtedly the next big move in the marketing industry. A lot of brands are investing their time and assets on influencers and bloggers who are a direct medium of one's target audience. Using the power of right influencers you can direct your desired TG with much efficiency that can give a high boost to your brand. This is a much easier and impactful way of approaching higher audience at a single platform. Moreover, due to the superpower that social media has provided to ordinary people, we have well-established influencers from every genre that you can think of. Here we are going to give you 5 perfect influencer marketing examples that are acquired by top brands and made them even more successful.

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1. Daniel Wellington

Daniel Wellington is a renown watch brand who established their every digital campaign around social influencers and it proved out to them as a huge success in India. The influencer marketing example of this particular brand in India is purely based on the WOM of the influencers and has boosted their business much more than expected. Thir influencer marketing strategy left no stones unturned or we should say they left no influencer when it comes to promoting their watch massively on Instagram by also providing personal referral discounts to every follower of a particular influencer. This way the brand made more engagement and took leverage of the emotional connection between the influencer and their followers.

2. Missa More Clothing

Missa more is an E-commerce clothing brand which made its entire promotional are focussed towards lifestyle and fashion influencers and has gained a rapid hike in their revenues. A brand which has started its inventory with a few clothing designs has expanded its inventory to sunglasses, handbags and even footwear now making other brands feel envy. This Brand's official social media handles is filled with collaborations and shoot which they collaborated with every renown fashion and lifestyle influencer you can think of.

3. Freshlook Lenses

Freshlook is the newly launched contact lens brand which has shown the right use of influencers when it comes to the right influencer marketing examples. The brand initiated its campaign by appointing none other than youth sensation Disha Patani as the face of their brand. Not just this, the brand collaborated with every big fashion influencer who created their unique look using fresh look lenses. The whole campaign was a massive hit as the whole inventory of fresh look lenses got sold out on their site within a few days of the campaign. Moreover, they pushed the campaign somewhere around wedding season which gave them major hype and limelight.

4. Sketchers

Sketchers is one of the strongest influencer marketing examples from which newly launched brands can take notes. Sketchers used celebrity influencers such as Sidharth Malhotra making a prestigious kickstart to their stores in India. They soon learnt the art of influencer marketing and used every fashion blogger promoting their footwear widely making their safe spot in a market where ace brands like Reebok and Nike used to overpower.

5. Nykaa

Nykaa is one of the major giant E-commerce in the beauty industry that has collaborated with International brands like Huda Beauty, NYX, St. Ives, Clinique, Kiehl's who're establishing their brand in India. Nykaa is one of the major portals who despite having any major celebrity influencers work on the power of social media influencers who heavily promote them in every sector. From latest launches to youtube reviews, Nykaa has amped up their game and of course, revenues pouring in with this strategy. This is you can say the best influencer marketing examples that can generate the desired ROI.

All these influencer marketing examples and strategies acquired by brands are enough to prove the significance of influencer marketing in the industry especially E-commerce and fashion that has given impactful numbers and reputation to the brand.

When Are You Going To Start Making Revenues Through Influencer Marketing?

6 Types of Social Media Influencers and Their Popularity!!

Social media these days has come out as a wonderful tool for brands to toss their marketing strategies in the direction where you can actually aim your target audience. Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin is taking digital marketing to newer heights where brands are pushing their best foot forward playing on engagements and impressions. Social media influencers play a vital role in garnering impressions for brands because of their faith within their community. There are different types of social media influencers who have made a strong community on social media channels having high trust value and constant interaction with their followers. Such communities are a good source for brands to put their money in this direction.

Over the years, influencer marketing has created quite a lot of buzz when it comes to their blogs, posts, and content across several channels. Brands are constantly chasing these influencers based on their genre to grab attention from their mammoth follower base. We penned down 5 types of social media influencers and their graph of popularity which is proof that these influencers are going to take over digital marketing at the moment.

1. Food Influencers

Gone are the days when street food and restaurants approached formally to their potential clients via referrals. The foodpreuners these days approaches food influencers who have an influential impact on social media with a strong food-loving community. Their feed is filled with enticing food pictures that can make you instantly hungry. Brands and restaurants come to them for food review which is pitched with a creative approach by these influencers.

2. Fashion And Lifestyle Influencers

Amongst all types of social media influencers, Fashion and lifestyle influencers are one of the most impactful Instagrammers on social media. Every B2C campaign requires a fashion or lifestyle influencers to reach out to their customer persona. People go crazy over these Instagrammers and follows every trend or thing these social media celebrities projects.

3. Celebrity Influencers

A celebrity influencer is the one who has established a strong base of their followers on social media. These influencers can be athletes, artists, actors or TV personalities. A lot of audience gets a glimpse of their day to day activity as a fan making them more connected to their famous celebrity. These types of social media influencers often connects with their fans and engage with them along with brands giving them maximum reach.

4. Tech Influencers

Tech influencers often review newly launched devices and technology for their followers helping them in making a wiser decision before they invest in a pricey technical device. The genre is niche yet powerful as sometimes these influencers acquire latest technologies before it is even available for normal customers. That's fascinating, isn't it?

5. Travel Influencers

There's nothing more adventurous than getting a job that can offer you to be a wanderer and exploring the world and getting paid for it. Travel influencers exactly do the same kind of job that most of you may envy about. Their beautiful feed is filled with extraordinary pictures from all around the world that will motivate you to pack your bags, leave your 9-5 cubicles behind and go for your dream vacation. Brand approach these influencers to visit and review their property/hotel and these types of social media influencers are highly paid for this.

6. Fitness Influencers

If you too are enticed by the fit physique and aiming to achieve your dream body, then you need to follow one of these influencers. They get you pumped and motivated with engaging content on their feed. From diet charts, recipes to apt exercises, these influencers have the persona to grant you your wish of losing weight or leading a fit life in a relatable approach.

These are the few types of social media influencers we came across on social media. There are several different genres that are based on one's interest and talent and can make them a popular face in the world of social media. The brands are loving working with these influencers, people love and connects with them and they have given a new definition to the marketing tactics of many brands out of which many are successful.

Influencer Marketing Trends

Top 8 Influencer Marketing Trends for 2018

In the year 2018, Influencer Marketing has seen a tremendous growth in the marketing industry. Inculcating bloggers, Instagrammers, vloggers and other influential people on the internet, Influencer Marketing trends are changing time to time.

With new launches of different products and great consumer demand, every other company is looking for opportunities to increase their sales.

Every company looks for new ways to fervently meet the demand of the people. But, even if you’re able to make the both ends meet, you must also know ways to market your products via social media influencer, social media strategy or YouTube marketing.

But now, the question is what the influencer marketing trends are for 2018?


1) Influencer Marketing trends change

It is yet another form of marketing curated for brands which are looking for more powerful ways to generate leads. In the early days of social media marketing, various influencer marketing methods were not aptly discovered.

Influencer Marketing Trends

New companies were trying on new different social media strategies to be one step ahead of others.


2) Avoid legal troubles

Many influencers in the past have been served with many legal notices for illegally promoting bad quality products. As a Spiderman movie saying, “With more power comes more responsibility.” It is also the duty of an influencer to guide its audience to lead a healthy and safe path.


There might come a time when a brand comes up with a proposal to share 2 to 3 videos per month. But when they are posting such content, it is their responsibility to let their followers be aware that they are doing it for a marketing campaign or collaboration.

To serve this agenda, many influencers have started using #ad in their captions. Now a days, Instagram has also rolled out a new feature where you can write Paid Partnership atop your pictures, this lets their followers understand that a certain post is being made under a campaign or collaboration.


3) Use different platforms to share

Instagram has been a very important and highly used platform for implementing campaigns. Although, there are more than 1 Billion Instagram users, but still we recommend you to start exploring other platforms as well. Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat are other platforms where social media influencer based marketing is used.

Influencer Marketing Trends

You must know that when you are spending your hard money on different influencer marketing campaigns, you don’t want to compromise anywhere.


4) The more you show, the better they know

Let’s agree on one thing first, everyone likes to show off, no matter how less or more they have. With Instagram and WhatsApp rolling out story feature on their apps, people have started updating their status more often.


Looking at this, brands have also started doing the same. The one major difference we have noticed in 2018 from 2017’s influencer marketing trends was the change in the way their creative were made.

It is very evident that many brands and social media influencers are using bold and large fonts in their creatives. They make sure the content length is small but the font size is large. It ensures high visibility and understandability of the viewers.


5) Video marketing can get you viral

Yes, times have changed now. People are no longer into reading. Most of the active netizens like to scroll through their feeds. They hardly read anything having more than hundred words, unless it something they really want to read.

So, what can you do as a brand or a social media influencer?

Influencer Marketing Trends

You can make trendy videos and expect the videos to get shared, with some basic social media strategy. Almost three quarters of internet data is consumed by videos only. The most influential part of videos is that videos look more authentic and the moment you add cats in a video, people definitely share the videos.


6) Content is important

Over the period of time, Influencers started gaining a hype on social media because of the credibility they have created for themselves. So, the reason people are still stuck with a person online, can be taken as “rationality.”

So, from an influencer’s point of view, it is highly important that their content delivers genuine and true knowledge. This procedure not only ensures long term relationships/loyalty with their followers, but also makes a credible image in others’ mind.


7) Measure ROI on every small marketing campaign

The main reason why you see big companies grow constantly is because they not only implement social media strategy, but also keep a check on their ROI.

Influencer Marketing Trends

Brands and companies keep a track on their leads, social media handles, coupons claimed on certain products.

Speaking of huge companies like Reebok, Nike etc. they keep an eye on their ROI. If they find something worth doing, they keep the cycle running. But the moment they find something unworthy, they don’t just stop it, they find new ways to modify their social media strategy.


8) Give freedom to the influencers

Well, many companies when they first heard about influencer marketing, they started giving strict instructions to the influencers. This in turn, not only proved to be a very bad decision for the brand, but also for the influencer, as when their followers tried and tested the products and services, they got disappointed. Let the influencers have some freedom to find a way to showcase your product in their own style.

Hence, influencer marketing must never look like a sales service. An influencer marketing campaign must not be done just because you are paying a certain influencer, but also because their followers need to know about such a service or a product.


Now that you have known the top 8 Influencer marketing trends for 2018, you have now known how this newly developing and growing market works.

Influencer marketing

Five Ways to Maximize Your Influencer Marketing Efforts

In today’s digital age, when almost everyone has an online presence, the digital marketing industry is on a boom. Nowadays, digital marketing is mostly influencer driven or you can say that digital marketing has been widely converted into influencer marketing. The growing impact and the application of influencer marketing is a result of the increasing usage of mobile internet over the recent times. Today we will be talking about four ways to maximize your influencer marketing efforts; but before that, here are some basic questions that you may want us to answer.

Who are Influencers?

An influencer in simple language, is someone who has a significant number of followers on any of the social media platforms. Here the person has some influence over the spending or purchase decisions and habits of his/her followers. These influencers are often hired or paid by marketers or marketing firms, in return of their product or service’s promotion. This pad promotion by influencers is known as influencer marketing.

What is Influencer Marketing?

Basically, in Influencer Marketing the small target group comprises of influential people i.e. the Influencers, rather than a large group of people. These influencers already have their own follower base, with whom they interact frequently. The influencers understand their followers better than the marketer or the marketing firm that hires them. These influencers promote the product or service among their followers, eventually increasing the reach of the product with ease. The marketing firm takes advantage of these influencers’ followers base and do not have to go for an all-out big scale promotional campaigns.


Now that we know what Influencers and Influencer Marketing is, let us look into what are the four ways to maximize your influencer marketing efforts.


Ensuring the authenticity of content

Good content is the backbone of any marketing campaign but at the same time, the originality and authenticity of the content is also very important. By authentic and original content, we not only mean that the content should be self-developed but also it shouldn’t be repetitive. We often notice that many ads and promotional campaigns for similar kind of products and services have a similar kind of tone. In such cases, either the new content for a campaign is influenced by an existing campaign or it contains some monotonous elements used in most of the previous campaigns. This should be strictly avoided during influencer marketing. In this way influencers can make their campaign story sound and feel more real and fresh.

For instance one of India’s top youtuber Bhuwan Bam makes vines for his channel ‘BB ki Vines’. Videos made by Bhuwan Bam are generally low budget and are shot by him, but still he has more than 9.3M subscribers and most of his videos get record number of views. Other than his brilliant performance, the reason behind BB’s success is simply his tightly written, authentic and original content.


Live videos, bloopers are more impactful and interactive

Videos are always better than simple text or graphic posts. A perfectly shot and edited video always does well. But we also need to understand that almost every marketing strategist is doing that. The audience is slowly getting bored of this official and professional outlook. If your video for influencer marketing campaign looks similar to a TV ad, chances are the audience will ignore it, as it may not have anything new to offer. Whereas, when the audience gets a real-time interaction over a live video or a video showcasing the bloopers and behind the scenes, they tend to be more indulged and responsive.

One of India’s biggest name on Youtube, the ‘AIB’ made a video named ‘Dank Irrfan’, this video showcased actor Irrfan Khan shooting memes for ‘AIB’ and a large part of the video contained the behind the scenes of the shoot. This was maybe the first time when an official video had some behind the scenes clips, and the video has received 97K likes and more than 2 million views. This proves that when the audience gets an informal experience during the course of influencer marketing, the connection between them and the influencers reaches to the next level.

Keep in mind the use of smartphones

The number of smartphone users has almost doubled over the last decade. These smartphones have eased and increased the access to internet for the common man. It’s important to understand that most of the online traffic on a website or on a social media profile comes via smartphones. So, when you create some content, always keep in mind that it has to be smartphone friendly. Most of your viewership or target audience is smartphone users. It’s important to pay attention towards their comfort while they access your content. The influencers can use their own smartphone for an influencer marketing campaign. Smartphones have cut down upon the usage of proper studio setups. For being an effective influencer all you need is some decent content along with your smartphone.

The hit Indian youtuber ‘BB ki Vines’ published his first video named as ‘Bhai-Zoned..Attyachaar’, in January 2015.  Shot on a smartphone, the video has received more than 3 million views and 87K likes. BB is still using smartphone to shoot his videos and is still one of the favorite and most popular youtuber in India.

Choose your influencers carefully and give them creative freedom

The easy access to internet has facilitated the growth of influencers and influencer marketing. The increased access has also flooded the internet with new and budding influencers. Now, it is the duty of the marketer or the marketing firm to choose their influencers wisely. Certain factors, like content quality, genre and follower base should be kept in mind while choosing the influencers. Most important is to analyse the followers’ review about an influencer's content. On top of that, marketers or marketing firm are often very particular about what they want from the influencer. Marketers provide strict guidelines about what they want the influencer to deliver their campaign. Though it’s true that the influencers are paid by the marketers and it’s the influencers’ responsibility to satisfy them, but it is also true that the influencers know their follower base better than anyone else. Giving the influencers some creative freedom can be surprisingly beneficial for the campaign.

The sports brand ‘PUMA’ made an exceptional example for giving creative freedom to the influencers. Last year, Puma India made India’s biggest street collaboration music video named ‘PUMA INDIA | SUEDE GULLY’. They bought in many underground rappers and dance crews in a single video. The video today has over 5 million views and it contains some brilliant performances by the artists involved.

Take care of the geeky stuff

Apart from all this, paying special attention towards data analytics, finding and embedding keywords in the written content and search engine optimization (SEO) is also very important. Influencers often rely completely upon their content and follower base ignoring the implementation of SEO process. If you are an influencer and not paying attention to this geeky stuff, we advise you to start doing it. Or you may get someone on your team who can do it for you. Any post containing relevant keywords and with proper SEO will always do better, even with a little weaker content quality.


So, now you know what influencers are and what influencer marketing is. Also we have told you about four ways to maximize your influencer marketing efforts. Please do tell us if you know any other ways of maximizing influencer marketing efforts. And also, don't forget to tell us what do you think of this article.

Influencer marketing on Instagram

5 Kickass Examples of Influencer Marketing on Instagram!

With the growing popularity of Instagram in India, we are seeing a tremendous growth in the number of people who are opting for blogging on Instagram – a photo sharing blogging app. Instagram is an app which has more than 1 Billion active users. If you’re also one of those 1 billion users, then this blog is highly useful for you. Today, we tell you top 5 kickass examples of Influencer marketing on Instagram. But, this is not all. We will also tell you how to use Influencer marketing if you’re running a business.

Influencer marketing on Instagram can be very easy for a business if you have been using this app for some time now.

This blog guides business houses on how they can efficiently take part in Influencer marketing on Instagram with 5 kickass examples


1) Health businesses

For health business owners like spas, wellness centres, lifestyle centres etc. they can easily get more audience and customers for their businesses if they manage to get the best influencers on Instagram.

Finding the best health and wellness influencer on Instagram isn’t much of a hectic task as it looks like. There many health and wellness influencers on Instagram. Now, left are those who are covering fields also do health and wellness coverage on their page.

People like @sruthijayadevan can help you reach your desired audience.


2) Cosmetics

Cosmetics are one of the largest and fastest growing businesses in this world. The way new cosmetics have taken over the world after the post-independence era, it is loud and clear that this business isn’t going to scrap anytime soon.

For guiding the youth and female audience to cater to, many Instagrammers are taking it to blogging and influencer marketing on Instagram. Mira Patel is also one of those who do influencer marketing on Instagram.


3) Motor specialists

One of the most loved moto vloggers, Mumbiker Nikhil on YouTube is also available on Instagram for his behind the scenes activities. Although this was one of the most overlooked field in Instagram marketing, but very soon many auto companies and accessories companies started reaching out to people like him for various promotions and other activities.

With a huge fan following on YouTube and Instagram combined together, Mumbiker Nikhil is one person you may contact for Influencer marketing on Instagram.


4) Food specialists

Food specialists on Instagram are gaining a lot of limelight. Many pages have been posting delicious looking photographs and videos on their social media handles. Such content on their social media handles not only look exuberating, but also makes the viewers want to eat that food item as soon as possible. So far, after the cosmetics industry, food industry was the second most influential thing we found on the Influencer Marketing on Instagram list.

Also read: Top 10 Food Bloggers You Should Follow RN If You Are A True Foodie!


5) Fitness

Fitness is one of the most influential areas in influencer marketing on Instagram. Many people have joined hands with each other on Instagram in order to provide knowledge on health and wellness related sector. Majority of the influencers on Instagram are also using YouTube for detailed and in-depth video sessions, for their behind the scenes footage, they post on Instagram.



Day by day many people are realizing the marketing and sales capacity of Instagram as its database is touching new heights every other day.

Whether the audience is looking for new products or not, these people are doing influencer marketing on Instagram at such a level at which they can easily manipulate people into buying things they don’t necessarily need. All and all, influencers on Instagram are helping out companies achieve more sales.

Top 10 fitness bloggers you should follow RN

From past couple of years, India has seen a tremendous growth in the industry of people looking after their health. From fitness freak Virat Kohli to our beloved Prime Minister Narendra Modi, everyone has been focusing on sharing the benefits of staying healthy. The health sector from then onwards has set ablaze. Even if you don’t want to go to the gym for any of your reason, you can still remain motivated throughout the year, if you follow these fitness blogs. In this blog, we will tell you top 10 fitness bloggers you should follow rn!

1) Guru Mann (704k followers)

Guru Mann, the fitness aficionado, nutrition expert hailing from California, USA is generally known as the king of Indian Fitness Industry. He is a Muscle building and fat loss expert. Mann has recently launched his health and supplement series in the name of GM Nutrition. He’s also running a nationwide campaign known as Mission India Fit where he aims to educate the youth about health and fitness and spread the message. You can follow his Instagram account @gurumann. Guru Mann is also a fitness blogger, and you can check his blog website here.

Guru Mann has done various efforts at making India a fitter country. In a recently done meeting with FICCI, he proposed two ways to stay fit. First was to introduce a subject in schools in which there was an introduction of health and fitness, diseases and where those diseases were coming from. Second was to take a careful look at the diet of the sportsmen of Under- 15 category. You can stay connected with Mann on his YouTube channel.

2) Jeet Selal (101k followers)

Coming from Melbourne, Australia, Jeet Selal is a fitness blogger who runs a YouTube account as well where he provides his set of knowledge based on health and fitness. Selal has also been providing online coaching and various seminars at different places in India. Recently, he organized India’s first drug free India program. You can follow his Instagram account @jeet_selal.

Jeet is a 28-year-old, 5 feet 9 inches tall fitness enthusiast who often does live sessions to help people, giving them free consultations, motivation and health tips.

You can check Jeet Selal's fitness blog here.

3) Beer Biceps (257k followers)

Ranveer Allahabadia, who runs this really cool YouTube account, is having more than 1.4M subscribers on it. After getting diagnosed with kidney stones, Ranveer decided that he would follow a healthy lifestyle and promised himself that he would not go back to eating unhealthy stuff. Whether it comes to motivation, inspiration or lifestyle tips, Ranveer tops it all. You can follow his Instagram account @beerbiceps.

BeerBiceps started gaining more attention because of his quirky name which says beer on one part and biceps on the other. Ranveer had been asked this question many times on what this means, to which he says, “your life should be a balance of fitness and fun.”

4) Amit Panghal (122k followers)

Amit Panghal, who is also known as Panghal Fitness on Youtube. He is a one-stop Desi gymming guru for the youngsters. Panghal provides Indian style of gymming health tips. Panghal has been active on YouTube from last one year. To know more about his lifestyle, real-life diet and backstage scenes, you can follow his Instagram account @amit_panghal_.

Last month Panghal Fitness crossed 500K subscribers on YouTube and a strong base of more than 120K followers on his super active Instagram account makes him a good to go fitness blogger.

5) Tarun Gill (163k followers)

Tarun is India’s one of the most celebrated fitness YouTubers. He has worked with various companies and then left a well-paying job to enter YouTube to guide the misguided youth to a track of health and wellness.

Now, Tarun is working hard to run his first ever fitness show – Indian Fitness League – to be aired on DSport. You can follow his Instagram account @iamtarungill.

You can stay updated about his various series on fat loss, muscle building and other prominent series on his YouTube channel here. Tarun Gill also runs a fitness blogging Website and you check his website here.

6) Gaurav Taneja (161k followers)

Gaurav, also known as the flying beast runs his YouTube channel by the name of FitMuscleTV. He is one of the most watched Indian fitness Youtuber. A captain of an aviation company in disguise of a fitness enthusiast, Gaurav did his studies from IIT Kharagpur.

He has profound knowledge in Sports and Nutrition. Gaurav also provides online coaching for gymming beasts and those who have just started. You can follow his Instagram account @taneja.gaurav.

Gaurav has been actively making myth-busting videos on his YouTube channel where he proves various accepted gymming practices wrong and corrects them by giving the right form for exercises and nutritional advice.

7) Sahil Khan (2.2m followers)

Sahil is an actor turned bodybuilder who was last seen in a movie named, Shringaar (2013). Recently, Sahil got felicitated with India’s Official Fitness Icon by Rajeev Gandhi Foundation. Sahil shares a lot of fitness tips and tricks for both starters and professionals. Just like he always says, “I train your trainer.” Sahil trains and coaches a lot of fitness enthusiasts online. He recently launched his own nutrition supplements company by the name of, “BigMuscles.”

You can check Sahil’s Instagram here and his YouTube account here.

8) Abhinav Mahajan (157k followers)

A famous fashion model and bodybuilder, Abhinav Mahajan started his journey of bodybuilding in his school days. He used to be a skinny kid for whom getting harassed every other day was a normal thing. In order to look and feel bulkier, Abhinav started gymming. From then onwards, he never looked back.

Mahajan also gives online training consultancy to Instagrammers. And he provides some interesting motivational and inspirational videos on his YouTube channel. He believes in getting natural transformations and appreciates those who achieve their goals. You can follow his Instagram account @abhinavfitness.

9) Fit Tuber (757k subscribers)

FitTuber is an Indian Youtube channel that is poles apart from other fitness blogs and channels. Unlike others, he focuses on overall health and wellness. The videos shared on the channel, come under various categories like differentiating between companies and products. The channel aims to enlighten the netizens on the hazards of using some of the most used products of today.

Fitness Bloggers

You can check out FitTuber’s Youtube channel here.

10) Sohit Kathuria (176k followers)

Sohit is one of the most talked Fitness Instagrammer because of his stealing looks and his dazzling pictures. The fitness motivator not only motivates you to do hard work, but also restores faith that hot men can be loyal as well. You can check his Instagram profile: @sohitkathuria.

Fitness Bloggers Sohit Kathuria

Sohit is the brother of Mohit Kathuria and both are very similar in looks. He is also one of the most handsome fitness bloggers on Instagram. With his chocolatey looks and a beefed-up body, Sohit is one such credible fitness bloggers on Instagram.

So, these were the Top 10 fitness bloggers you should follow RN.