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Influencer Marketing Strategy from Fashion Nova and Zara!!

In the initial half of 2018, brands from around the world have created $659,882,860 of earned media value (EMV). A major chunk of this amount came through the application of brilliant influencer marketing strategy by some of the brands. The primary names in the list are of Fashion Nova and Zara. Influencers are now becoming a premiere medium for big brands to connect and appeal the consumers. According to the data provided by InfluencerDB (an influencer marketing platform), about 11,000 paid influencer have been generating content and promoting these brands. Their reach is reportedly equivalent to that of traditional marketing and advertising methods. Fashion Nova and Zara have led the way standing along with the brands like Puma, Calvin Klein and giants like Maybelline and Tiffany & Co.

Here we will be discussing the influencer marketing strategy from Fashion Nova and Zara.

Influencer Marketing Strategy Considering Industry as a Pyramid

A relevant influencer marketing strategy is to consider the influencer industry as a pyramid. It is not necessary that the influencers with the largest follower base will be most effective for a brand’s promotion. Sometimes micro-influencers can give brands a better promotional boost, as compared to the big names. Multiple numbers of strategically placed micro-influencers can provide a decent amount of organic brand and media value, upon consolidation. Fashion Nova and Zara have been among the best performing brands in 2018. Both the brands have been brilliant with their marketing strategies.  Zara stood third on the list with an earned media value (EMV) of $59 million. Zara’s paid collaborations constitute only about one percent of the total EMV. With an Instagram follower base of more than 27.6 million, Zara proved that organic mentions can be more effective than paid collaborations.

Influencer Marketing Strategy Collaborating with Celebs

Another effective influencer marketing strategy adopted by big brands is to collaborate with celebs. Fashion Nova has led the way for all the other brands in this strategy. Although Fashion Nova is a relatively new brand, but it’s collaborations with strategically placed influencers has made it the topper. Fashion Nova joined hands with the American Rapper Cardi B evenbefore she became a signed artist. Today Cardi B is considered as one of the driving forces for Fashion Nova’s paid as well as organic mentions. It is estimated that each of her posts deliver around $128,198 earned media value. Eventually taking Fashion Nova’s total EMV of over $125 million from both paid and organic mentions. InfluencerDB has reported that more users have engaged with Fashion Nova on social media compared to the other brands.

Influencer Marketing Strategy Replicating Celeb Influencer’s Outfits

In one of its kind influencer marketing strategy Fashion Nova went on to replicate the outfits worn by celeb influencers. In a recent incident, Fashion Nova replicated Kylie Jenner’s birthday outfit. Kylie wore a pink mini-dress for her birthday. Fashion Nova launched an entire new range of look named as ‘Birthday Behaviour’. Fashion Nova’s attempted to cater and impress their Instagram follower base by this strategy. Apart from Kylie Jenner Fashion Nova has also re-created some of Kim Kardashian’s dresses. The new fashion crazy Insta generation has received this move from Fashion Nova with open arms. This kind of strategy also depicts the dedication of brands like Fashion Nova to provide their customers with the latest and best of the best trends.

Influencer Marketing Strategy Social Media Campaigns

Zara came up with a tried and tested influencer marketing strategy. It started campaigns like #IamDenim and #Timeless. These campaigns turned out to be a huge success, as the constituted the major part of ZARA’s organic mentions. Both these campaign were started with keeping in mind the reliability quotient with their follower base. #IamDenim was focused on retrieving the denim fashion and giving denim enthusiasts a chance to flaunt their fashion sense. On the other hand #Timeless concentrated upon the ageing beauties, which can still look stunning when dressed up. All the models featuring in the #timeless campaign were over forty years of age. As offbeat this campaign was, it proved to be that successful and popular. Apart from this ZARA has also launched a new campaign named as #ZARAkids. This latest campaign is focused on kids wears by ZARA.

As more and more brands understand the importance of organic mentions and promotions, the need for Influencer marketing strategies is constantly on a rise. Influencer marketing is not too far from becoming a new mainstream medium for product promotion. The results produced by the big brands through influencer marketing this year are remarkable.

So, these were some of the main influencer marketing strategies by Fashion Nova and Zara. Please do tell us if you have any suggestions for improvement in this article. Also don’t forget to share this with your friends.

best marketing campaigns in India


In today’s digital outlook, marketing and advertising campaigns have become more frequent and effective. This year India became the second largest country with most smartphone users in the world. This jump in the number of smartphone users has created a much better and bigger space for various brands to promote and advertise their products and services. As the market grew, the competition among the advertisers has also become more intense. Advertisers are trying their best to come up with new and unique ideas for the promotion of their products and services. In this situation of intense competition, there have been some remarkable marketing campaigns. It won’t be too much if we consider these campaigns among the best marketing campaigns in India. Here we bring to you, the 10 most successful marketing campaigns run by big brands in India.


Vodafone ZooZoo

ZooZoos are basically cartoon characters used by Vodafone India in their ad campaigns. They are white in colour and have a round body and head. This campaign by Vodafone India was launched in the year 2009, during the second season of IPL. ZooZoo was a very unique and innovative concept and is considered as one of the best marketing campaigns in India. 25 such commercials were made, and the idea was to launch a new commercial every day. This was done in order to maintain the audience’s interest in the campaign till the end of IPL. ZooZoos may look animated, but are actually played by humans dressed up in bodysuits. It was originally created by ‘Ogilvy & Mather’, which is Vodafone’s official ad agency. The campaign went on to be a hit among the Indian audiences and is still running, with new commercials being aired.


Cadbury Five-Star’s ‘Jo Khaaye, Kho Jaaye’ Ad Campaign

This character-driven marketing campaign by the chocolate brand ‘Cadbury 5Star’ features two goofy looking crazy siblings. Launched 2006, the ‘Jo Khaaye,Kho, Jaaye’ ad campaign is surely one of the best marketing campaigns in India. The campaign has been relevant for more than a decade now, and is still running. The duo of Ramesh and Suresh is played by actors Rana Pratap Senger and Goldie Dugga on screen. This campaign has set an example for the Indian advertisement and marketing industry for character-driven marketing. The comic characterization of two brothers, who end-up doing insane things after eating ‘Cadbury 5Star’ has tickled the audience for almost twelve years now. Initially the characters did not have a name to identify themselves, but in 2010 they got named as ‘Ramesh’ and ‘Suresh’. The ‘Tailor’ TVC of ‘Jo Khaaye, Kho Jaaye’ launched in 2010 is still one of the biggest hit among Indian TVCs.


Mentos’s ‘Dimaag Ki Batti Jala De!’ Ad Campaign

Mentos launched in India in 1999, but it was 2003 when Mentos came up with a new tagline: ‘Dimaag Ki Batti Jala De!’ which is still unchanged. Mentos became fairly popular among the youngsters after this campaign. As the tagline ‘Dimaag Ki Batti Jala De!’ suggests, all the Mentos commercial showcase their protagonists strangled in tricky situations and then eventually avoid disasters smoothly and smartly after eating a Mentos. There have been eight Mentos commercials aired over the years and all of them were successful. The tagline ‘Dimaag Ki Batti Jala De!’ became so popular that youngsters started using it as slang in local lingo. The biggest hit among these TVC’s were ‘Mentos Classroom’ in 2005, ‘Mentos Evolution’ in 2008 and ‘Mentos Cola Flavor’ in 2014. Fifteen years and still running ‘Dimaag Ki Batti Jala De!’ is surely one of the best marketing campaigns in India.


Tata Tea’s ‘Jaago Re’ Campaign

This was a cause-driven marketing campaign launched by Tata Tea in 2007. The campaign focused on awareness for a wide range of social issues, and has successfully covered many such as voting, corruption, women empowerment etc. The ‘Jaago Re’ has launched seven TVCs during last eleven years. These include: ‘One Billion Votes’ in 2009, ‘Khilana Bandh, Pilana Shuru’ in 2010, ‘Soch Badlo’ in 2011, ‘Simplify’ in 2012, ‘Choti Shuruaat’ in 2012, ‘Power of 49’ in 2013. ‘Jaago Re’ launched a comeback TVC in 2017 named as ‘Alarm Se Pehle Jaago Re’. All these TVCs have been massive hits and have actually had a positive effect on the audience, proving to be one of the best marketing campaigns in India. Apart from all this ‘Jaago Re’ has also collaborated with various NGO’s working for different social causes.


Star Sports’ ‘Mauka-Mauka’ Ad Campaign

‘Mauka-Mauka’ was a completely out-of-the-box campaign launched by Star Sports. The campaign aimed on the promotion of the 2015 Cricket World Cup, and the live broadcast of Indian team’s matches. The first TVC of the campaign was launched on February 7, 2015. It featured a Pakistan cricket team’s fan, which was disappointed by Pakistan’s constant, loses against India in World Cup. The fan spends years hoping for a chance to celebrate his team’s victory and still waiting for it in 2015. The ad became really popular as it got more than a million views in just twelve hours after being posted online. The series then had TVCs promoting Indian cricket team’s matches with South Africa, UAE, West Indies, Bangladesh and Australia. The immense success of this out of the box ad campaign has got it in the list of the best marketing campaigns in India.


So these were the five best marketing campaigns in India that were run by big brands. Apart from the above mentioned campaigns there are several campaigns by big brands which are equivalently brilliant. Some of the honorable mentions are ‘Open Happiness’ by Coke, ‘Daag Acche Hain’ by Surf Axel, ‘Isko Laga Daala To Life Jhingalala’ by Tata Sky and ‘Men Will Be Men’ by Imperial Blue. Please do tell us in the comment section, what ads will you consider for this list? Also don’t forget to share this article with your friends.

5 Best and Worst Indian Examples of Celebrity Endorsements

Celebrity Endorsements are something which have been in the media for long now. Be it print media or online media, celebrities have been guiding the citizens with brand selection. Celebrities tend to have an astonishing impact on the audience when it comes to branding and marketing products. A lot of times, people buy a product simply because their favorite celebrity has endorsed a certain product. The more followers a celebrity has, the more influential his/her endorsements become. In this article, we share some of the best and worst Indian Celebrity Endorsements Examples.


Let’s talk about the good examples of celebrity endorsements which worked really well:

1) Gionee

What can we say about this mobile phone brand which was completely unknown before the campaign. In a market which is captured by other companies like Oppo, Vivo, Mi & OnePlus,  Gionee thinks of unveiled a mobile which had nothing more than a selfie camera. Moreover the brand was running its television advertisement starring Alia Bhatt who had no idea whether something like Gionee existed before her agreement. But the concept and the celebrity gelled well and the result was awesome. Today’s generation is obsessed with Selfies and who could be better than Alia Bhatt to lead this movement.


2) Muthoot Group

Muthoot Group is widely known in India for providing financial services. Recently, Muthoot Group signed Amitabh Bachchan as its brand ambassador. He was seen on television promoting company’s services. On the other hand, Bachchan’s name was involved in Panama paper leaks. The same papers for which Pakistan’s Ex-Prime Minister, Nawaz Sharif was sent to an imprisonment for 10 years.

So far this was one of the worst examples of Celebrity Endorsements we have ever seen.

3) M-Seal

M-Seal is a brand which manufactures a compound named Epoxy compound, but whenever people go to a store to buy that product, people usually ask for, “M-Seal.”

Few years ago, M-Seal ran a campaign where Manoj Pahwa was in a negative role. The advertisement captured many eye balls because of the emotional touch it sent to the audience.


4) Wheel Detergent

Salman Khan is recently seen on the silver screens promoting Wheel detergent powder. A notion proved wrong whether men could do washing of clothes, Salman did it right. An advertisement featuring Prachi Desai alongside Salman showcased washing of clothes as a good job and appreciated the efforts of women across the country.


5) Fortune Oil

One of Akshay Kumar’s finest advertisements to be run on television screens. Akshay was seen asking the soldiers what they missed the most on duty. Most of them replied that they missed their mother’s hand cooked food. So, what makes you think that Rajiv Bhatia inside Akshay would not come out? He went inside the mess and cooked some special food for the soldiers. A sense of belongingness and respect was seen in the advertisement.


Now that we have talked about the good examples of Celebrity endorsements which worked really well. It’s time to focus on the bad examples of celebrity endorsements which turned out to be a joke for the celebrities and the brands as well.


1) Fair and Lovely

The brand runs one of the most controversial advertisements on the Indian televisions which have triggered from some of the most prominent individuals of the country. A few years ago, when Fair and Lovely released a few advertisements on the television which showcased that brown people are unsuccessful, many feminists and humanitarians raised their voices against the company. Some of their brand ambassadors are Yami Gautam, Sonal Chauhan etc.


2) Nivea

There were a lot of things which someone could advertise, but Anushka chose something which was absolutely unexpected. We are taught in the schools that hair under the armpits is a normal phenomenon. But, Mrs. Kohli proposed that hair under armpits is something to be ashamed of. She not only let her fans down, but also made a joke of herself on the social media platforms.


3) Amrapali

In 2016, during the IPL, M.S. Dhoni stepped up as the brand ambassador for Amrapali, a real estate developer. As Dhoni has a strong fan base in India, many people bought properties at Amrapali but because of the huge delays in possession, people started to bash out at Dhoni’s social media. As soon as Dhoni realized what was going on, he immediately stepped down from the brand ambassadorship of Amrapali. This was also one of its worst kind of Celebrity endorsements we have seen.

Celebrity Endorsements


4) Emami Fair and Handsome Cream

As promised by Emami that it is a fairness cream, a man went to a district consumer court in Delhi where he sued the company for failing to meet the “fairness” promise, as endorsed by none other than the King Khan of Bollywood.

Celebrity Endorsements

A whooping amount of Rs. 15 lakh was imposed on the company as it failed to prove its point. Find alternative to such creams here.


5) Maruti Suzuki Versa

The Big B of Indian cinema bagged a contract with Maruti Udyog for doing a campaign for its Versa car, which the company promoted as India’s first multipurpose vehicle.

Celebrity Endorsements

The campaign didn’t go well as Big B couldn’t make the message clear to the audience. The campaign turned to its worst when Junior Bachchan also joined hands with his father in the campaign.


After all these examples we hope to have cleared your perceptions about good celebrity endorsements and bad celebrity examples. The brands need to fit between the celeb’s image and their own image and their own image before finalising the brand ambassador for their for their high octane campaign.


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How got new customers to Invest through them from Social Media!



Mutual Fund Investments is one of the most popular investment vehicles for middle class in India and the growth in Sensex is doing it no harm. Gone are the days of investments in PPF and FDs; the new generation in India is looking to grow its money at a faster clip and beat inflation. In this context, a number of new age companies have come up which are helping the retail investors in allocating their money optimally across different mutual funds as per their needs.


Screenshot 2017-09-03 15.19.29 is one such company which has developed algorithms for optimally allocating money aross funds. The systems have been developed after studying years of historical data.


The company was looking to reach out to its target audience in addition to generating business through digital media.


Digibagg devised the Digital Marketing Plan for Wealthy such that the target audience could be engaged. Running a lead generation campaign through direct selling did not make sense since this is high risk category for the consumer and she would not invest through Wealthy before she is convinced that she is putting her money in right hands.


The potential consumer is looking for a proof so we interviewed an actual user and documented how he has benefitted from the tryst with (in a non-preachy manner).

The content was then promoted to the target audience after seeding it through some social media influencers. The story started getting traction and was soon shared hundereds of times giving it a strong momentum.

The campaign created a strong branding for Wealthy through a real life case study and also created leads for the business at the same time.


Total Reach: 700K +

Engagements: 100K +

Website Traffic: 100K +

Leads: 5K +


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Ireo's Success in Low Cost Lead Generation - A Real Estate Case Study

Real Estate companies have been putting in crores in TV commercials, Celebrity Endorsements & Print Media for branding and lead generation for their projects. This strategy has been working well for many decades, but changing economic and competitive environment has put great pressure on their bottom line. Hence, the real estate developers have started focusing on better ROI yielding marketing channels.


This is where Digital Marketing holds some answers. Digital Marketing is a Pandora’s Box, but in right hands, it can be a very effective tool. The metrics that define the effectiveness of a campaign can be easily measured in real-time and actionable insights can be gathered to optimize the campaign unlike traditional media which is more akin to spray and pray model.

Some highlights of Digital Marketing relevant to Real Estate Industry:

  • Ability to target the specific target demographics based on hyper local targeting, age, gender, behavior and other interests - For example: A male banker aged 48 years need to be shown a different proposition as compared to a 34 year old female who runs a successful media agency
  • Continuous optimization of the Campaign based on performance (with negligible financial impact)
  • Ability to move the customer through sales funnel by reaching out to same customer multiple times with evolving messaging
  • Cost-effective Lead Generation


And all this can be achieved with just 10% of the marketing budget required for traditional channels, in some cases even lesser. Integrating Digital with the existing marketing channels can fetch even better results.

Customer Profile

IREO is India’s Largest PE backed Real Estate company focusing on Delhi/NCR and Punjab markets.

The Objective

IREO, known for its great architectural designs and on-time delivery was looking to grow sales of its premium project -  IREO Victory Valley in Gurgaon. They had been doing branding for the same through traditional marketing channels – Television, Print, Radio.

Being a location and segment specific project, generating quality leads in a cost-effective manner was extremely difficult through prevalent channels.

The Marketing team at IREO had the following objectives:

  • Reduce the Cost of Lead Generation,
  • Increase ‘Right Audience Engagement’ for better conversions

Before the campaign, the leads were majorly being generated through offline channels.

Digibagg Impact

Digibagg devised the Digital Marketing Plan for IREO. Approaching the ‘Right Audience’ in a cost-effective manner was itself a challenging task, given the limited audience size - both in terms of geography as well as Demographics. The level of detailing and test strategies required were a big challenge per se.

Data Driven Detailed (3D) Customer Targeting approach was followed to identify the Digitally accessible sub-groups within the target segment.



An example of execution


Some Key Learnings:

1. 55-65 Aged Male group was the most converting audience segment digitally (based on demographics)

2. Women converted better as compared to men which is counterintuitive

3. Hyper local targeting leads to superior returns only when done based on on-the-ground insights



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