4 International Makeup Brands In India That Are Rocking With Their Marketing Strategy!!

Gone are the days when buying International makeup brands in India was a daydream. For years, Indian common woman struggled for getting international high-end makeup brands and brands like Lakme, Oriflame overruled the entire beauty industry. It is till recently when international makeup brands boomed their business in India focussing on women who're potentially interested looking forward to investing in good makeup and beauty brands with India's growing economy.

Talking about the marketing strategies these brands have been following, there's an intense need to dig into it and learn some much-undercovered tactics used by these brands in order to approach their TG. The budget they're investing in their digital marketing sector involves a major part going into investing in with social media influencers who're easy and efficient means of targeting the right age group and customer persona. One big thing that contributed in developing these brand aesthetics in India is the flourishing E-commerce sector came into existence with Nykaa and Purplle.

Now we have international makeup brands in India like Mac, Huda Beauty, Urban Decay, NYX making their strong presence. Not just these brands, International stores such as Sephora has already entered Indian makeup and beauty industry directing towards a major hike in revenues collected by these brands. As per Economic Times, cosmetic market is expected to grow by 25% to $20 billion by 2025. Here are the top 5 international makeup brands in India that took the leverage of their good marketing strategies from which we can learn:

1. MAC


One of the highest selling brands in the cosmetics worldwide, MAC has matched up to their name in India by establishing marketing tricks specially modified keeping Indian TG in mind. From launching products perfect for Indian skin tones and with a good boost from influencers, MAC is now one of the most successful International makeup brands in India. Mac has the most number of lipsticks than any other brand worldwide. One of their shade "Ruby woo" is considered the perfect red for Indian skin and has gained a lot of attention worldwide. Their simplistic approach of catering Indian women and projecting the brand as a solution for any Indian women looking for a makeup brand that relate with their skin's perspective rather than keeping International standards has literally pushed them forward.



From celebrities to influencers to makeup professionals, every woman swears by the entire makeup range of Bobbi Brown. Their eyeliners and lipsticks are unbeatable when it comes to brand value and gives a sense of achievement which adds on to their brand value.



The nude palette by Urban decay became an instant rage on Indian skin tones and made a platform for the brand in India. The brand is although not available in India but is vividly accepted by influencers and bloggers making it a  rage. Influencers are using their products in Youtube tutorials and the brands have already established their name high in India.

4. Huda Beauty


Huda beauty has recently launched their diverse collection on beauty E-commerce giant portal Nykaa. Right from their launch, Huda beauty which was already a huge name in the makeup industry understood the power of influencers by every international makeup brands in India. They focussed on beauty and lifestyle influencers targeting them as a potential voice of the brand. With every new launch or product look, influencers are taking more part in the marketing strategy presenting it as a hit amongst the target audience.

These are the few international makeup brands in India that are using influencers marketing as a tool for their promotional activities and making high revenues.

Which one is your favourite? Tell us in the comments below!!

Influencer Marketing Strategy

Influencer Marketing Strategy from Fashion Nova and Zara!!

In the initial half of 2018, brands from around the world have created $659,882,860 of earned media value (EMV). A major chunk of this amount came through the application of brilliant influencer marketing strategy by some of the brands. The primary names in the list are of Fashion Nova and Zara. Influencers are now becoming a premiere medium for big brands to connect and appeal the consumers. According to the data provided by InfluencerDB (an influencer marketing platform), about 11,000 paid influencer have been generating content and promoting these brands. Their reach is reportedly equivalent to that of traditional marketing and advertising methods. Fashion Nova and Zara have led the way standing along with the brands like Puma, Calvin Klein and giants like Maybelline and Tiffany & Co.

Here we will be discussing the influencer marketing strategy from Fashion Nova and Zara.


Influencer Marketing Strategy Considering Industry as a Pyramid

A relevant influencer marketing strategy is to consider the influencer industry as a pyramid. It is not necessary that the influencers with the largest follower base will be most effective for a brand’s promotion. Sometimes micro-influencers can give brands a better promotional boost, as compared to the big names. Multiple numbers of strategically placed micro-influencers can provide a decent amount of organic brand and media value, upon consolidation. Fashion Nova and Zara have been among the best performing brands in 2018. Both the brands have been brilliant with their marketing strategies.  Zara stood third on the list with an earned media value (EMV) of $59 million. Zara’s paid collaborations constitute only about one percent of the total EMV. With an Instagram follower base of more than 27.6 million, Zara proved that organic mentions can be more effective than paid collaborations.


Influencer Marketing Strategy Collaborating with Celebs

Another effective influencer marketing strategy adopted by big brands is to collaborate with celebs. Fashion Nova has led the way for all the other brands in this strategy. Although Fashion Nova is a relatively new brand, but it’s collaborations with strategically placed influencers has made it the topper. Fashion Nova joined hands with the American Rapper Cardi B evenbefore she became a signed artist. Today Cardi B is considered as one of the driving forces for Fashion Nova’s paid as well as organic mentions. It is estimated that each of her posts deliver around $128,198 earned media value. Eventually taking Fashion Nova’s total EMV of over $125 million from both paid and organic mentions. InfluencerDB has reported that more users have engaged with Fashion Nova on social media compared to the other brands.


Influencer Marketing Strategy Replicating Celeb Influencer’s Outfits

In one of its kind influencer marketing strategy Fashion Nova went on to replicate the outfits worn by celeb influencers. In a recent incident, Fashion Nova replicated Kylie Jenner’s birthday outfit. Kylie wore a pink mini-dress for her birthday. Fashion Nova launched an entire new range of look named as ‘Birthday Behaviour’. Fashion Nova’s attempted to cater and impress their Instagram follower base by this strategy. Apart from Kylie Jenner Fashion Nova has also re-created some of Kim Kardashian’s dresses. The new fashion crazy Insta generation has received this move from Fashion Nova with open arms. This kind of strategy also depicts the dedication of brands like Fashion Nova to provide their customers with the latest and best of the best trends.


Influencer Marketing Strategy Social Media Campaigns

Zara came up with a tried and tested influencer marketing strategy. It started campaigns like #IamDenim and #Timeless. These campaigns turned out to be a huge success, as the constituted the major part of ZARA’s organic mentions. Both these campaign were started with keeping in mind the reliability quotient with their follower base. #IamDenim was focused on retrieving the denim fashion and giving denim enthusiasts a chance to flaunt their fashion sense. On the other hand #Timeless concentrated upon the ageing beauties, which can still look stunning when dressed up. All the models featuring in the #timeless campaign were over forty years of age. As offbeat this campaign was, it proved to be that successful and popular. Apart from this ZARA has also launched a new campaign named as #ZARAkids. This latest campaign is focused on kids wears by ZARA.


As more and more brands understand the importance of organic mentions and promotions, the need for Influencer marketing strategies is constantly on a rise. Influencer marketing is not too far from becoming a new mainstream medium for product promotion. The results produced by the big brands through influencer marketing this year are remarkable.

So, these were some of the main influencer marketing strategies by Fashion Nova and Zara. Please do tell us if you have any suggestions for improvement in this article. Also don’t forget to share this with your friends.

10 Spot On Strategies To Run A Business Page On Facebook For Your Brand!!

Maintaining a Facebook business page is one of the prime steps a brand needs to take into account in order to maintain a positive WOM. Facebook has been attracting social media strategists and brands in accordance with their latest updates and access to more brand-friendly features which acts as a boon for brands looking to engage directly to their TG adding some relevance in their promotional line. But one thing, one has to take a deep toll into is the strategies they're working upon. With years of experimentation and learning comes a rich piece of information from topmost leaders working in the industry that can be a useful parameter to learn from. We have penned down 10 spot-on strategies to run a business page on facebook for your brand.

Strategies To Run A Business Page On Facebook

1. Don't Post The Same Thing On All Your Social Media Handles

Having a constant flair will not help in the long run as in the world of rapid transformations social media is the fastest of all. Within a fraction of seconds, things have been uploading on channels with the speed of light and your audience often might get distracted.

2. Diversify Your Content

Changing your content every now and then will make a great difference. Engage your audience more with random trivia, puzzles, one on one sessions and tips from experts about your brand and everything related to it. This will not only provide a useful piece of information to your fans but will draw their attention or engagement more.

3. Do Take Care Of Timing And Frequency Of Your Posts

Now, this is one of the most important factors most of us ignore. Collect some data regarding the most and least engaging time schedules to strategise accordingly. Take benefits from such peak hours and attain more traffic during such time. The frequency of the post is also a thing to be taken into consideration statistically as that may give you the much needed organic traffic just by simple research.

4. Get Involved With Your Fans

One of the most engaging things to kickstart your conversation with your fans is to ask them questions. All you have to do is to find leverage from their interests and make strong bonds with them by making it relatable to their daily life. You can even ask them about their favourites or to pick a favourite. Sarcasm, humour, and trolls have their strong presence on Facebook and engage most of the audience if relatable.

5. Reply On Their Queries, Make Them Feel More Connected

If You're on the road of building a brand, one of the most important factor is to make a trustworthy audience and to stay faithful to their demands. You have to make them feel at home as your ultimate aim is to engage the new audience while keeping an upper hand on your regular audience.

6. Keep An Eye On Your Competitors

Look for what's trending, what your competitors are doing so that you won't miss any sort of social media update. Whether it is related to a particular form of presenting your content or it is simply about the developing technical support on social media. You have to take leverage from them all to stay updated and on top of your game.

7. Don't Hesitate From Experimenting

The key to ace social media is to diversify your content as much as you can. Remember, your creativity works the best when it comes to ace marketing on platforms like social media. Work on vivid ideas, build a knack for creativity and explore strategies that work the best for you and your brand.

8. Target Your Status Updates

This can be done by stating your target audience so that you can build a certain type of community that can give you a boostful result. Brewed content, scaling your target audience is the key to maintain a dignified name for your brand.

9. Video Content Can Give You A Really Good Boost- 

Strategies To Run A Business Page On Facebook

As per research, what you see captivates you more than what you read and this is the going to be the most innovative way to represent your content on social media platforms. As per stats adding a video to marketing emails can boost click-through rates by 200-300%. This simple stat is enough to give you a wider aspect of how video content is going to emerge in the upcoming years and that's exactly where you have to focus.

10. At The End, Keep A Track Of Your Performance

Strategies To Run A Business Page On Facebook

Watch for trends, take feedback from your fans, keep a track of likes and comments. Even if you face a fail campaign you have to learn something good out of it and that is how you're going to make the most of your presence on a social media platform. Out of all the Strategies To Run A Business Page On Facebook, this is by far the most anaytical one that can make a huge difference.

Good Luck. Have A Creative Content!! And We Hope You'll Make More Refined Strategies To Run A Business Page On Facebook!!

best marketing campaigns in India


In today’s digital outlook, marketing and advertising campaigns have become more frequent and effective. This year India became the second largest country with most smartphone users in the world. This jump in the number of smartphone users has created a much better and bigger space for various brands to promote and advertise their products and services. As the market grew, the competition among the advertisers has also become more intense. Advertisers are trying their best to come up with new and unique ideas for the promotion of their products and services. In this situation of intense competition, there have been some remarkable marketing campaigns. It won’t be too much if we consider these campaigns among the best marketing campaigns in India. Here we bring to you, the 10 most successful marketing campaigns run by big brands in India.


Vodafone ZooZoo

ZooZoos are basically cartoon characters used by Vodafone India in their ad campaigns. They are white in colour and have a round body and head. This campaign by Vodafone India was launched in the year 2009, during the second season of IPL. ZooZoo was a very unique and innovative concept and is considered as one of the best marketing campaigns in India. 25 such commercials were made, and the idea was to launch a new commercial every day. This was done in order to maintain the audience’s interest in the campaign till the end of IPL. ZooZoos may look animated, but are actually played by humans dressed up in bodysuits. It was originally created by ‘Ogilvy & Mather’, which is Vodafone’s official ad agency. The campaign went on to be a hit among the Indian audiences and is still running, with new commercials being aired.



Cadbury Five-Star’s ‘Jo Khaaye, Kho Jaaye’ Ad Campaign

This character-driven marketing campaign by the chocolate brand ‘Cadbury 5Star’ features two goofy looking crazy siblings. Launched 2006, the ‘Jo Khaaye,Kho, Jaaye’ ad campaign is surely one of the best marketing campaigns in India. The campaign has been relevant for more than a decade now, and is still running. The duo of Ramesh and Suresh is played by actors Rana Pratap Senger and Goldie Dugga on screen. This campaign has set an example for the Indian advertisement and marketing industry for character-driven marketing. The comic characterization of two brothers, who end-up doing insane things after eating ‘Cadbury 5Star’ has tickled the audience for almost twelve years now. Initially the characters did not have a name to identify themselves, but in 2010 they got named as ‘Ramesh’ and ‘Suresh’. The ‘Tailor’ TVC of ‘Jo Khaaye, Kho Jaaye’ launched in 2010 is still one of the biggest hit among Indian TVCs.



Mentos’s ‘Dimaag Ki Batti Jala De!’ Ad Campaign

Mentos launched in India in 1999, but it was 2003 when Mentos came up with a new tagline: ‘Dimaag Ki Batti Jala De!’ which is still unchanged. Mentos became fairly popular among the youngsters after this campaign. As the tagline ‘Dimaag Ki Batti Jala De!’ suggests, all the Mentos commercial showcase their protagonists strangled in tricky situations and then eventually avoid disasters smoothly and smartly after eating a Mentos. There have been eight Mentos commercials aired over the years and all of them were successful. The tagline ‘Dimaag Ki Batti Jala De!’ became so popular that youngsters started using it as slang in local lingo. The biggest hit among these TVC’s were ‘Mentos Classroom’ in 2005, ‘Mentos Evolution’ in 2008 and ‘Mentos Cola Flavor’ in 2014. Fifteen years and still running ‘Dimaag Ki Batti Jala De!’ is surely one of the best marketing campaigns in India.



Tata Tea’s ‘Jaago Re’ Campaign

This was a cause-driven marketing campaign launched by Tata Tea in 2007. The campaign focused on awareness for a wide range of social issues, and has successfully covered many such as voting, corruption, women empowerment etc. The ‘Jaago Re’ has launched seven TVCs during last eleven years. These include: ‘One Billion Votes’ in 2009, ‘Khilana Bandh, Pilana Shuru’ in 2010, ‘Soch Badlo’ in 2011, ‘Simplify’ in 2012, ‘Choti Shuruaat’ in 2012, ‘Power of 49’ in 2013. ‘Jaago Re’ launched a comeback TVC in 2017 named as ‘Alarm Se Pehle Jaago Re’. All these TVCs have been massive hits and have actually had a positive effect on the audience, proving to be one of the best marketing campaigns in India. Apart from all this ‘Jaago Re’ has also collaborated with various NGO’s working for different social causes.



Star Sports’ ‘Mauka-Mauka’ Ad Campaign

‘Mauka-Mauka’ was a completely out-of-the-box campaign launched by Star Sports. The campaign aimed on the promotion of the 2015 Cricket World Cup, and the live broadcast of Indian team’s matches. The first TVC of the campaign was launched on February 7, 2015. It featured a Pakistan cricket team’s fan, which was disappointed by Pakistan’s constant, loses against India in World Cup. The fan spends years hoping for a chance to celebrate his team’s victory and still waiting for it in 2015. The ad became really popular as it got more than a million views in just twelve hours after being posted online. The series then had TVCs promoting Indian cricket team’s matches with South Africa, UAE, West Indies, Bangladesh and Australia. The immense success of this out of the box ad campaign has got it in the list of the best marketing campaigns in India.



So these were the five best marketing campaigns in India that were run by big brands. Apart from the above mentioned campaigns there are several campaigns by big brands which are equivalently brilliant. Some of the honorable mentions are ‘Open Happiness’ by Coke, ‘Daag Acche Hain’ by Surf Axel, ‘Isko Laga Daala To Life Jhingalala’ by Tata Sky and ‘Men Will Be Men’ by Imperial Blue. Please do tell us in the comment section, what ads will you consider for this list? Also don’t forget to share this article with your friends.

6 Types of Social Media Influencers and Their Popularity!!

Social media these days has come out as a wonderful tool for brands to toss their marketing strategies in the direction where you can actually aim your target audience. Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin is taking digital marketing to newer heights where brands are pushing their best foot forward playing on engagements and impressions. Social media influencers play a vital role in garnering impressions for brands because of their faith within their community. There are different types of social media influencers who have made a strong community on social media channels having high trust value and constant interaction with their followers. Such communities are a good source for brands to put their money in this direction.

Over the years, influencer marketing has created quite a lot of buzz when it comes to their blogs, posts, and content across several channels. Brands are constantly chasing these influencers based on their genre to grab attention from their mammoth follower base. We penned down 5 types of social media influencers and their graph of popularity which is proof that these influencers are going to take over digital marketing at the moment.

1. Food Influencers


Gone are the days when street food and restaurants approached formally to their potential clients via referrals. The foodpreuners these days approaches food influencers who have an influential impact on social media with a strong food-loving community. Their feed is filled with enticing food pictures that can make you instantly hungry. Brands and restaurants come to them for food review which is pitched with a creative approach by these influencers.

2. Fashion And Lifestyle Influencers


Amongst all types of social media influencers, Fashion and lifestyle influencers are one of the most impactful Instagrammers on social media. Every B2C campaign requires a fashion or lifestyle influencers to reach out to their customer persona. People go crazy over these Instagrammers and follows every trend or thing these social media celebrities projects.

3. Celebrity Influencers


A celebrity influencer is the one who has established a strong base of their followers on social media. These influencers can be athletes, artists, actors or TV personalities. A lot of audience gets a glimpse of their day to day activity as a fan making them more connected to their famous celebrity. These types of social media influencers often connects with their fans and engage with them along with brands giving them maximum reach.

4. Tech Influencers


Tech influencers often review newly launched devices and technology for their followers helping them in making a wiser decision before they invest in a pricey technical device. The genre is niche yet powerful as sometimes these influencers acquire latest technologies before it is even available for normal customers. That's fascinating, isn't it?

5. Travel Influencers


There's nothing more adventurous than getting a job that can offer you to be a wanderer and exploring the world and getting paid for it. Travel influencers exactly do the same kind of job that most of you may envy about. Their beautiful feed is filled with extraordinary pictures from all around the world that will motivate you to pack your bags, leave your 9-5 cubicles behind and go for your dream vacation. Brand approach these influencers to visit and review their property/hotel and these types of social media influencers are highly paid for this.

6. Fitness Influencers


If you too are enticed by the fit physique and aiming to achieve your dream body, then you need to follow one of these influencers. They get you pumped and motivated with engaging content on their feed. From diet charts, recipes to apt exercises, these influencers have the persona to grant you your wish of losing weight or leading a fit life in a relatable approach.

These are the few types of social media influencers we came across on social media. There are several different genres that are based on one's interest and talent and can make them a popular face in the world of social media. The brands are loving working with these influencers, people love and connects with them and they have given a new definition to the marketing tactics of many brands out of which many are successful.

Influencer marketing

Five Ways to Maximize Your Influencer Marketing Efforts

In today’s digital age, when almost everyone has an online presence, the digital marketing industry is on a boom. Nowadays, digital marketing is mostly influencer driven or you can say that digital marketing has been widely converted into influencer marketing. The growing impact and the application of influencer marketing is a result of the increasing usage of mobile internet over the recent times. Today we will be talking about four ways to maximize your influencer marketing efforts; but before that, here are some basic questions that you may want us to answer.

Who are Influencers?

An influencer in simple language, is someone who has a significant number of followers on any of the social media platforms. Here the person has some influence over the spending or purchase decisions and habits of his/her followers. These influencers are often hired or paid by marketers or marketing firms, in return of their product or service’s promotion. This pad promotion by influencers is known as influencer marketing.

What is Influencer Marketing?

Basically, in Influencer Marketing the small target group comprises of influential people i.e. the Influencers, rather than a large group of people. These influencers already have their own follower base, with whom they interact frequently. The influencers understand their followers better than the marketer or the marketing firm that hires them. These influencers promote the product or service among their followers, eventually increasing the reach of the product with ease. The marketing firm takes advantage of these influencers’ followers base and do not have to go for an all-out big scale promotional campaigns.


Now that we know what Influencers and Influencer Marketing is, let us look into what are the four ways to maximize your influencer marketing efforts.


Ensuring the authenticity of content

Good content is the backbone of any marketing campaign but at the same time, the originality and authenticity of the content is also very important. By authentic and original content, we not only mean that the content should be self-developed but also it shouldn’t be repetitive. We often notice that many ads and promotional campaigns for similar kind of products and services have a similar kind of tone. In such cases, either the new content for a campaign is influenced by an existing campaign or it contains some monotonous elements used in most of the previous campaigns. This should be strictly avoided during influencer marketing. In this way influencers can make their campaign story sound and feel more real and fresh.

For instance one of India’s top youtuber Bhuwan Bam makes vines for his channel ‘BB ki Vines’. Videos made by Bhuwan Bam are generally low budget and are shot by him, but still he has more than 9.3M subscribers and most of his videos get record number of views. Other than his brilliant performance, the reason behind BB’s success is simply his tightly written, authentic and original content.



Live videos, bloopers are more impactful and interactive

Videos are always better than simple text or graphic posts. A perfectly shot and edited video always does well. But we also need to understand that almost every marketing strategist is doing that. The audience is slowly getting bored of this official and professional outlook. If your video for influencer marketing campaign looks similar to a TV ad, chances are the audience will ignore it, as it may not have anything new to offer. Whereas, when the audience gets a real-time interaction over a live video or a video showcasing the bloopers and behind the scenes, they tend to be more indulged and responsive.

One of India’s biggest name on Youtube, the ‘AIB’ made a video named ‘Dank Irrfan’, this video showcased actor Irrfan Khan shooting memes for ‘AIB’ and a large part of the video contained the behind the scenes of the shoot. This was maybe the first time when an official video had some behind the scenes clips, and the video has received 97K likes and more than 2 million views. This proves that when the audience gets an informal experience during the course of influencer marketing, the connection between them and the influencers reaches to the next level.


Keep in mind the use of smartphones

The number of smartphone users has almost doubled over the last decade. These smartphones have eased and increased the access to internet for the common man. It’s important to understand that most of the online traffic on a website or on a social media profile comes via smartphones. So, when you create some content, always keep in mind that it has to be smartphone friendly. Most of your viewership or target audience is smartphone users. It’s important to pay attention towards their comfort while they access your content. The influencers can use their own smartphone for an influencer marketing campaign. Smartphones have cut down upon the usage of proper studio setups. For being an effective influencer all you need is some decent content along with your smartphone.

The hit Indian youtuber ‘BB ki Vines’ published his first video named as ‘Bhai-Zoned..Attyachaar’, in January 2015.  Shot on a smartphone, the video has received more than 3 million views and 87K likes. BB is still using smartphone to shoot his videos and is still one of the favorite and most popular youtuber in India.


Choose your influencers carefully and give them creative freedom

The easy access to internet has facilitated the growth of influencers and influencer marketing. The increased access has also flooded the internet with new and budding influencers. Now, it is the duty of the marketer or the marketing firm to choose their influencers wisely. Certain factors, like content quality, genre and follower base should be kept in mind while choosing the influencers. Most important is to analyse the followers’ review about an influencer's content. On top of that, marketers or marketing firm are often very particular about what they want from the influencer. Marketers provide strict guidelines about what they want the influencer to deliver their campaign. Though it’s true that the influencers are paid by the marketers and it’s the influencers’ responsibility to satisfy them, but it is also true that the influencers know their follower base better than anyone else. Giving the influencers some creative freedom can be surprisingly beneficial for the campaign.

The sports brand ‘PUMA’ made an exceptional example for giving creative freedom to the influencers. Last year, Puma India made India’s biggest street collaboration music video named ‘PUMA INDIA | SUEDE GULLY’. They bought in many underground rappers and dance crews in a single video. The video today has over 5 million views and it contains some brilliant performances by the artists involved.


Take care of the geeky stuff

Apart from all this, paying special attention towards data analytics, finding and embedding keywords in the written content and search engine optimization (SEO) is also very important. Influencers often rely completely upon their content and follower base ignoring the implementation of SEO process. If you are an influencer and not paying attention to this geeky stuff, we advise you to start doing it. Or you may get someone on your team who can do it for you. Any post containing relevant keywords and with proper SEO will always do better, even with a little weaker content quality.


So, now you know what influencers are and what influencer marketing is. Also we have told you about four ways to maximize your influencer marketing efforts. Please do tell us if you know any other ways of maximizing influencer marketing efforts. And also, don't forget to tell us what do you think of this article.

Influencer Marketing on Instagram: Everything You Need To Know

Influencer Marketing is one of the most trending forms of marketing which is gaining a lot of limelight. It has proven to be one of the most influential forms of marketing for brands these days. In order to create brand awareness among the market, brands are opting for Influencer marketing.

Whether it’s a Bollywood singer who is campaigning for a t-shirt brand having nothing to do with the t-shirt, but just for the fact that a Bollywood singer is wearing it, people are going to buy it.

Instagram boasts of a huge audience; this app has an active audience of around 800 to 900 million users per month. Out of these people, around 70 to 80% are interested in brands, new products and shopping as well. After looking at such figures, we can undoubtedly call Instagram, one of the most influential platforms for brands for marketing their products.


What’s Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is a new term which has gained attraction recently. Influencer marketing is a form of marketing in which brands focus on influential people who will target their audience rather than the market itself.

Now that you have known influencer marketing is another form of marketing where the products are advertised by the people and not brands.

For example, a luxury travel planning company, FABgetaways organized an influencer marketing campaign where they hired some of the most influential people and celebrities on Instagram who spread awareness about the campaign.

Influencer Marketing


Who is an Influencer

Influencers are the people on the social media handles who have created credibility among their followers on their social media pages. They – influencers – specifically work and post on a specific genre on their pages. Their followers are not only just their fans, but also have an interest in knowing them.

Influencer Marketing

The reason why influencers and bloggers are more famous than celebrities is because influencers are super-active on social media. They keep posting quite a lot. Thus, their followers get to know a lot about daily lifestyle routines, fashion tips and other tips according to their genre.


Can I do it on my own

After reading through everything and understanding what an influencer is and what their life on social media is about. Well, you might think of it as an easy task, but it’s definitely not! Gathering audience for your page and keeping them intact is a tough task, especially on an application like Instagram where no matter if you’re following a page or a person, it will add another number to your following list and most people are definitely skeptical about these numbers.

Influencer Marketing

So, if you’re a beginner or you’ve recently started with influencing on Instagram, you already know how hard it is to grow your page and gather audience which stays.


Let’s study

If you’re now wondering whether you should opt for an influencer or not, then guess what? You already want to hire one. Don’t be shy now. We know why you’ve come so far reading this blog on Why Influencer marketing is the next best thing for brands.

Influencer Marketing

Merely looking at the followers of an influencer would not suffice your target sales. But, if you start with making a list of influencers on Instagram who are actively engaging with their audience; loved and supported by their followers. Such people have a tendency to generate more leads for your campaigns.


Let’s sum it up

Now, sometimes we are asked a question whether investing an amount for a television ad would help them with more sales or not. Or whether doing a television advertisement is better than influencers on Instagram. The answer is very explicit. Most of the people in today’s world are not watching television. Those who can buy things and try new products are actually working and not sitting at home, watching television.

Influencer Marketing

Most of us have a habit of shuffling through channels whenever an advertisement appears. This is why Instagram is becoming a more reliable and credible platform for companies to endorse their products.

Firstly, the influencers have some loyal audience. So, no matter how much busy a person is, he will definitely keep an eye on his favorite influencers. Hence, if their favorite Instagrammer is promoting a certain product, then they will definitely think of purchasing that certain product.


However, there is a higher chance that if you’re running a campaign on television, some of your potential customers may not be able to watch your campaign. So, you might lose a few of your potential customers. On the other hand, influencers are the people who are constantly checked out by their followers, no matter how busy they are.

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Goolge ADwords and Google Adsense

Google AdWords and Google AdSense: All You Need To Know

Google AdWords and Google AdSense are both completely different platforms which share the same purpose – advertising. Though, this topic does not need much introduction, but is very confusing for new people who have entered the online market. But, don’t worry, in this blog we’ll guide you through all the things you need to know about Google AdWords and Google AdSense.

What are they?

Google AdWords and Google AdSense, both are the platforms created by Google for businesses and individuals.

Google AdWords and Google AdSense

Google AdWords is a tool which is used primarily by business houses. It helps the businesses generate highly relevant leads. What really happens in Google AdWords is that an Advertisement is created on Google search results’ page above the organic results.

For example, if someone is searching for a specific keyword and you want your page or your links to appear on the Google search page, then you pay Google on click basis and they start showing your advertisement on those keywords.

Google AdWords and Google AdSense

Google AdSense is another platform for website owners where they can enable advertisements on their website. In a way, this method helps them to generate some income through their website. Google offers a handsome amount to websites which use Google AdSense.


Google AdWords

Google AdWords and Google AdSense

AdWords is a platform which is usually opted by businesses where they “Pay Per Click –PPC.” Whenever someone creates an AdWords account, they simply pay Google for every click on their ad.


Process for Signing Up for Google AdWords

Google AdWords and Google AdSense

To set up a Google Adwords account, you need to follow these simple steps and very quickly you’ll be seeing your Ads on search engines. All you need to do is:

  • Have A Google account
  • Sign in to Google AdWords with your Google credentials
  • Select your preferences
  • Select your payment method
  • Launch your AdWords


Process for Signing Up for Google AdSense

Google AdWords and Google AdSense

Google AdSense is a bit more skeptical about its users. AdSense wants to look into your website more deeply than it ever did before. It keeps a check on whether your website is ready to start getting paid by Google.

So, all you need to do for setting up a Google AdSense account is:

  • Your registered website link
  • Language used on the website
  • Account type
  • Name, address, phone number and other credentials

One of the best parts of Google AdSense is that once you are done registering for this program, you can then select the kind of Ads you want to feature on your website. Example: text; image or video etc.

Another plus side of this is that you don’t have to worry about which Advertisements to show on your website. Google automatically selects the advertisements which pay the highest and are most relevant for your website.

Now, you’re all set to try Google AdWords and Google AdSense.

Tell us what you like about both of these and which one do you use the most.

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5 Best and Worst Indian Examples of Celebrity Endorsements

Celebrity Endorsements are something which have been in the media for long now. Be it print media or online media, celebrities have been guiding the citizens with brand selection. Celebrities tend to have an astonishing impact on the audience when it comes to branding and marketing products. A lot of times, people buy a product simply because their favorite celebrity has endorsed a certain product. The more followers a celebrity has, the more influential his/her endorsements become. In this article, we share some of the best and worst Indian Celebrity Endorsements Examples.


Let’s talk about the good examples of celebrity endorsements which worked really well:

1) Gionee

What can we say about this mobile phone brand which was completely unknown before the campaign. In a market which is captured by other companies like Oppo, Vivo, Mi & OnePlus,  Gionee thinks of unveiled a mobile which had nothing more than a selfie camera. Moreover the brand was running its television advertisement starring Alia Bhatt who had no idea whether something like Gionee existed before her agreement. But the concept and the celebrity gelled well and the result was awesome. Today’s generation is obsessed with Selfies and who could be better than Alia Bhatt to lead this movement.



2) Muthoot Group

Muthoot Group is widely known in India for providing financial services. Recently, Muthoot Group signed Amitabh Bachchan as its brand ambassador. He was seen on television promoting company’s services. On the other hand, Bachchan’s name was involved in Panama paper leaks. The same papers for which Pakistan’s Ex-Prime Minister, Nawaz Sharif was sent to an imprisonment for 10 years.


So far this was one of the worst examples of Celebrity Endorsements we have ever seen.

3) M-Seal

M-Seal is a brand which manufactures a compound named Epoxy compound, but whenever people go to a store to buy that product, people usually ask for, “M-Seal.”


Few years ago, M-Seal ran a campaign where Manoj Pahwa was in a negative role. The advertisement captured many eye balls because of the emotional touch it sent to the audience.


4) Wheel Detergent

Salman Khan is recently seen on the silver screens promoting Wheel detergent powder. A notion proved wrong whether men could do washing of clothes, Salman did it right. An advertisement featuring Prachi Desai alongside Salman showcased washing of clothes as a good job and appreciated the efforts of women across the country.



5) Fortune Oil

One of Akshay Kumar’s finest advertisements to be run on television screens. Akshay was seen asking the soldiers what they missed the most on duty. Most of them replied that they missed their mother’s hand cooked food. So, what makes you think that Rajiv Bhatia inside Akshay would not come out? He went inside the mess and cooked some special food for the soldiers. A sense of belongingness and respect was seen in the advertisement.



Now that we have talked about the good examples of Celebrity endorsements which worked really well. It’s time to focus on the bad examples of celebrity endorsements which turned out to be a joke for the celebrities and the brands as well.


1) Fair and Lovely

The brand runs one of the most controversial advertisements on the Indian televisions which have triggered from some of the most prominent individuals of the country. A few years ago, when Fair and Lovely released a few advertisements on the television which showcased that brown people are unsuccessful, many feminists and humanitarians raised their voices against the company. Some of their brand ambassadors are Yami Gautam, Sonal Chauhan etc.



2) Nivea

There were a lot of things which someone could advertise, but Anushka chose something which was absolutely unexpected. We are taught in the schools that hair under the armpits is a normal phenomenon. But, Mrs. Kohli proposed that hair under armpits is something to be ashamed of. She not only let her fans down, but also made a joke of herself on the social media platforms.



3) Amrapali

In 2016, during the IPL, M.S. Dhoni stepped up as the brand ambassador for Amrapali, a real estate developer. As Dhoni has a strong fan base in India, many people bought properties at Amrapali but because of the huge delays in possession, people started to bash out at Dhoni’s social media. As soon as Dhoni realized what was going on, he immediately stepped down from the brand ambassadorship of Amrapali. This was also one of its worst kind of Celebrity endorsements we have seen.

Celebrity Endorsements


4) Emami Fair and Handsome Cream

As promised by Emami that it is a fairness cream, a man went to a district consumer court in Delhi where he sued the company for failing to meet the “fairness” promise, as endorsed by none other than the King Khan of Bollywood.

Celebrity Endorsements

A whooping amount of Rs. 15 lakh was imposed on the company as it failed to prove its point. Find alternative to such creams here.


5) Maruti Suzuki Versa

The Big B of Indian cinema bagged a contract with Maruti Udyog for doing a campaign for its Versa car, which the company promoted as India’s first multipurpose vehicle.

Celebrity Endorsements

The campaign didn’t go well as Big B couldn’t make the message clear to the audience. The campaign turned to its worst when Junior Bachchan also joined hands with his father in the campaign.


After all these examples we hope to have cleared your perceptions about good celebrity endorsements and bad celebrity examples. The brands need to fit between the celeb’s image and their own image and their own image before finalising the brand ambassador for their for their high octane campaign.


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Home Decorating

7 Home Decorating Ideas That Won't Cost Too Much

Home trends change quickly. What was in style this year could easily be out in the next. Not only can home décor be difficult to keep up with, but it can be an expensive investment too. There are no hard and fast rules governing what interior designers do, they are creative type and like to imagine and explore, following our intuitions. You can do the same thing cause it does not require any trick that you have to master in a year. So, Here are some home decorating ideas for you that won't cost you a fortune.


1. Give Your Furniture Some Breathing Room

Home Decorating

This is really great news if you are working with a tight budget. You don’t need to fill up space with lots of furniture. Spend more of your budget on fewer but better-quality pieces, and your room will look better than if it’s stuffed to the gills with flea market finds. Drawing room is indeed one of the most important home decorating area.

2. Wall Art

Home Decorating

Unless it's a piece of art you love. There are many affordable choices you can have to decorate your walls. It could be as simple framing a print of your favorite pattern. But, if you want to do something a bit more elaborate, try a gallery wall with your favorite photos or intricate mirrors.

3. Eye Catching Vases

Home Decorating

Large vases make a statement, unfortunately, they’ll also make a dent in your bank account. If you enjoy painting, I suggest finding a cheaper vase at your local craft store and dressing it up with glass paint. You can paint it all one color, or create a design that matches your room’s décor or find a transparent glass vase and fill it up with coloured water.

4. Rearrange Your Collectibles


Home Decorating

Hang the art just above the table to form an eye-pleasing connection between the items. To complete the effect, make sure that some of the accessories on the tabletop are tall enough to overlap the artwork, helping the art and accessories appear as a single unit. This home decorating idea is worth trying.

5. Lampshade For Corner

Home Decorating

You might not buy lampshades often and that’s for a good reason. Lampshades are expensive items, though they’ll last a long time. The more decorative they are, the more the price goes up. Consider getting a plain shade and dressing it up yourself. Add embellishments such as ribbon, tassels or sequins with glue. If you simply want to change the coulour, paint will do the trick.

6. Lighting In Layers

Home Decorating

In this kitchen seating area, the backsplash is lit, the artwork is highlighted and the cabinet interiors are filled with light. One central lighting fixture would not have had nearly the same dramatic result. Professionals build layers of lighting to create interest, intrigue and variety. In a room where everything is lit evenly, nothing stands out. Lighting is the most important home decorating thing.

7. Indoor Planters

Home Decorating

You can make any jar or container into a planter simply by adding soil. Make sure it’s large enough to hold and grow the plant of your choice. However, if you want an affordable take on a look that’s trending, try painting your own tin can. It's really that simple.

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