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7 Home Decorating Ideas That Won't Cost Too Much

Home trends change quickly. What was in style this year could easily be out in the next. Not only can home décor be difficult to keep up with, but it can be an expensive investment too. There are no hard and fast rules governing what interior designers do, they are creative type and like to imagine and explore, following our intuitions. You can do the same thing cause it does not require any trick that you have to master in a year. So, Here are some home decorating ideas for you that won't cost you a fortune.


1. Give Your Furniture Some Breathing Room

Home Decorating

This is really great news if you are working with a tight budget. You don’t need to fill up space with lots of furniture. Spend more of your budget on fewer but better-quality pieces, and your room will look better than if it’s stuffed to the gills with flea market finds. Drawing room is indeed one of the most important home decorating area.

2. Wall Art

Home Decorating

Unless it's a piece of art you love. There are many affordable choices you can have to decorate your walls. It could be as simple framing a print of your favorite pattern. But, if you want to do something a bit more elaborate, try a gallery wall with your favorite photos or intricate mirrors.

3. Eye Catching Vases

Home Decorating

Large vases make a statement, unfortunately, they’ll also make a dent in your bank account. If you enjoy painting, I suggest finding a cheaper vase at your local craft store and dressing it up with glass paint. You can paint it all one color, or create a design that matches your room’s décor or find a transparent glass vase and fill it up with coloured water.

4. Rearrange Your Collectibles


Home Decorating

Hang the art just above the table to form an eye-pleasing connection between the items. To complete the effect, make sure that some of the accessories on the tabletop are tall enough to overlap the artwork, helping the art and accessories appear as a single unit. This home decorating idea is worth trying.

5. Lampshade For Corner

Home Decorating

You might not buy lampshades often and that’s for a good reason. Lampshades are expensive items, though they’ll last a long time. The more decorative they are, the more the price goes up. Consider getting a plain shade and dressing it up yourself. Add embellishments such as ribbon, tassels or sequins with glue. If you simply want to change the coulour, paint will do the trick.

6. Lighting In Layers

Home Decorating

In this kitchen seating area, the backsplash is lit, the artwork is highlighted and the cabinet interiors are filled with light. One central lighting fixture would not have had nearly the same dramatic result. Professionals build layers of lighting to create interest, intrigue and variety. In a room where everything is lit evenly, nothing stands out. Lighting is the most important home decorating thing.

7. Indoor Planters

Home Decorating

You can make any jar or container into a planter simply by adding soil. Make sure it’s large enough to hold and grow the plant of your choice. However, if you want an affordable take on a look that’s trending, try painting your own tin can. It's really that simple.

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Know About The Benefits Of Facebook Marketing

Facebook Marketing

Facebook has become one of the top social media platforms and there are numerous advantages associated with it. Not only can people use it personally to connect with their friends and families, but can also be used for promotion and marketing purposes. Studies found Digital Marketing Companies and taking over every business and giant platform like Facebook is already in the lead. The features and benefits you get from a Facebook page are comparatively more than the benefits you get from a website. It is essential for business owners to promote their services if they want to draw in more customers. Hence Facebook Marketing can be extremely useful.

Gathering More Leads

By doing marketing on Facebook without spending on paid advertisements, you can get leads here for free. If you are new in the business, just follow one approach and be consistent with that approach for the particular time.

Gathering leads on Facebook is easy. Just having people like your page is not going to help in the long run, but if you gather your customers email id's and chat with them time to time it will be beneficial for your business and will be constant.

For Example: Blogging

Facebook Marketing

Having a blog is one of the best lead generating tools you can use, as it not only allows a company (or person) complete control of what is said but also an opportunity to have the undivided attention of the reader.

Low Cost Marketing

Marketing activities that would cost thousands of dollars through other channels can be used on Facebook for a fraction of the cost. This makes it ideal for small to medium businesses with a limited marketing budget. Larger businesses can also trial marketing concepts and themes through Facebook before committing to bigger campaigns.

For Example: Create Instructional Video

Facebook Marketing

Video content is really valuable. It can cost big bucks to create a professional video, but it is worth giving a shot.

Increase Web Traffic

The higher your activity on your Facebook page the more traffic you'll get because Facebook users are unpredictable when they are using Facebook. You never know which link you click on, it should be just catchy.

It is good to serve new things every time when a new Facebook visitor logs into Facebook because you are not familiar with his likes and dislikes at that time.

For Example: Facebook Email Custom Audiences

Facebook Marketing

Staying with Facebook, you can also give that email list of yours a second life. Instead of just using it to blast emails to your customers once in a while, you can upload that list into Facebook and capture the social accounts of anyone that has their email address attached to it.

Build Brand Loyalty

Brand Loyalty is defined by the partiality of a consumer towards one business or product over another, and it can truly make or break a company. Ona can build their brand loyalty by connecting with their customers on Facebook not just for business purpose but also by clearing their doubts about any product by chatting with them in Live chat rooms.

For Example: Make Emotional Connection

Facebook Marketing

Consistently refining and evolving your emotionally connected, branded point of difference is essential to building brand loyalty. Loyalty is not built on convenience and price, it is built on a unique and connected purpose communicated in relevance to its core customer.”

Exploring Your Customer

This is one of the important facts about maintaining a business profile on Facebook. This Facebook marketing method There are so many significant benefits you can gain from exploring who are your customers and what they do for the living, what their profile talk about them, things they post, things they like and things they share.

Once you have explored what kind of people are following your business page, then you can create an attractive post work accordingly explains that you can explore your customers' background within a few clicks.

For Example: Identify Customer Needs

Facebook Marketing

Before you start promoting your business, you need to know what your customers want and why. Good customer research helps you work out how to convince your customers that they need your products and services.

Share Success Story

Your employees and investors get inspired by seeing your stories. You can also tell the creation story behind your business, why your business exists? What exactly you’re doing that proves beneficial for others?

No matter if the value is 1%, but you’re doing something and this is most important to grow the business from 0 to 100. And by doing this practice it creates a personal bond between the user’s feelings and emotions.

For Example: Flipkart

Facebook Marketing

No one would be a stranger to this one! Flipkart achieved massive success a few years back owing to its first mover advantage in the online market in India. Sachin and Binny Bansal, both IIT-D alumni, worked with Amazon before, thus they introduced a similar concept into the Indian market. They started with books in 2007 and now sell almost everything, from personal care to jewellery, from CDs to stationery. It acquired Myntra for around INR 2000 crore.

Flipkart.com has made it to the top five global billion dollar start-up clubs with a valuation of $11 billion, according to the Wall Street Journal and Dow Jones VenturSource report published

Talk To Existing Customer

Facebook provides chat rooms for people to get engaged and share their concerns without depending on the telephone network. Business profiles take advantage of this feature and communicate with their potential clients to sort out their grievances.

Businesses use this feature to build up loyalty and trust among their customers. This feature, perhaps a big advantage for you to get the most out of Facebook marketing.

For Example: Live Chat With Customers


Facebook Marketing
Share Pictures And Videos From Your Business

Facebook lets you share photos and video with your friends and families and in case of business you can still do the same. Facebook also allows users to 'tag' photos to indicate if a Facebook friend appears in them. This function can be used to promote your business.

If you do decide to use tagging, be careful. It can be a privacy issue, and some Facebook users are sensitive about being tagged in photographs. For this reason, it is better to ask participants to do the tagging, rather than doing it on their behalf.

For Example: Share Pictures and Videos Of Live Office Hours

Facebook Marketing

24/7 & 365 Days Connected

Facebook Marketing


Facebook helps to keep you connected with your customers, readers, audiences, clients, subscribers, followers anytime of the day or night on various devices such as mobiles, tablets, and desktop by using functionalities such as desktop notification, post notification etc.

Facebook advertising cost in India

How much does Facebook advertising cost in India? The complete guide to Facebook ads pricing

Facebook advertisement is created by a business on Facebook that's served up to Facebook users based on user activity, demographic information, device usage information, advertising, marketing partner supplied information and off-Facebook activity. The costs depend on your requirement and objectives. Here is an overview of the Facebook advertising cost in India. Firstly, to understand Facebook advertising you need to learn how Facebook charges you when you advertise through them. The question arises - How much one has to pay to advertise on Facebook? The question is somewhat difficult to answer because the cost basically depends on the competition and objectives you want to achieve.

Facebook advertising cost in india

There are many businesses and individuals profiting from reach and return from Facebook ads. But there are also such businesses and individuals are uncertain about advertising on Facebook since they are do not have a grip on how much it cost to them. Facebook advertising can yield a good return on investment. Facebook advertising is the key component of a digital marketing strategy in today's era. Facebook is the 2nd most visited website on the internet (behind google). Small businesses can make a great use of Facebook ads by making optimum use of features that Facebook offers.

Facebook advertising cost in India

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Facebook Ads Cost Models

When advertising on Facebook you can choose between two costs models:

  • CPC - Cost per click
  • CPM - Cost per thousand

Cost per click (CPC) is also known as Pay per-click (PPC). CPC is an internet advertising used to direct traffic to websites, in which an advertiser pays a publisher when the ad is clicked. CPC is used to access the cost effectiveness and profitability of internet marketing. If you use cost per click you only pay when someone clicks your Facebook ad. CPC can be very useful for checking the effectiveness of Facebook advertising cost in India. Clicks are a way to measure interest and impressions. The attention is what you're buying, as an advertiser, it's important to note two factors:

  • What type of attention you're going after'
  • How much you're paying for it

Facebook advertising cost in india

Cost per thousand (CPM) is a marketing term used to denote the price of 1,000 advertisement impressions on one webpage. If a website publisher charges $1.50 CPM, that means an advertiser must pay $1.50 for every thousand impressions of its advertisement. The "M" in CPM represents the roman numeral for 1,000. CPM is the most common method for pricing web ads. Advertisers frequently measure the success of a campaign by Click-through rate (CTR). CTR is the ratio of the number of times the ad is clicked to the total number of ad impressions. An advertisement success cannon be measured by CTR alone because an ad is viewed but not clicked may still have an impact.

Facebook advertising cost in India

Benefits of Facebook advertising cost in India

Benefit for Faceboook advertising cost in India are as follows:

  • Facebook allows you to really refine the audience you are targeting with your advertising. Facebook will also break down your reach for you as you implement your targeting options. If you have a small target market, you can really focus your efforts on that particular segment of Facebook users.
  • Facebook advertising cost in India is quite cheap. If you have a low budget, Facebook is a great platform to start with.
  • Facebook users love to check their news feed. Giving your preferred audience repeated exposure to your ads. Even if they are not clicking through at the beginning, your ad's continued visibility began to develop trust for your brand. It improves brand awareness.
  • The choice between CPC and CPM, pay structures. Facebook allows advertisers to purchase ad space on a click-based or impression based fee structure. This allows an advertiser to tailor to tailor his ad campaign based on budget and other preferences.
  • Ability to reach mobile users. In India, Facebook is being accessed by mobile phones every minute. This means advertisers have an ability to reach people on mobile devices too.
  • Facebook ads are more flexible than google ad words. Compared to google ad words, Facebook offers additional character length for ad descriptions. The ability to create image based ads also creates flexibility. The more the ads you publish the cost of Facebook advertising cost in India became less and more flexible to bear.

Facebook advertising cost in India

Facebook Ad campaign, choose a campaign for the Facebook advertising cost in India

For a small business, Facebook can be a very logical place to experiment with paid advertising without the risky investment of time and money. Facebook offers an easy way for even the smallest companies to quickly start a targeted ad campaign, displaying business content to Facebook users while they browse the site. Facebook, campaigns are easier to monitor than complex pay-per-click search engine marketing. They are also less expensive than traditional media ad buys. Facebook advertising cost in India depends on type of ad campaign you are opting for.

Facebook advertising cost in India

After running your ad campaign for 4-5 days you can begin to optimize it. By simply clicking on the "Breakdown" button on Facebook Ads manager and check the following figures:

  • Age: Identify which age group converts best, and use the entire budget to target the audience. If you have a large audience and you find that there are several age groups which are converting well, create several sets and test out different age groups.
  • Country/Region: Optimizing by country/region is a time-consuming process you'll need to be precise. If you're targeting different countries ad at the same time, then check to see if any country's performance is low.
  • Gender: Gender is relatively simple to optimize. If you find one gender is converting more than the other, then you can exclude the lower performing gender from your campaign.
  • Advertisement Placement: There are several different placement options which you can use to display ads i.e. News feed and Instagram. After running your campaign for 4-5 days with multiple ad placements, then you can analyze their ad performance, and exclude the ads that are not performing well.

Facebook advertising cost in India

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Difference between inbound and outbound marketing

Difference between inbound and outbound marketing, know what's best for your business

The Difference between Inbound and outbound marketing describes two different approaches to the audience. Inbound marketing focuses on pulling the audience instead of going out to get prospects' attention of the audience. Both inbound and outbound marketing is used to bring in the customers. If you don't use these marketing techniques, you don't get any customers in your business.

Inbound marketing is done through the publication of educational materials such as blogs, content, podcasts, videos and other form of contact with the social media and the internet.

The outbound marketing is done basically through the broadcasting of sales offer in the form of print advertising, TV commercials, radio commercials, Email marketing. Which is designed to promote business, services, corporations and products which the business organization wants to offer to the consumers.

Difference between inbound and outbound marketing
Both inbound and outbound marketing attracts the customers

What is inbound Marketing? Why there is a difference between inbound and outbound marketing?

Inbound marketing is more affordable marketing strategy than outbound marketing, that's the main difference between inbound and outbound marketing. Small business owners use inbound marketing a lot. As a result Inbound marketing targets a core audience by providing content to people of their products and services.

This is an effective strategy because of following reasons:

  • You'll target only that audience who is looking for the product and services that you provide
  • Helps in building good relationship with the customers
  • Cost effective way of marketing
  • Builds credibility

Difference between inbound and outbound marketing

Inbound Marketing strategies: Difference between inbound and outbound marketing strategies

There is a huge difference between inbound and outbound marketing strategies. Inbound marketing focus on a target audience who are actually interested in your product/services. That has been provided by the company. While outbound strategies consist of cold calling and persuading an unknown audience with a sales pitch. The main focus of inbound marketing is providing users with value and knowledge about the product and services. Which the company is offering.

difference between inbound and outbound marketing

Therefore, Inbound strategies that you can adapt for the growth of your business or can help you in growing your business are as follows:

Content marketing

Content writing can be a very useful tool in inbound marketing. It can be useful in many number of ways. It not only drives new people to your page. But also indulges the existing readers onto your brand. The idea central to content marketing is that a brand must give something valuable to get something valuable in return. Content marketing is being used by 86% of the businesses. Content marketing relies on anticipating and meeting an existing customer need for information. As opposed to creating demand for a new need. The main focus of content marketing should be the needs of prospects or customers. This relatively new form of marketing usually does not involve direct sales. Instead, it builds trust and rapport with the customers.

Content marketing also provides fuel to the social media, Email campaigns and boosts your search rankings.

difference between inbound and outbound marketing


Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is the most effective strategy for generating new visibility. Probably through social media you can connect to anyone in the world. Social media can generate a heavy stream of traffic to your website. You can upload your content through social media, which you have written on your blog. Most social media marketing has built in data analytics tool. Which enable the company to track the progress, success and engagement of the ad campaigns. Social media marketing helps to get direct feedback from the customers through comments and messages. Before you begin creating social media campaigns, consider your business goals.

difference between inbound and outbound marketing

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What is outbound Marketing? Why there is a difference between inbound and outbound marketing?

Outbound marketing is traditional marketing which pushes products to the customers by advertising through TV, Radio commercials, Email spam, Magazine ads, Newspaper ads etc. It involves getting your message to a large number of audience through advertising. It is quite an expensive source of advertising. It is the main difference between inbound and outbound marketing. Outbound helps you to target specific prospects more accurately. An outbound marketing model, that requires probably a lot of marketing messages to be pushed out through various channels. In the hope that right message get to the right person.

Difference between inbound and outbound marketing
Difference between inbound and outbound marketing

Outbound Marketing strategies? Difference between inbound and outbound marketing strategies

Outbound marketing casts a wide net, with the hoping to catch the people's attention with some catchy advertisement and engaging the people into the product. Broadcasts, print advertising Billboards, telemarketing and direct mails are the example of outbound marketing. Therefore outbound marketing strategies which you can use to grow your business are as follows:

difference between inbound and outbound marketing

Offer something for free

Use outbound strategies because it engages your customer and clients. By offering some free offers to their clients and customers, organizing contests and give away prices can be a very good strategy. For boosting up the sales as everyone loves the things which is free.

difference between inbound and outbound marketing


The main thing in outbound strategy is to keep on innovating the advertisements. Using clever things to engage the people by using different ideas. Which hasn't been used by anyone before. Therefore, it will make more interested in their brand and make it more trending.

Creating a landing page

Make it easy for everyone who is directed towards the product. People who are directed towards your online presence, to get quick information about your company. You can create a Facebook page. From which anyone gets the information they want, by clicking on that page only or you can make a website for your business to start up with.

Track results

You have to invest in customer Relationship management (CRM) platform. To track the results of your both outbound and inbound marketing efforts. Keeping the track of your results can help you get to know which advertisement has reached for them. How much is it affecting the sales of your business.

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Best social media campaign

Most influential and Best Social Media Campaigns of all the time!

The Social Media Campaign is created by the users to raise the awareness of a specific brand, product or cause. Social Media can be a great way for creating brand awareness, loyalty of the customer, boost in the sales of for a short period of time and it also engages the customer by using social media. It can be of any size and every campaign is unique from one another. In this article we're going to discuss about the best Social media campaigns which flooded the internet. But what does a campaign make successful or viral? 

All the successful and best social media campaigns have one thing in common which sets of clear objectives, success  criteria and laser targeting. It should only focus on the singular business goal using one or more social media platforms. A successful and best social media campaigns use one or social media platforms to Promote a product/service, Build brand awareness and create a sense of community. It also unites the people around a common interest or experience, and ideally, creates a trend.

Common goals for a successful social media campaign include:

  • Directly driving sales
  • Improving overall brand engagement
  • Increasing website traffic
  • Building Email marketing lists
  • Getting feedback from users

Following is the most viral and most successful and best social media campaigns are as follows:

Best social media campaignThe ALS Ice Bucket Challenge: Best social media campaigns till now

ALS ice bucket challenge is an activity dumping a bucket of ice cold water over a person's head. It was done to promote the awareness of the disease called amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) also known as motor neuron disease. It went viral on social media during July-August 2014. It began as a campaign by the charity, ALS Association to raise awareness and donations for the research on the disease called ALS.

More than 17 million people participated, bringing massive attention to the disease. More than $220 Million was raised by the various ALS organizations during the process. It was Pete Frates who helped this campaign go successful. He is a young college athlete from suburban Massachusetts. The ALS Ice bucket challenge was the best social media campaigns of all the time till now as it generated 1.308 billion Dollars in revenue.

Best social media campaign

Old Spice: “Smell Like a Man

Old spice campaign is commonly referred as "The MAN your MAN could smell like". The campaign was created by Wieden + Kennedy which is best known for its Nike, SportsCenter, Honda and ESPN commercials. The campaign focus on the eponymous "the Man your Man could smell like". The advertisement has been viewed on the YouTube more than 13 million times. It was the second best social media campaigns of all the time, which boosts the sale of Old Spice body wash up to 107% percent.

The campaign was launched with two commercials. The primary was a 30 seconds commercial and another 15 seconds. This campaign boosts the sales of old spice body wash. Nearly around 1 million people liked this advertisement on Facebook. The advertisement was performed by Isaiah Mustafa. 

Best social media campaigns

Best social media campaigns - Red Bull

Red Bull is the most successful beverage of the last decade with increasing loyal customer base. Redbull came up with the most innovative and communication strategy to create one of the best social media campaigns of all time. The Redbull's most successful campaign is the advertisement which is "Redbull gives you wings". Redbull's target group is not determined demographically but by a "state of a mind". The campaign aim is to reflect the brand personality.

Redbull doesn't support events instead of that it creates, organizes and support new, innovative and image building events. Its packaging is also critical it really looks like a product of a global economy. Redbull reflects the adventurous spirit that has enabled the company to build an enviable performance record over the last 25 years.


Best social media campaigns

Best social media campaigns - Apple: "#shot on iPhone"

Apple has created his own page on instagram to promote its long running campaign "shot on iPhone" which already has 4,00,000+ followers about it. The apple instagram is currently posting the images taken by photographers from Ios devices. Apple also encourages people to use the hashtag #shot on the iPhone when someone uploads it on social media.

The shot on iPhone campaign became so successful just because it created brand authenticity and it was so unique that whenever someone uploads a picture from there iOS devices they uses the hashtag #shot on the iPhone which increases brand loyalty.

Best social media campaigns

Disney: Make a wish foundation- Share your ears

Disney and make a wish foundation have launched the "share your ears" campaign. The campaign started by uploading your picture on instagram, Facebook and Twitter with the hashtag #shareyourears, Disney will donate $5-1 million dollars. In Feburary 2016, #share your ears started becoming so popular they even beat up the goal which was set up 1,00,000 uses of hashtags.

Disney Perks also announced that it will donate $2 Million dollars to make a wish which was double the original pledge. The campaign got up a high boost in social media one of the best actor in the Hollywood, Neil Patrick Harris endorsed the event.

best social media campaign

Best social media campaigns - Amazon India: "#AurDikhao"

Amazon India's marketing term "AurDikhao" (show me more) has been a lot of success as the jingle #aurdikhao is catchy; it attracted everybody's attention towards it. As the Indian mentality is like this they want to see more and more until they make a final decision regarding the purchase. The campaign was extended from advertisement to social media with the hashtag #Aurdikhao. Amazon India created the phrase to make a strong impact on the Indian customers and build its position in the market by having the largest portfolio, it also chooses that the real fun of shopping is in the choosing.

The Aur Dikhao campaign of Amazon India shows the real life elements and reemphasizes that our Indian consumers love to review as many options before the final purchase decision. The Amazon India campaign beats all the best social media campaigns happened in India before.

Best social media campaign

Best social media campaigns - Mountain Dew

Pepsi has rolled out a thematic campaign for mountain dew which said "Kyunki Darr kei aagey jeet hai". Pepsi's mountain Dew has been enjoyed tremendous popularity of this best social media campaign. Mountain Dew unveils its inspiring branding campaign featuring Bollywood's youth icon Hrithik Roshan. Fear is most common in everyone and everyone of us had that moment in our life in which we know we have to conquer our fear and move on with that. The mountain dew has used that thing as a tag line in its campaigning. In campaign mountain dew is shown to give courage to its customers. The campaign created a buzz around the social media and mountain dew became a beverage for the youth.

Best social media campaign

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What is viral marketing - Its benefits and how to implement it

Viral marketing is a method of marketing whereby consumers are encouraged to share information about a company's goods or services via the Internet.

The viral effect can spread through many different networks, including:

  • Word-of-mouth
  • Email
  • Social networking sites (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc)
  • Video sharing sites (YouTube, Vimeo, etc.)
  • Web forumsViral Marketing

Benefits of Viral Marketing

For Consumers

Influencers serve as a credible source for customers' decision-making process. Viral marketing links to difficulties in customers' decision-making process and Paradox of Choice, as they face various adverts and newspapers daily.

For Companies

Using influencers in viral marketing provides companies several benefits. It enables companies to spend less time and budget for their marketing communication and brand awareness promotion.


How to implement Viral Marketing techniques

Target the appropriate audience and channels

The very first step to develop a viral marketing campaign is to find out who your targeted audience are and where your target audience lives online.

Nothing goes viral on its own, you need to send the right message to the right people. Your message needs to create the interest, if you want them to share with others.

Keep it Simple

Your campaign cannot be complicated. If you are sending a novel to your target audience, they aren’t going to pass it on. A short video, a simple infographic or a concise article are the most likely targets for something that goes viral. Stick to two or three main marketing messages, and nothing more, in your campaign. Once you have grown your audience through your viral marketing campaign, you can give them additional information when they come to you directly.


Offer valuable product or service for free

Who does not like something valuable for free?

I don’t think so you will get many people who would say they don’t want to get something valuable for free. That’s why, “Free” is the most powerful word in a marketer’s vocabulary. Most viral marketing programs offer valuable product or service for free to attract attention.

Wilson’s Second Law of Web Marketing is “The Law of Giving and Selling”. (WILSON, 2012)It means once you give away something, you sell something.

But HOW?

Free generally attract the visitor’s eyeballs. Eyeball then see the others desirable things that you are selling and increase their desire to buy! Eyeballs bring sales opportunities, valuable email addresses and advertising revenue. That means if you want to earn something; first you should pay for it.

Don’t Try to Force It

Don’t hit your audience too hard with your new campaign, though. If it’s going to go viral, it will. If it’s not, no amount of blasting is going to make it happen. Launch your campaign at a strategic time, remind your audience about it casually, and then see what happens.

Social Media Viral Marketing

Social Media performs a most important role in Viral marketing. A business organization or in small scale business Facebook, instagram plays a vital role in increasing the sales and making their product and services even more attractive. Social media is the pillar to viral marketing if you want your product to grow, you have to upload your contents on social media. You can also offer some discounts and services on social media. It's also quite embarrassing if you don't have any page on Facebook or have any website of your business.

Viral Marketing example

The best example of viral marketing which gone viral is an ice bucket challenge. Ice bucket challenge is an act of pouring ice cold water on someone's head in order to spread the awareness of the disease called Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS). He was instrumental in making this activity a sensation of the social media networks to generate awareness amongst the masses about ALS disease. The campaign has gone so viral even Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates accepted the challenge and uploaded videos on social media.

viral marketing

Another example of viral advertising is Paytm. When Narendra Modi announced the war on black money by demonetizing all 500 and 1000 rupee notes and suddenly it all made sense for an upcoming startup to say

“ATM Nahi, Paytm karo”

Vodafone ZooZoo ads which mainly appeared during the IPL season. The advertisements were really attractive that it catches the attention of each and every individual and the ZooZoo laugh had become so popular it was even used as the ringtone.

viral marketing

Amazon India #AurDikhao it was based on the insight that the Indian customers loves to be sploit for more and more options before finally making a purchase decision. The eCommerce brand also launched the #aurdikhao contest asking users to tweet what they would like to see more of in the IPL.

viral marketing

Viral Marketing Ideas

The best viral marketing idea is by doing something unpredictable and unexpected which attracts the audience and also by rewarding your customers by giving them discounts and some benefits like quantity gifts.

Connecting with your audience is the vital part of viral advertising. One can easily connect with their audience through mails or comments. The more you connect, the more your advertisement goes viral.

Thinking outside of traditional market can help a lot in making an advertisement go viral by creating something creative and thinking outside the box rather than making boring advertisements. Making advertisements funny, emotional which triggers up the emotion can be gone viral.

Spreading awareness in the form of entertainment can go viral. Awareness of the endangered species such as Bengal tiger was gone so viral that it stopped poaching of wild animals and it saved many wild animals through that campaign.

Google actually can help a lot in making an advertisement campaign go viral and has made many brands go viral also. Having a blog for your business can be really beneficial for the business as millions of people use google search. It can bring a lot of customers for your business. Social media methods are even more powerful in creating your business go viral if you can't pay for TV  Facebook advertisements can be the cheapest source for advertising.

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Leveraging Digital for marketing of Consumer Electronics & Appliances: Small Appliance Marketing Plan

The Consumer Electronics and Appliances Industry scenario has changed drastically in the last couple of years. Entry of E-Commerce players such as Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal changed the consumer buying journey forever – and penetration of Internet acted as a catalyst. Earlier the purchase was mostly limited to local retailers, but now the customer can purchase from any seller Pan India. This has challenged the growth potential of the traditional retailers (offline). As depicted in the figure below, the growth in the last couple of years in online electronics and appliances retail has been phenomenal and the forecast is quite promising, even as offline retail has been struggling to take the growth to next level. Though the base in online retailing is small, but the future looks promising. The sellers, thus, need to use online channels and we have created Small Appliance Marketing Plan.

 small appliance Marketing plan

New Consumer Journey - Small Appliance Marketing Plan

The most important aspect is the ‘Change in Consumer Buying Journey’ and what it means for Small Appliances Retail in particular. The figure below depicts how the Consumer Journey for Small Appliances purchase has changed.

 small appliance Marketing plan

Indians have been quite active digitally for quite some time now, but the figure above depicts that they are active throughout the sales funnel. Every brand has been trying to reach out to customers digitally, but targeting them at the right time with the right message at different stages of sales funnel is the key to better ROI and Digital Marketing has made it quite easy and manageable.

Small Appliance Marketing Plan

Let’s have a look at the steps to create a small appliance Marketing plan that can be devised for a retailer who wants to sell Small Appliances.

Step 1: Create an online presence on all social media channels.

Step 2: Create a Targeting plan – identify the digital channels that you would use to reach out to your prospect.

Step3: Create a specific plan for ‘Your Consumer Journey’ designing the communication and messaging strategy keeping it in perfect sync with the stage of the funnel of the prospect and his (her) mind space.

Step 4: Design Campaigns based on ‘Use Cases.’ Our experience with Use Case based campaigning has been quite encouraging. Basically in Use Case Campaigning, the brand identifies different consumer use cases of their product/service and design the messaging and communication in sync with that. Also, identify the sub-segments and funnel that you would target through each campaign.

Step 5: Reach out to the target segment through multiple campaigns designed to trigger different responses, each with its own call to action, but the culmination would be the call to action of purchase.

Step 6: Optimization and Scaling are the most important steps in  small appliance Marketing plan. Usually as you scale the campaign, the cost goes up. But if you know the art of optimizing at the right stages of the campaign, the cost may actually come down.

Just try out this small appliance Marketing plan and you would see that it will take you far. In case, you need any support from our experts; do give us a shout out through the form given below.

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Different Levels Of Content Marketing that every Fashion Brand goes through!

Fashion is about beauty, style and Innovation and Fashion companies tend to be traditional and choose to operate in a place which is flooded with content. But, fashion brands know driving a customer base is about more than just putting up pretty picturesMeaningful engagement arises from your brand’s unique lifestyle proposition, interactivity, and reach.

So, how to do content marketing in the fashion industry. There are different levels of content marketing and you don't need to worry, an effective content strategy can help with it.

# 1. Promotional Content

Fashion trends change and they change even faster than the advancements in the digital technologies. Content marketing benefits the customer as well as the business. Promotion is the step where most companies fail at content marketing. They either think their job is done when they've built it (but no one comes) or they put it on their social channels and wait for the accolades (and conversions) to roll in. Heads up: unless you're incredibly lucky, they probably won't.

So your job is to consider promotion from the day you start a piece of content all the way through to when it finally finds its audience. You'll also want to understand how people share content. It's rarely true that one influential share results in a cascade of subsequent shares.

Now-a-days, most of the e-commerce sites promote clothing brands by showing them being worn by the people in the photos rather than showing those clothes. This is the first level of advertising the brands with content.

*For example: ASOS

ASOS is using UGC images in a very effective way on their website. They have a dedicated page for all their UGC images both sourced from Instagram and uploaded by customers right there on ASOS website. All these UGC images are shoppable as they are linked with the exact ASOS product or similar ASOS products to the products from UGC images. Apart from these two places, they have beautifully linked the UGC images in corresponding product pages as well.

Content Marketing


#2. Blogging

Blog marketing is the process of reaching a business' target market through the use of a blog. Initially, business owners would have a blog separate from their websites, but eventually, they integrated the two to make it easier for them to manage, as well as easier for visitors to access.

Content Marketing

Today, many business owners use a blogging platform, such as WordPress, for both their site and blog. Further, as blogging has grown in ease and popularity, many people have created businesses from blogging.

The pros of blog marketing are: Inexpensive to start and run, easy to use, improve search engine ranking (SEO's) and it can make money beyond your product and services. And If you want to see returns from your content efforts, you need to be prepared to invest in it properly.

*For example Forever 21

Forever 21 adopts a style that is reminiscent of Polaroid instant film. This gives the blog an appearance similar to cork board plastered with photos that you’d find in a girl’s college dorm room, which is fitting given the audience. Although Forever 21 has clothes for both genders, the site is skewed largely (from a brief analysis, I’d say about 99%) toward women.

Content Marketing



#3. Unique Content

Just because your content is just right for a particular audience doesn't mean they'll see it in the course of their day. It’s a conversation with the customer, rather than a lecture. Instead of simply sharing content on social media, true ahead-of-the-curve content producers are choosing headlines, photos and even topics with social sharing in mind.

To make your content unique, consider evoking your reader's emotions. Marketing messages are two times more effective when they reach readers’ emotions. That could mean humorous content, heart-breaking content or controversial content.

You can also interview female role models whose life is inspiring and do podcasts with those famous celebrities. Like this, you won't be having much competition and will result in thousands of shares. This is how you can create a unique and eye catching content for your viewer.

For Example: Vogue

The multitasking designer explains why he prizes style over fashion, why working in Paris still feels like a scene from Funny Face.

Vogue runs a series named as #Voguevoices where they talk to different designers about Fashion.

Content Marketing


# 4. Engage Your Viewers And Interact With Them

Fashion is about staging and image, but fans love to see what goes on behind the scenes. Companies like J. Crew and Victoria Secret add clips of photo shoots to their Instagram pages and offer insight into the hard work behind those beautiful pictures.

To get your target customer to stop and engage, don’t be afraid to offer an offbeat look at your brand’s creation. Exclusive interviews and fashion tips will drive buyers to go to your online properties, even when their fashion budget is maxed out.

For Example: Victoria Secret

An awesome way to interact with your audience and showing them how everything works backstage by talking to the stylists and models while they are getting ready just before walking on the ramp. Like this you can engage your fashion freak audience even more.

That’s it! We have now advanced through the five levels of content marketing. You’ll notice there’s a theme of unconventional approaches winning out in the competitive fashion space. How ASOS promotes itself by using UGC images in a very effective way on their website. How Forever21 promote themselves with interactive blogging. Vogue running their podcast where they interview Fashion Designers and how Victoria Secret interact and engage its audience by showing their backstage process.

Content Marketing

If you have any better ideas of content marketing in the Fashion Industry. Let me know in the comments.

Stay Tuned.

How Wealthy.in got new customers to Invest through them from Social Media!



Mutual Fund Investments is one of the most popular investment vehicles for middle class in India and the growth in Sensex is doing it no harm. Gone are the days of investments in PPF and FDs; the new generation in India is looking to grow its money at a faster clip and beat inflation. In this context, a number of new age companies have come up which are helping the retail investors in allocating their money optimally across different mutual funds as per their needs.


Screenshot 2017-09-03 15.19.29

Wealthy.in is one such company which has developed algorithms for optimally allocating money aross funds. The systems have been developed after studying years of historical data.


The company was looking to reach out to its target audience in addition to generating business through digital media.


Digibagg devised the Digital Marketing Plan for Wealthy such that the target audience could be engaged. Running a lead generation campaign through direct selling did not make sense since this is high risk category for the consumer and she would not invest through Wealthy before she is convinced that she is putting her money in right hands.


The potential consumer is looking for a proof so we interviewed an actual user and documented how he has benefitted from the tryst with Wealthy.in (in a non-preachy manner).

The content was then promoted to the target audience after seeding it through some social media influencers. The story started getting traction and was soon shared hundereds of times giving it a strong momentum.

The campaign created a strong branding for Wealthy through a real life case study and also created leads for the business at the same time.


Total Reach: 700K +

Engagements: 100K +

Website Traffic: 100K +

Leads: 5K +


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Here's A Brief How New age Brands Can Use Social Media To Engage Their Audience!!

The Influence of social media has surged making it more pervasive than ever before. The metamorphosis of our daily feeds indicates towards the massive influence of social media on "buying decisions". In India, there are over 462 Million internet users and 200 Million are active social media users which estimates that social media will play a vital role in decoding consumer behaviour in upcoming years. Social media can deliver brands the much needed organic traffic which can further help in having a direct consumer interaction. Brands Can Use Social Media to increase build a reputated name in the industry.

In a world in which pictures, Gifs, videos and Gifs which are getting shared within a fraction of second a brand and its presence on social media is a MUST.

Working on leveraging the benefits of social media for brands we analysed some much worthy benefits that Social media could provide to make a brand out of scratch.

1. Target The Desired Audience

The buying decision and strategy largely depends on the target audience which you wish to cater for. The age group and the interest section on social media will let you define your basic target audience which could give you the desired fruitful result at a much lower risk of failure. Most of the organic engagement and revenue can be generated by targeting the right audience alone. 

2. Content Speaks Louder

Your content in the form of engaging storytelling concept and captivating visuals (either by content, videos or Gifs) gathers more attraction on social media rather than any other source.

There are millions of feeds getting uploaded on social media within a fraction of the time and your task is to compete with several others by attracting the target audience. Innovative and creative thinking comes into the frame here, where you have to conceptualise everything around a well-driven idea and presentation.

3. Build A Strategy

Having a set frame of mind and concept makes the task easier. Facebook and Twitter are the most popular social media platforms at present followed by Youtube. Compelling stories drives more traffic through various cross linking platforms other than advertising. Advertising is yet one efficient part of the game which has its own significance.

The basic proposition on which most of the brand works is gaining mass targeted audience and later turning it to revenues yet retaining trustworthy customers.

4. Create Loyal Customers

Once you make your powerful presence on social media which engaging stories, innovative ideas, advertising and running campaigns a brand must focus on retaining the faith and demand of the sustained users or consumers. This is where an interactive conversation and emotional connection makes up its space.

You have to get as personal so as to make a strong bond. Sustaining is a crucial factor failing on which might deteriorate your brand value resulting in fewer interactions or engagement further.

5. Focus On Facebook, That Is Where The World Is

Brands Can Use Social Media

India has world’s largest number of Facebook Users with over 195 million users. India is in the 5 topmost countries where Facebook is accessed the most and where each user revisits Facebook atleast thrice a day making a wide space for brands and feeds to show up in one go. Over the years, Facebook has emerged as a strong platform for brands where they can easily boost, promote or engage their brand. Competing with various feeds on a user screen always comes with a great challenge to promote compelling stories.

These engagements can easily be turned into business if you're a player in the game. Brands can use social media as a tool to boost their industrial presence.

Innovate, Create And Initiate must count as three pillars for brands to empower social media.