Social media these days has come out as a wonderful tool for brands to toss their marketing strategies in the direction where you can actually aim your target audience. Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin is taking digital marketing to newer heights where brands are pushing their best foot forward playing on engagements and impressions. Social media influencers play a vital role in garnering impressions for brands because of their faith within their community. There are different types of social media influencers who have made a strong community on social media channels having high trust value and constant interaction with their followers. Such communities are a good source for brands to put their money in this direction.

Over the years, influencer marketing has created quite a lot of buzz when it comes to their blogs, posts, and content across several channels. Brands are constantly chasing these influencers based on their genre to grab attention from their mammoth follower base. We penned down 5 types of social media influencers and their graph of popularity which is proof that these influencers are going to take over digital marketing at the moment.

1. Food Influencers

Gone are the days when street food and restaurants approached formally to their potential clients via referrals. The foodpreuners these days approaches food influencers who have an influential impact on social media with a strong food-loving community. Their feed is filled with enticing food pictures that can make you instantly hungry. Brands and restaurants come to them for food review which is pitched with a creative approach by these influencers.

2. Fashion And Lifestyle Influencers

Amongst all types of social media influencers, Fashion and lifestyle influencers are one of the most impactful Instagrammers on social media. Every B2C campaign requires a fashion or lifestyle influencers to reach out to their customer persona. People go crazy over these Instagrammers and follows every trend or thing these social media celebrities projects.

3. Celebrity Influencers

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A celebrity influencer is the one who has established a strong base of their followers on social media. These influencers can be athletes, artists, actors or TV personalities. A lot of audience gets a glimpse of their day to day activity as a fan making them more connected to their famous celebrity. These types of social media influencers often connects with their fans and engage with them along with brands giving them maximum reach.

4. Tech Influencers

Tech influencers often review newly launched devices and technology for their followers helping them in making a wiser decision before they invest in a pricey technical device. The genre is niche yet powerful as sometimes these influencers acquire latest technologies before it is even available for normal customers. That’s fascinating, isn’t it?

5. Travel Influencers

There’s nothing more adventurous than getting a job that can offer you to be a wanderer and exploring the world and getting paid for it. Travel influencers exactly do the same kind of job that most of you may envy about. Their beautiful feed is filled with extraordinary pictures from all around the world that will motivate you to pack your bags, leave your 9-5 cubicles behind and go for your dream vacation. Brand approach these influencers to visit and review their property/hotel and these types of social media influencers are highly paid for this.

6. Fitness Influencers

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If you too are enticed by the fit physique and aiming to achieve your dream body, then you need to follow one of these influencers. They get you pumped and motivated with engaging content on their feed. From diet charts, recipes to apt exercises, these influencers have the persona to grant you your wish of losing weight or leading a fit life in a relatable approach.

These are the few types of social media influencers we came across on social media. There are several different genres that are based on one’s interest and talent and can make them a popular face in the world of social media. The brands are loving working with these influencers, people love and connects with them and they have given a new definition to the marketing tactics of many brands out of which many are successful.