Influencer marketing is undoubtedly the next big move in the marketing industry. A lot of brands are investing their time and assets on influencers and bloggers who are a direct medium of one’s target audience. Using the power of right influencers you can direct your desired TG with much efficiency that can give a high boost to your brand. This is a much easier and impactful way of approaching higher audience at a single platform. Moreover, due to the superpower that social media has provided to ordinary people, we have well-established influencers from every genre that you can think of. Here we are going to give you 5 perfect influencer marketing examples that are acquired by top brands and made them even more successful.

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1. Daniel Wellington

Daniel Wellington is a renown watch brand who established their every digital campaign around social influencers and it proved out to them as a huge success in India. The influencer marketing example of this particular brand in India is purely based on the WOM of the influencers and has boosted their business much more than expected. Thir influencer marketing strategy left no stones unturned or we should say they left no influencer when it comes to promoting their watch massively on Instagram by also providing personal referral discounts to every follower of a particular influencer. This way the brand made more engagement and took leverage of the emotional connection between the influencer and their followers.

2. Missa More Clothing

Missa more is an E-commerce clothing brand which made its entire promotional are focussed towards lifestyle and fashion influencers and has gained a rapid hike in their revenues. A brand which has started its inventory with a few clothing designs has expanded its inventory to sunglasses, handbags and even footwear now making other brands feel envy. This Brand’s official social media handles is filled with collaborations and shoot which they collaborated with every renown fashion and lifestyle influencer you can think of.

3. Freshlook Lenses

Freshlook is the newly launched contact lens brand which has shown the right use of influencers when it comes to the right influencer marketing examples. The brand initiated its campaign by appointing none other than youth sensation Disha Patani as the face of their brand. Not just this, the brand collaborated with every big fashion influencer who created their unique look using fresh look lenses. The whole campaign was a massive hit as the whole inventory of fresh look lenses got sold out on their site within a few days of the campaign. Moreover, they pushed the campaign somewhere around wedding season which gave them major hype and limelight.

4. Sketchers

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Sketchers is one of the strongest influencer marketing examples from which newly launched brands can take notes. Sketchers used celebrity influencers such as Sidharth Malhotra making a prestigious kickstart to their stores in India. They soon learnt the art of influencer marketing and used every fashion blogger promoting their footwear widely making their safe spot in a market where ace brands like Reebok and Nike used to overpower.

5. Nykaa

Nykaa is one of the major giant E-commerce in the beauty industry that has collaborated with International brands like Huda Beauty, NYX, St. Ives, Clinique, Kiehl’s who’re establishing their brand in India. Nykaa is one of the major portals who despite having any major celebrity influencers work on the power of social media influencers who heavily promote them in every sector. From latest launches to youtube reviews, Nykaa has amped up their game and of course, revenues pouring in with this strategy. This is you can say the best influencer marketing examples that can generate the desired ROI.

All these influencer marketing examples and strategies acquired by brands are enough to prove the significance of influencer marketing in the industry especially E-commerce and fashion that has given impactful numbers and reputation to the brand.

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