Celebrity Endorsements are something which have been in the media for long now. Be it print media or online media, celebrities have been guiding the citizens with brand selection. Celebrities tend to have an astonishing impact on the audience when it comes to branding and marketing products. A lot of times, people buy a product simply because their favorite celebrity has endorsed a certain product. The more followers a celebrity has, the more influential his/her endorsements become. In this article, we share some of the best and worst Indian Celebrity Endorsements Examples.


Let’s talk about the good examples of celebrity endorsements which worked really well:

1) Gionee

What can we say about this mobile phone brand which was completely unknown before the campaign. In a market which is captured by other companies like Oppo, Vivo, Mi & OnePlus,  Gionee thinks of unveiled a mobile which had nothing more than a selfie camera. Moreover the brand was running its television advertisement starring Alia Bhatt who had no idea whether something like Gionee existed before her agreement. But the concept and the celebrity gelled well and the result was awesome. Today’s generation is obsessed with Selfies and who could be better than Alia Bhatt to lead this movement.


2) Muthoot Group

Muthoot Group is widely known in India for providing financial services. Recently, Muthoot Group signed Amitabh Bachchan as its brand ambassador. He was seen on television promoting company’s services. On the other hand, Bachchan’s name was involved in Panama paper leaks. The same papers for which Pakistan’s Ex-Prime Minister, Nawaz Sharif was sent to an imprisonment for 10 years.

So far this was one of the worst examples of Celebrity Endorsements we have ever seen.

3) M-Seal

M-Seal is a brand which manufactures a compound named Epoxy compound, but whenever people go to a store to buy that product, people usually ask for, “M-Seal.”

Few years ago, M-Seal ran a campaign where Manoj Pahwa was in a negative role. The advertisement captured many eye balls because of the emotional touch it sent to the audience.


4) Wheel Detergent

Salman Khan is recently seen on the silver screens promoting Wheel detergent powder. A notion proved wrong whether men could do washing of clothes, Salman did it right. An advertisement featuring Prachi Desai alongside Salman showcased washing of clothes as a good job and appreciated the efforts of women across the country.


5) Fortune Oil

One of Akshay Kumar’s finest advertisements to be run on television screens. Akshay was seen asking the soldiers what they missed the most on duty. Most of them replied that they missed their mother’s hand cooked food. So, what makes you think that Rajiv Bhatia inside Akshay would not come out? He went inside the mess and cooked some special food for the soldiers. A sense of belongingness and respect was seen in the advertisement.


Now that we have talked about the good examples of Celebrity endorsements which worked really well. It’s time to focus on the bad examples of celebrity endorsements which turned out to be a joke for the celebrities and the brands as well.


1) Fair and Lovely

The brand runs one of the most controversial advertisements on the Indian televisions which have triggered from some of the most prominent individuals of the country. A few years ago, when Fair and Lovely released a few advertisements on the television which showcased that brown people are unsuccessful, many feminists and humanitarians raised their voices against the company. Some of their brand ambassadors are Yami Gautam, Sonal Chauhan etc.


2) Nivea

There were a lot of things which someone could advertise, but Anushka chose something which was absolutely unexpected. We are taught in the schools that hair under the armpits is a normal phenomenon. But, Mrs. Kohli proposed that hair under armpits is something to be ashamed of. She not only let her fans down, but also made a joke of herself on the social media platforms.


3) Amrapali

In 2016, during the IPL, M.S. Dhoni stepped up as the brand ambassador for Amrapali, a real estate developer. As Dhoni has a strong fan base in India, many people bought properties at Amrapali but because of the huge delays in possession, people started to bash out at Dhoni’s social media. As soon as Dhoni realized what was going on, he immediately stepped down from the brand ambassadorship of Amrapali. This was also one of its worst kind of Celebrity endorsements we have seen.

Celebrity Endorsements


4) Emami Fair and Handsome Cream

As promised by Emami that it is a fairness cream, a man went to a district consumer court in Delhi where he sued the company for failing to meet the “fairness” promise, as endorsed by none other than the King Khan of Bollywood.

Celebrity Endorsements

A whooping amount of Rs. 15 lakh was imposed on the company as it failed to prove its point. Find alternative to such creams here.


5) Maruti Suzuki Versa

The Big B of Indian cinema bagged a contract with Maruti Udyog for doing a campaign for its Versa car, which the company promoted as India’s first multipurpose vehicle.

Celebrity Endorsements

The campaign didn’t go well as Big B couldn’t make the message clear to the audience. The campaign turned to its worst when Junior Bachchan also joined hands with his father in the campaign.


After all these examples we hope to have cleared your perceptions about good celebrity endorsements and bad celebrity examples. The brands need to fit between the celeb’s image and their own image and their own image before finalising the brand ambassador for their for their high octane campaign.


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