Influencer marketing on Instagram

5 Kickass Examples of Influencer Marketing on Instagram!

With the growing popularity of Instagram in India, we are seeing a tremendous growth in the number of people who are opting for blogging on Instagram – a photo sharing blogging app. Instagram is an app which has more than 1 Billion active users. If you’re also one of those 1 billion users, then this blog is highly useful for you. Today, we tell you top 5 kickass examples of Influencer marketing on Instagram. But, this is not all. We will also tell you how to use Influencer marketing if you’re running a business.

Influencer marketing on Instagram can be very easy for a business if you have been using this app for some time now.

This blog guides business houses on how they can efficiently take part in Influencer marketing on Instagram with 5 kickass examples


1) Health businesses

For health business owners like spas, wellness centres, lifestyle centres etc. they can easily get more audience and customers for their businesses if they manage to get the best influencers on Instagram.

Finding the best health and wellness influencer on Instagram isn’t much of a hectic task as it looks like. There many health and wellness influencers on Instagram. Now, left are those who are covering fields also do health and wellness coverage on their page.

People like @sruthijayadevan can help you reach your desired audience.


2) Cosmetics

Cosmetics are one of the largest and fastest growing businesses in this world. The way new cosmetics have taken over the world after the post-independence era, it is loud and clear that this business isn’t going to scrap anytime soon.

For guiding the youth and female audience to cater to, many Instagrammers are taking it to blogging and influencer marketing on Instagram. Mira Patel is also one of those who do influencer marketing on Instagram.


3) Motor specialists

One of the most loved moto vloggers, Mumbiker Nikhil on YouTube is also available on Instagram for his behind the scenes activities. Although this was one of the most overlooked field in Instagram marketing, but very soon many auto companies and accessories companies started reaching out to people like him for various promotions and other activities.

With a huge fan following on YouTube and Instagram combined together, Mumbiker Nikhil is one person you may contact for Influencer marketing on Instagram.


4) Food specialists

Food specialists on Instagram are gaining a lot of limelight. Many pages have been posting delicious looking photographs and videos on their social media handles. Such content on their social media handles not only look exuberating, but also makes the viewers want to eat that food item as soon as possible. So far, after the cosmetics industry, food industry was the second most influential thing we found on the Influencer Marketing on Instagram list.

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5) Fitness

Fitness is one of the most influential areas in influencer marketing on Instagram. Many people have joined hands with each other on Instagram in order to provide knowledge on health and wellness related sector. Majority of the influencers on Instagram are also using YouTube for detailed and in-depth video sessions, for their behind the scenes footage, they post on Instagram.



Day by day many people are realizing the marketing and sales capacity of Instagram as its database is touching new heights every other day.

Whether the audience is looking for new products or not, these people are doing influencer marketing on Instagram at such a level at which they can easily manipulate people into buying things they don’t necessarily need. All and all, influencers on Instagram are helping out companies achieve more sales.

Top 10 fitness bloggers you should follow RN

From past couple of years, India has seen a tremendous growth in the industry of people looking after their health. From fitness freak Virat Kohli to our beloved Prime Minister Narendra Modi, everyone has been focusing on sharing the benefits of staying healthy. The health sector from then onwards has set ablaze. Even if you don’t want to go to the gym for any of your reason, you can still remain motivated throughout the year, if you follow these fitness blogs. In this blog, we will tell you top 10 fitness bloggers you should follow rn!

1) Guru Mann (704k followers)

Guru Mann, the fitness aficionado, nutrition expert hailing from California, USA is generally known as the king of Indian Fitness Industry. He is a Muscle building and fat loss expert. Mann has recently launched his health and supplement series in the name of GM Nutrition. He’s also running a nationwide campaign known as Mission India Fit where he aims to educate the youth about health and fitness and spread the message. You can follow his Instagram account @gurumann. Guru Mann is also a fitness blogger, and you can check his blog website here.

Guru Mann has done various efforts at making India a fitter country. In a recently done meeting with FICCI, he proposed two ways to stay fit. First was to introduce a subject in schools in which there was an introduction of health and fitness, diseases and where those diseases were coming from. Second was to take a careful look at the diet of the sportsmen of Under- 15 category. You can stay connected with Mann on his YouTube channel.

2) Jeet Selal (101k followers)

Coming from Melbourne, Australia, Jeet Selal is a fitness blogger who runs a YouTube account as well where he provides his set of knowledge based on health and fitness. Selal has also been providing online coaching and various seminars at different places in India. Recently, he organized India’s first drug free India program. You can follow his Instagram account @jeet_selal.

Jeet is a 28-year-old, 5 feet 9 inches tall fitness enthusiast who often does live sessions to help people, giving them free consultations, motivation and health tips.

You can check Jeet Selal's fitness blog here.

3) Beer Biceps (257k followers)

Ranveer Allahabadia, who runs this really cool YouTube account, is having more than 1.4M subscribers on it. After getting diagnosed with kidney stones, Ranveer decided that he would follow a healthy lifestyle and promised himself that he would not go back to eating unhealthy stuff. Whether it comes to motivation, inspiration or lifestyle tips, Ranveer tops it all. You can follow his Instagram account @beerbiceps.

BeerBiceps started gaining more attention because of his quirky name which says beer on one part and biceps on the other. Ranveer had been asked this question many times on what this means, to which he says, “your life should be a balance of fitness and fun.”

4) Amit Panghal (122k followers)

Amit Panghal, who is also known as Panghal Fitness on Youtube. He is a one-stop Desi gymming guru for the youngsters. Panghal provides Indian style of gymming health tips. Panghal has been active on YouTube from last one year. To know more about his lifestyle, real-life diet and backstage scenes, you can follow his Instagram account @amit_panghal_.

Last month Panghal Fitness crossed 500K subscribers on YouTube and a strong base of more than 120K followers on his super active Instagram account makes him a good to go fitness blogger.

5) Tarun Gill (163k followers)

Tarun is India’s one of the most celebrated fitness YouTubers. He has worked with various companies and then left a well-paying job to enter YouTube to guide the misguided youth to a track of health and wellness.

Now, Tarun is working hard to run his first ever fitness show – Indian Fitness League – to be aired on DSport. You can follow his Instagram account @iamtarungill.

You can stay updated about his various series on fat loss, muscle building and other prominent series on his YouTube channel here. Tarun Gill also runs a fitness blogging Website and you check his website here.

6) Gaurav Taneja (161k followers)

Gaurav, also known as the flying beast runs his YouTube channel by the name of FitMuscleTV. He is one of the most watched Indian fitness Youtuber. A captain of an aviation company in disguise of a fitness enthusiast, Gaurav did his studies from IIT Kharagpur.

He has profound knowledge in Sports and Nutrition. Gaurav also provides online coaching for gymming beasts and those who have just started. You can follow his Instagram account @taneja.gaurav.

Gaurav has been actively making myth-busting videos on his YouTube channel where he proves various accepted gymming practices wrong and corrects them by giving the right form for exercises and nutritional advice.

7) Sahil Khan (2.2m followers)

Sahil is an actor turned bodybuilder who was last seen in a movie named, Shringaar (2013). Recently, Sahil got felicitated with India’s Official Fitness Icon by Rajeev Gandhi Foundation. Sahil shares a lot of fitness tips and tricks for both starters and professionals. Just like he always says, “I train your trainer.” Sahil trains and coaches a lot of fitness enthusiasts online. He recently launched his own nutrition supplements company by the name of, “BigMuscles.”

You can check Sahil’s Instagram here and his YouTube account here.

8) Abhinav Mahajan (157k followers)

A famous fashion model and bodybuilder, Abhinav Mahajan started his journey of bodybuilding in his school days. He used to be a skinny kid for whom getting harassed every other day was a normal thing. In order to look and feel bulkier, Abhinav started gymming. From then onwards, he never looked back.

Mahajan also gives online training consultancy to Instagrammers. And he provides some interesting motivational and inspirational videos on his YouTube channel. He believes in getting natural transformations and appreciates those who achieve their goals. You can follow his Instagram account @abhinavfitness.

9) Fit Tuber (757k subscribers)

FitTuber is an Indian Youtube channel that is poles apart from other fitness blogs and channels. Unlike others, he focuses on overall health and wellness. The videos shared on the channel, come under various categories like differentiating between companies and products. The channel aims to enlighten the netizens on the hazards of using some of the most used products of today.

Fitness Bloggers

You can check out FitTuber’s Youtube channel here.

10) Sohit Kathuria (176k followers)

Sohit is one of the most talked Fitness Instagrammer because of his stealing looks and his dazzling pictures. The fitness motivator not only motivates you to do hard work, but also restores faith that hot men can be loyal as well. You can check his Instagram profile: @sohitkathuria.

Fitness Bloggers Sohit Kathuria

Sohit is the brother of Mohit Kathuria and both are very similar in looks. He is also one of the most handsome fitness bloggers on Instagram. With his chocolatey looks and a beefed-up body, Sohit is one such credible fitness bloggers on Instagram.

So, these were the Top 10 fitness bloggers you should follow RN.

5 Best and Worst Indian Examples of Celebrity Endorsements

Celebrity Endorsements are something which have been in the media for long now. Be it print media or online media, celebrities have been guiding the citizens with brand selection. Celebrities tend to have an astonishing impact on the audience when it comes to branding and marketing products. A lot of times, people buy a product simply because their favorite celebrity has endorsed a certain product. The more followers a celebrity has, the more influential his/her endorsements become. In this article, we share some of the best and worst Indian Celebrity Endorsements Examples.


Let’s talk about the good examples of celebrity endorsements which worked really well:

1) Gionee

What can we say about this mobile phone brand which was completely unknown before the campaign. In a market which is captured by other companies like Oppo, Vivo, Mi & OnePlus,  Gionee thinks of unveiled a mobile which had nothing more than a selfie camera. Moreover the brand was running its television advertisement starring Alia Bhatt who had no idea whether something like Gionee existed before her agreement. But the concept and the celebrity gelled well and the result was awesome. Today’s generation is obsessed with Selfies and who could be better than Alia Bhatt to lead this movement.


2) Muthoot Group

Muthoot Group is widely known in India for providing financial services. Recently, Muthoot Group signed Amitabh Bachchan as its brand ambassador. He was seen on television promoting company’s services. On the other hand, Bachchan’s name was involved in Panama paper leaks. The same papers for which Pakistan’s Ex-Prime Minister, Nawaz Sharif was sent to an imprisonment for 10 years.

So far this was one of the worst examples of Celebrity Endorsements we have ever seen.

3) M-Seal

M-Seal is a brand which manufactures a compound named Epoxy compound, but whenever people go to a store to buy that product, people usually ask for, “M-Seal.”

Few years ago, M-Seal ran a campaign where Manoj Pahwa was in a negative role. The advertisement captured many eye balls because of the emotional touch it sent to the audience.


4) Wheel Detergent

Salman Khan is recently seen on the silver screens promoting Wheel detergent powder. A notion proved wrong whether men could do washing of clothes, Salman did it right. An advertisement featuring Prachi Desai alongside Salman showcased washing of clothes as a good job and appreciated the efforts of women across the country.


5) Fortune Oil

One of Akshay Kumar’s finest advertisements to be run on television screens. Akshay was seen asking the soldiers what they missed the most on duty. Most of them replied that they missed their mother’s hand cooked food. So, what makes you think that Rajiv Bhatia inside Akshay would not come out? He went inside the mess and cooked some special food for the soldiers. A sense of belongingness and respect was seen in the advertisement.


Now that we have talked about the good examples of Celebrity endorsements which worked really well. It’s time to focus on the bad examples of celebrity endorsements which turned out to be a joke for the celebrities and the brands as well.


1) Fair and Lovely

The brand runs one of the most controversial advertisements on the Indian televisions which have triggered from some of the most prominent individuals of the country. A few years ago, when Fair and Lovely released a few advertisements on the television which showcased that brown people are unsuccessful, many feminists and humanitarians raised their voices against the company. Some of their brand ambassadors are Yami Gautam, Sonal Chauhan etc.


2) Nivea

There were a lot of things which someone could advertise, but Anushka chose something which was absolutely unexpected. We are taught in the schools that hair under the armpits is a normal phenomenon. But, Mrs. Kohli proposed that hair under armpits is something to be ashamed of. She not only let her fans down, but also made a joke of herself on the social media platforms.


3) Amrapali

In 2016, during the IPL, M.S. Dhoni stepped up as the brand ambassador for Amrapali, a real estate developer. As Dhoni has a strong fan base in India, many people bought properties at Amrapali but because of the huge delays in possession, people started to bash out at Dhoni’s social media. As soon as Dhoni realized what was going on, he immediately stepped down from the brand ambassadorship of Amrapali. This was also one of its worst kind of Celebrity endorsements we have seen.

Celebrity Endorsements


4) Emami Fair and Handsome Cream

As promised by Emami that it is a fairness cream, a man went to a district consumer court in Delhi where he sued the company for failing to meet the “fairness” promise, as endorsed by none other than the King Khan of Bollywood.

Celebrity Endorsements

A whooping amount of Rs. 15 lakh was imposed on the company as it failed to prove its point. Find alternative to such creams here.


5) Maruti Suzuki Versa

The Big B of Indian cinema bagged a contract with Maruti Udyog for doing a campaign for its Versa car, which the company promoted as India’s first multipurpose vehicle.

Celebrity Endorsements

The campaign didn’t go well as Big B couldn’t make the message clear to the audience. The campaign turned to its worst when Junior Bachchan also joined hands with his father in the campaign.


After all these examples we hope to have cleared your perceptions about good celebrity endorsements and bad celebrity examples. The brands need to fit between the celeb’s image and their own image and their own image before finalising the brand ambassador for their for their high octane campaign.


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Top 10 Travel Bloggers You Should Follow Right Now!

Travelling always seems fun and interesting, but to be a travel blogger, one needs to invest time, expenses and good research. And there are some really talented travel bloggers in India who are giving us major vacation goals with all the right information about various places. In this article, we will be introducing you to top 10 travel bloggers whom you should follow asap. Here, have a look!

Travel Bloggers You Should Follow Right Now

1) Larissa Dsa

Larissa Dsa, a beautiful girl exploring the world and travelling to various countries. She creates videos around the genre of travelling, DIY, art, fashion and beauty. Before youtube, she was a graphic designer and was keen to pursue her career where she can share her creativity. Later, she switched to Youtubing and blogging, where of course her graphic designing skills also come into use.

Larissa is also a blogger and has a WordPress blog account where she posts about the latest fashion trends. Also, she is an Instagram influencer and has an average following of 200K+ followers. Her Instagram feed looks very pretty and nowadays, she is focusing on travel and fashion projects more. She has visited many places like Canada, Spain, Portugal, Dubai, Sikkim etc and has vlogged there to show us the beauty of these places.

2) Kritika Khurana

Kritika Khurana is one of the most popular fashion and travel bloggers, she is commonly known as boho girl and is living a life of her dreams. She started working early in the fashion sector and started blogging during her graduation. She is known for her boho and chic style, and she has a huge fan following whom she actually calls fam(family). Many teenage girls get inspiration from Kritika, as she always tries to spread positivity.

Kritika runs a youtube channel and a blog, where she shares travel diaries, fashion tips and trends that are admired by her followers. She is also very famous on Instagram and has over 540K+ followers. She has travelled to many places like Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Phuket etc and has written blogs and did vlogging for a better illustration to her followers.

3) Savi And Vid

Savi and Vid is a couple travelling to various places like Fiji, Bali, Singapore etc. They are very popular on Instagram and their Instagram handle name is "BruisedPassports" which is pretty apt for the work they do. They also have a website where they post their travel experiences and some pro tips for each place they visit. They also have a YouTube channel by the same name, "BruisedPassports". Also, their Instagram feed is goals and that is why they have a huge following of 230K+ followers.

4) Masoom Minawala

Masoom Minawala, a travel blogger with a great following on Instagram of 240K+ followers. One can check her Instagram account to get vacation goals. She also runs a website and posts blogs related to fashion and travel diaries. And she also have a YouTube channel on which she posts content about her life, fashion, travel and wedding.

5) Saloni Sehra

Saloni Seh, a famous and known face on Instagram with an average following of 520K+ followers, who follows her passion for blogging, travelling and fashion. She has travelled to several places like Abu Dhabi, Goa, Malaysia etc and she posts her pictures with a descriptive caption. She also runs a blog website under her name where she shares travel diaries, fashion tips and experiences.

6) Shenaz Treasury

Shenaz a very popular name in the film industry as she has worked in several Bollywood films is now also working on her travel projects. She even has a hashtag #TravelwithShenaz under her name and one can find her easily with that. She is a known face on Instagram and has an average following of 340K+ followers.

Shenaz has travelled to several places like Switzerland, Dubai etc and is one of the best hotel reviewers. She also have a YouTube channel with a great number of subscribers.

7) Mumbiker Nikhil

Nikhil is a very famous biker who mainly got famous from his YouTube channel and has more than 1M subscribers and he is now an Instagram influencer as well with 500K+ followers. He loves to vlog things happening in his life and he also vlogs the places he is travelling to by his bike. He has visited many places like Macau, Abu Dhabi etc and has a passion to travel to many more places.

8) Shivani Patil

Shivani Patil, a very successful blogger who loves to share her travel diaries and fashion tips with all of us through her Instagram profile which has over 260K+ followers. She runs a website where she posts content related to travelling and fashion trends. She also runs a YouTube channel and is working hard on it.

9) Deeksha Khurana

Deeksha Khurana is one of the youngest travel bloggers with an average following of 440K+ followers on Instagram. Many times she is seen travelling with her sister, Kritika Khurana who is also a travel blogger as we have mentioned above and their travel diaries and pictures are commonly mentioned as Khurana sisters. She also writes blogs on her WordPress account about the latest fashion trends and travel diaries.

10) Aakriti Rana Gill

Aakriti Rana Gill is one of the top travel bloggers in India. She has two youtube channels, one with her friend, Shaurya Sandhya (Pretty little things) and another one of her own. She is also running a website under her name where she write blogs about various genres like travelling, fashion, beauty, lifestyle and youtube.

Aakriti is also very popular on Instagram and has an average following of 500K+ followers who consider her really inspiring.

So, these were the top 10 travel bloggers whom you should follow right now.