Youtube is one of the most internet consuming app/website which is gaining a lot more popularity every day. From being one of the most popular apps amongst Europeans and Americans, this app has also taken India by a storm. The reason why YouTube is gaining so much attention is also because of the YouTubers who are making money out of it. With so many YouTubers joining this website, Youtube viewers are enjoying it more than ever before. In today’s blog, we will share with you the list of 10 North Indian YouTubers you should follow right now!

Top 10 North Indian YouTubers:

Carry Minati

If you’re into watching diss-videos and can manage a little bit of vulgar language, then you can subscribe to him. Carry Minati is a channel run by a kid who’s grown up enough to have a beard. His real name is Ajey Nagar. Ajey lives in New Delhi. Carry Minati is one of the best North Indian YouTubers you should follow.

North Indian YouTubers

Carry has also made another YouTube channel by the name of CarryisLive on which he makes gaming videos and gives live commenting.

Sejal Kumar

If you’ve ever searched anything on YouTube regarding fashion and lifestyle, you must have stumbled upon Sejal Kumar’s videos. Sejal Kumar is one of those North Indian YouTubers who make videos related to fashion sense, dressing styles, make up tutorials, and other lifestyle and funny videos.

North Indian YouTubers

We’re sure that if you start seeing her videos, you won’t regret seeing more and more videos of her.

Harsh Beniwal

Hailing from Delhi, Harsh Beniwal calls himself an entertainer, Viner and an actor. Harsh Beniwal has been making videos since 2015. He is one of those North Indian YouTubers who has been working specifically in the field of comedy. Harsh has taken a lot of time on Instagram before entering YouTube.

North Indian YouTubers

Guru Mann

Currently living in California, Guru Mann is also on the list of North Indian YouTubers hailing from Punjab. Guru Mann runs two channels: First being his personal channel and the other one being run with T-Series. Guru Mann is a certified fitness trainer and nutrition expert. He has been working out for more than 10+ years. Guru Mann gives fitness tips and nutritional hacks on his YouTube channels.

North Indian YouTubers

Mann is not only a fitness YouTuber for the youth, but also has a YouTube channel made in the name of his daughter Zia Mann. He gives fitness and wellness health tips and information for kids as well.

Beer Biceps

Run by Ranveer Allahabadia, Beer Biceps is a YouTube channel which focuses on everything from fashion sense to lifestyle coaching to motivational videos to gymming advice. Ranveer Allahabadia is one stop solution to your top North Indian Youtubers.

North Indian YouTubers

He started his fitness journey when he was a fat boy in his teenage. That was the time he decided to make it a habit to stay fit and have an aesthetically good looking body.

Men Ki Baat

Shwetabh Gangwar, the guy behind Men Ki Baat and his famous channel Mensutra. He makes positive videos and shares inspirational lines among his fans on both of his YouTube channels. Shwetabh has been making YouTube videos for quite a long time now. He has been making videos on many genres. Be it self-help category or educational tips and tricks. Men Ki Baat has been doing a lot to serve their audience. Recently, he caught up more attention when he started posting videos related to breakups and relationship advice.

North Indian YouTubers

Basically, Shwetabh hails from Lucknow who’s currently living in New Delhi. He’s one such North Indian YouTuber you must follow.

Amit Bhadana

A comedian, an actor and a wild entertainer is what you can call this really talented North Indian YouTuber Amit Bhadana. Amit Bhadana has been making videos for the last 1.5 years. Recently, Amit Bhadana has crossed 10 Million subscribers mark on YouTube. He’s the second Indian YouTuber to cross the 10 Million mark, the first one being BB Ki Vines.

North Indian YouTubers

Sandeep Maheshwari

A motivational speaker, a great orator and an inspiration to many, Sandeep Maheshwari has been ruling the Indian YouTubers’ search list for many years now. Sandeep Maheshwari started off with making positive and motivational messages for people and shared them on his social media handles. People saw the videos and very soon they got attached with him.

North Indian YouTubers

The message that this North Indian YouTuber passes in his videos is worth noting. Sandeep Maheshwari is very popular amongst the younger generation people. Kids always look forward to him and ask for advice and tips.

Make Joke Of

This YouTube channel is by far India’s one of the only comic video makers which focus on presenting raw and desi videos. Make Joke Of is a North Indian YouTuber’s channel which runs from Uttar Pradesh. The videos show a highly funny and sarcastic content in which the characters are comic. The videos are found to be in a 3D format which makes the videos much more appealing.

North Indian YouTubers

Recently, this channel crossed over 4.45 Million subscribers on YouTube. The average time in which this channel delivers its videos is between 5 days to a week. Average views on this channel are in millions. No wonder this channel is growing at a higher pace.

Nisha Madhulika

Good food is good life! Nisha Madhulika is a North Indian YouTuber hailing from Uttar Pradesh. She is an Indian chef who has contributed to many news sites like Amar Ujala, The Indian Express and many others.

North Indian YouTubers

She’s been making recipe videos of many dishes which you only get to see in costly restaurants. The main reason why she’s so popular in India is because of her target audience. We all love to eat food, but what would happen if we get to make our favorite dishes at home at a much lesser price.

Now that you have known all the North Indian YouTubers of our pick, you must surely check them out.