Blogging is a way to express what you feel about certain genres in words. Nowadays, blogging has become a platform for many people who love to educate, give tips or to show their talent. And just like other blogging genres, fashion is one of them. Fashion bloggers are working really well in India and are touching skies with great skills and talent. And in this article, we will be introducing to you 10 Indian fashion bloggers who you should follow right now. Here, have a look!

Fashion Bloggers You Should Follow RN

1) Kritika Khurana

Fashion Bloggers

Kritika Khurana is one of the most popular fashion bloggers, she is commonly known as boho girl and is living a life of her dreams. She started working early in the fashion sector and started blogging during her graduation. She is known for her boho and chic style, and she has a huge fan following whom she actually calls fam(family). Many teenage girls get inspiration from Kritika, as she always tries to spread positivity.

Kritika runs a youtube channel and a blog, where she shares fashion tips, trends and travel diaries, that are admired by her followers. She is also very famous on Instagram and has over 500K+followers.

2) Komal Pandey

Fashion Bloggers

Komal Pandey, a name that got popularity by doing Popxo videos. She became everyone’s favourite with her superb acting skills and honesty. But after some time, she left popxo to pursue her secure career and became a YouTube sensation. The day she started her Youtube channel, people supported her and soon she hit 100K subscribers, which is actually crossing youtube 1st milestone.

Komal generally posts videos related to fashion, beauty and lifestyle. Her followers are very dedicated to her and support her. She also runs a website(, where she posts fashion related blogs. Also, Komal is very popular on Instagram, she has on average 370K+ followers, who truly considers her inspiring and always supports her.

3) Insha Ghaii

Fashion Bloggers

Insha is a young and talented fashion blogger, who with her amazing style has got a following of 400K+ followers on Instagram. She has been associated with many big brands and always put through her honest reviews. She is also very famous for making videos and her followers enjoy watching her different looks in each picture and video.

4) Himanshi Goel

Fashion Bloggers

Himanshi Goel, commonly known as beesandbauble because it is her Instagram username and blog name as well. She has an average following of 150K+ followers on Instagram and she maintains her Instagram feed really well with her OOTDs and fashion tips. She runs a blog which has great engagement, she also has started a YouTube channel and is working hard on her videos.

5) Sejal Kumar

Fashion Bloggers

Sejal Kumar,  a very popular YouTuber with more than 750K+ subscribers is doing really well in her career growth. She was even invited to TEDx Talk as a speaker. And she is one of the youngest bloggers of all time, she’s just 22 years old and has touched the sky with her hard work. She is also very popular on Instagram with an average following of 380K+ followers. Sejal used to work on her WordPress blog, but now she is working more on her YouTube channel.

Sejal’s fashion sense is something every girl can relate to and try on. All in all, she is a young and enthusiastic girl following her dreams.

6) Cherry Jain

Fashion Bloggers

Cherry Jain, a blogger who got fame from her job as a beauty video producer at Popxo. She is popular on Instagram as well as YouTube and creates videos related to teenage girls fashion and DIY, and her content is loved by her 100K+ followers. She also runs a blog named and has been posting content related to fashion only.

7) Anmol Bhatia

Fashion Bloggers

Anmol Bhatia started her career from modelling, print advertisements and styling herself for passion and she ended up being a blogger. She is famous on Instagram for her style and musically videos. She is creating trends day by day sometimes by pretty outfits and sometimes by unique hair colour.

Anmol has an average following of 200K+ followers on Instagram and has been associated with several reputed brands and presents her honest reviews.

8) Larissa Dsa

Fashion Bloggers

Larissa Dsa, a beautiful girl exploring the world and travelling to various countries. She creates videos around the genre of travelling, DIY, art, fashion and beauty. Before youtube, she was a graphic designer and was keen to pursue her career where she can share her creativity. Later, she switched to Youtubing, where of course her graphic designing skills also come into use.

Larissa is also a blogger and has a WordPress blog account where she posts about the latest fashion trends. Also, she is an Instagram influencer and has an average following of 200K+ followers. Her Instagram feed looks very pretty and nowadays, she is focusing on fashion and travelling projects more.

9) Aashna Shroff

Fashion Bloggers

Aashna Shroff runs a blog( which is getting excellent engagements and attractions. She generally posts about fashion, beauty and travel diaries on the blog. Also, she has a YouTube channel related to fashion trends and styles. She is a known face on Instagram and has an average following of 470K+ followers.

10) Mehak Ghaii

Fashion Bloggers

Mehak Ghai a popular face of Instagram with an average following of 250K+ followers, runs a blog named She posts about her own style and fashion tips on her blog and Instagram handle. She is associated with numerous brands and give her honest reviews about the products to her followers.

So, these were the top 10 fashion bloggers whom you should follow if you are a fashion enthusiast.