Gone are the days when companies used to hire celebrities or superstars for branding and promotions. Companies used to spend in millions and billions in order to keep their brand name alive. Fast forward to 2019 and the times have changed! Companies and influencer marketing agencies are now looking for influential people on the Internet across various social media platforms to market their products.  So, what is this influencer marketing and what the benefits of influencer marketing are, let’s find them out.

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No hardline efforts needed

This is one of the best benefits of influencer marketing that you don’t have to apply push marketing in this. The influencers have their own set of audience ready. Their audience trusts them. So, when they come up with a brand, their audience definitely sees their content. They want to know why their influencer came up with a product or brand. When no hardline efforts are needed, so another key point of pressure gets reduced on the influencer marketing agency.

No celeb management issues

We all know how celebs want to be treated. We’ve seen how when Justin Bieber came to India, how he demanded of various things like water on a certain temperature or a luxury car. But, this is not the case with influencers. A good social media influencer would make amazing content at their home or anywhere else. The reason why people follow social media influencers is because of the quality of content and their connection with the audience. Thus, it is another benefits of influencer marketing.

Builds Trust

The thing with social media influencers is that they’re not made in a day or two. Their presence has been there in the social media space for a long time. And then it crept some credibility amongst its audience.

Benefits of influencer marketing

Influencers do have some amazing trust built on themselves in the eyes of their followers. So, if an influencer is promoting an app or a product, then the chances are that its followers might actually try it. Hence, marketing experts suggest influencer marketing for most of the cases. So, this is one other benefit of Influencer marketing.

Allow Niche Targeting

Earlier when marketing was done by celebs on newspapers, posters, televisions and radios, the companies had to spend a lot of money to market their products.  But now, the market has completely changed. If the companies have launched some specific product catering to a specific audience of a fixed demography or age gap, then they can do it as well. This is one of the main highlights of influencer marketing platform.

socila media influencer marketing benefits

Social media influencer marketing helps the right kind of audience to be connected with the right kind of brands. When these two factors meet, an amazing combination is formed. Social media Influencer marketing has an amazing reach if the right kind of social media influencers are pitched for the right kind of products.

SEO trouble solved

According to survey by Moz, they said that if a social media influencer who has just featured you on their website, social media etc. and if their website has a good DA on their website, then you might rank higher on Google. So, just in case your social media influencer gives you a backlink, then you might get more searches and clicks. Thus, it helps in reducing your burden of SEO.

Here’s a prime example of how this social media influencer used her blog to write down an article linking out to all these websites, hence solving their SEO problems.

Benefits of influencer marketing

So, we recommend you to start investing in a good Influencer marketing agency which helps you in boosting your sales and SEO part!

Amazing ROIs

There’s no doubt that investment on influencer marketing is lower as compared to the conventional marketing. You can target a specific audience of specific gender, age, or demography etc. And when you get all these target areas fixed and assured, then you can also expect good outcomes out of that campaign.

socila media influencer marketing benefits

Instagram is a platform which alone is the main marketing area for many influencer marketing agencies. This app has around 1 Billion active users per month and it makes it one of the most important platforms for social media influencer marketing.

Social Media influencers are professionals

By calling social media influencers as professionals, we mean that every influencer has a tight hold of a particular field. Be it technology, memes, fashion or any other field. There are various examples of these professional social media influencers. Just like Marques Brownlee, who is a technology based social media influencer who makes technology videos on YouTube.

Whenever a new brand comes in to the market or a new tech product is launched, they might call him at its launch event. The reason why Marques will be called is because he’s a professional and secondly, he has an audience who can rely upon him.

Now, these professionals thus help a brand by their knowledge and audience base. This is why we say social media influencer benefits a brand in a very profound way!

Make Awareness and create decision taking power

Social media influencers are someone on whom people have trust and faith. The reason why some influencers are having millions of followers is because of the trust factor they’ve built. People look up to these influencers because they actually “influence” what they should buy.

Benefits of influencer marketing

The difference between celebrities and influencers is that: Influencers have proper knowledge of their field but celebs don’t. Celebs only turn out to be the brand face. But, influencers actually tell their audience whether they should buy that product or if it is beneficial for them or not. In other words, social media influencer benefits a brand by creating awareness. Thus, social media influencer marketing benefits brands at a much cheaper price than what it takes to get it done by celebs.

Reliability on Social Media Influencers

In a survey on the Internet, it was found that around 70% of the teenagers related more to YouTube influencers rather than celebrities. People have now come to terms that the celebrities don’t use the product which they’re endorsing. But, the social media influencers such as Instagram influencers or YouTube Influencers, they’re the ones who actually use the product before making a video on it.

socila media influencer marketing benefits

Hence, people have more trust built up on social media influencers. Thus, social media influencer agencies are also on a boom, which manage influencers on a daily basis.

Hence, we can conclude this point in the benefits of influencer marketing!

More Eye Balls Attracted

In a survey it was found that most of the youngsters today are no more interested in watching television. Most of the younger generation loves to spend their time on the internet.

Benefits of influencer marketing

Now, when they’re on the internet, they’re more likely to follow one or the other influencer. So, as they’re scrolling on the internet, they’ll be most likely to see advertisements and campaigns run by some social media influencers.

Hence, they’ll be more likely to be convinced to buying a certain product.

Moreover, influencers love to create content. So, this is why we concluede it in the list of benefits of influencer marketing.

Now that you’ve known all the benefits of Influencer marketing, do let us know if you’ve got more pointers to add to the list. Do comment your views below.

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