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Mutual Fund Investments is one of the most popular investment vehicles for middle class in India and the growth in Sensex is doing it no harm. Gone are the days of investments in PPF and FDs; the new generation in India is looking to grow its money at a faster clip and beat inflation. In this context, a number of new age companies have come up which are helping the retail investors in allocating their money optimally across different mutual funds as per their needs.


Screenshot 2017-09-03 15.19.29 is one such company which has developed algorithms for optimally allocating money aross funds. The systems have been developed after studying years of historical data.


The company was looking to reach out to its target audience in addition to generating business through digital media.


Digibagg devised the Digital Marketing Plan for Wealthy such that the target audience could be engaged. Running a lead generation campaign through direct selling did not make sense since this is high risk category for the consumer and she would not invest through Wealthy before she is convinced that she is putting her money in right hands.


The potential consumer is looking for a proof so we interviewed an actual user and documented how he has benefitted from the tryst with (in a non-preachy manner).

The content was then promoted to the target audience after seeding it through some social media influencers. The story started getting traction and was soon shared hundereds of times giving it a strong momentum.

The campaign created a strong branding for Wealthy through a real life case study and also created leads for the business at the same time.


Total Reach: 700K +

Engagements: 100K +

Website Traffic: 100K +

Leads: 5K +


Ireo's Success in Low Cost Lead Generation - A Real Estate Case Study

Real Estate companies have been putting in crores in TV commercials, Celebrity Endorsements & Print Media for branding and lead generation for their projects. This strategy has been working well for many decades, but changing economic and competitive environment has put great pressure on their bottom line. Hence, the real estate developers have started focusing on better ROI yielding marketing channels.


This is where Digital Marketing holds some answers. Digital Marketing is a Pandora’s Box, but in right hands, it can be a very effective tool. The metrics that define the effectiveness of a campaign can be easily measured in real-time and actionable insights can be gathered to optimize the campaign unlike traditional media which is more akin to spray and pray model.

Some highlights of Digital Marketing relevant to Real Estate Industry:

  • Ability to target the specific target demographics based on hyper local targeting, age, gender, behavior and other interests - For example: A male banker aged 48 years need to be shown a different proposition as compared to a 34 year old female who runs a successful media agency
  • Continuous optimization of the Campaign based on performance (with negligible financial impact)
  • Ability to move the customer through sales funnel by reaching out to same customer multiple times with evolving messaging
  • Cost-effective Lead Generation


And all this can be achieved with just 10% of the marketing budget required for traditional channels, in some cases even lesser. Integrating Digital with the existing marketing channels can fetch even better results.

Customer Profile

IREO is India’s Largest PE backed Real Estate company focusing on Delhi/NCR and Punjab markets.

The Objective

IREO, known for its great architectural designs and on-time delivery was looking to grow sales of its premium project -  IREO Victory Valley in Gurgaon. They had been doing branding for the same through traditional marketing channels – Television, Print, Radio.

Being a location and segment specific project, generating quality leads in a cost-effective manner was extremely difficult through prevalent channels.

The Marketing team at IREO had the following objectives:

  • Reduce the Cost of Lead Generation,
  • Increase ‘Right Audience Engagement’ for better conversions

Before the campaign, the leads were majorly being generated through offline channels.

Digibagg Impact

Digibagg devised the Digital Marketing Plan for IREO. Approaching the ‘Right Audience’ in a cost-effective manner was itself a challenging task, given the limited audience size - both in terms of geography as well as Demographics. The level of detailing and test strategies required were a big challenge per se.

Data Driven Detailed (3D) Customer Targeting approach was followed to identify the Digitally accessible sub-groups within the target segment.



An example of execution


Some Key Learnings:

1. 55-65 Aged Male group was the most converting audience segment digitally (based on demographics)

2. Women converted better as compared to men which is counterintuitive

3. Hyper local targeting leads to superior returns only when done based on on-the-ground insights



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